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Monday, 15 January 2018

Carillion goes into liquidation.

Government contractor enters compulsory liquidation 'with immediate effect'

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We must not allow this government and its friends in the city to privatise the profits and nationalise the debts. If there is to be a government bail out (that's us, the taxpayers handing out £billions again) it must be on the basis of complete nationalisation under full public ownership and control. We have been taken for granted by this government and these "bail out" deals for far too long. The British people have been duped in the past and lost £billions when the bailed out companies have been gifted back to the private sector. We must never again be defrauded by the collusion of government and private industry.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Boris Johnson still peddling a worn out myth

Boris Johnson has launched an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan accusing them of endangering the UK-US relationship. 

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The overblown buffoon Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, known as Boris Johnson, has always been more attached to his place of birth than to his country of residence albeit that he retains dual nationality.

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He, with others, still clings to the discredited myth that there is some sort of "special relationship" between the United States and Great Britain. As Bill Clinton said many years ago the only special relationship is between the USA and Israel, the USA and Ireland and the USA and Saudi Arabia.
The sooner those remaining dimwits in the media and in Westminster get their minds around this simple fact then this country can concentrate its efforts on building meaningful relationships around the world.The two faced hypocrites of successive American governments, have taken us for fools for far too long.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Government abstains on cash for NHS vote

 Labour motion demanding that the Government releases extra cash to combat the “appalling winter crisis” has passed in the Commons without a vote. 

Image result for Labour’s motion demanding that the Government releases extra cash to combat the “appalling winter crisis” has passed in the Commons without a vote.

"Government whips ordered Conservative MPs to abstain".
A pathetic bunch of spineless creatures lacking in moral fibre but drenched in shame and cynicism. These are the "politicians" who are in charge of our country, reliant on sordid "payola" to the DUP in exchange for their miserable 10 votes and on the cowardice of a Prime Minister not fit for the highest office of State.
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This country does not deserve the contemptuous governments, inflicted over the past 10 years and this government, which now grows more corrupt and shameless with each passing day.The demand for a general election this year is compelling and is what the people of this country rightly demand.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

This was not even a case of rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic.

Theresa May's reshuffle in disarray 

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What had been heralded only 24 hours before as the cabinet reshuffle to stamp Theresa May's authority on her government, a bold and ruthless purge to demonstrate that she is in charge and in complete control, has turned into nothing of the sort. In fact the proverbial "damp squib", was not even present for this performance of stunning ineptitude and chaos. The event got off to a poor and confused start with the announcement that Chris Grayling was to be the new Conservative Party Chair. Less than 5 minutes later, the "appointment" was hurriedly withdrawn and Grayling's name was never mentioned again as he remains Transport with Brandon Lewis later appointed to Conservative party Chair. Grayling must be the shortest serving party Chair in the history of politics.
From there the day which had started badly became even worse. Minister after minister who Theresa May wanted to move to other positions (or perhaps even sack), told her very clearly that they were not prepared to leave their posts. What threats these cabinet members used to keep their positions we may only speculate on, but at the end of the day Johnson, Hammond, Rudd, Davis, Hunt, Leadsom, and Clarke all remain in place. Justine Greening resigned from government rather than be moved, adding another complication after Brokenshire resigned from government on health grounds.

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The resultant chaos from this reshuffle that never was will no doubt have ramifications for Theresa May over the coming weeks. If she expected some support from the usual quarters this morning, she is sadly mistaken. She probably expected some criticism from those elements of the media who traditionally would not necessarily support a conservative government, but she must have been shocked and even hurt by the savage comments in those papers who usually support the conservatives no matter what. Today's papers reveal the extent to which the Prime Minister has been damaged by the events of yesterday. A glance at the headlines will be worrying not only for Theresa May, but for all of her government.
"No Prime Minister." Daily Mail.
"Cabinet reshuffle descends into chaos". Express
"Night of the blunt stiletto". Telegraph.
"Greening quits in shambolic reshuffle". Times.
"Theresa May's Cabinet reshuffle backfires as education secretary Justine Greening refuses new role and quits". Evening Standard.
"Night of the blunt knives: Ministers wreck reshuffle". Independent.
Senior Conservative tells The Independent, 'if this was meant to show she has the power to reshuffle her Cabinet, it has shown the complete opposite'

A few short weeks ago, some senior conservative sources were saying that Theresa May would only be allowed one more mistake, but yesterday she made a series of errors and misjudgements.
Cabinet reshuffles are supposed to be about the Prime Minister asserting her power. Yesterdays comedy of errors has only underlined her weakness.

Friday, 5 January 2018

A paranoid president and a chaotic White House

Chaos in the White House: There has never been anything like this.

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It is becoming almost a daily ritual. Scanning the offerings in the online media, seeking the latest gaffe, or idiotic remark or juvenile boast from this dotard who currently occupies the Whitehouse.
The "mine is bigger than yours" comment of a few short days ago, speaks volumes about a "man" who never really progressed beyond the school playground, but now holds the office described as the most powerful in the world. The latest rantings against former aide Steve Bannon and the publication of a new book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by Michael Wolff, shows a "President" who lacks the emotional, mental and physical maturity to ever be taken seriously as "Leader of the Free World", but yet presents the most dangerous threat to world stability and peace that the United States has ever presented.
The words and actions of Trump over recent years, and the evidence presented in the book and elsewhere, presents a "damning portrait of a paranoid president and a chaotic White House" according to BBC North America editor Jon Sopel.

It seems that he is absolutely right.

Monday, 1 January 2018

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 31st December 2017

A very Happy New Year and Good morning everyone.

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For most people, there are obviously better things to do at this time of year than to watch television. However, for some this could be the only company or enjoyment that they will have over the entire Christmas/New Year holiday period. Spare a though then that for the past 10 days or so the standard of television entertainment has if anything been even worse than for the rest of the year. Numerous repeats and an almost endless diet of American sit com / soap type fill ins seeking to dumb down the viewer and batter them into a state of docile submission. We "Brits" also must take blame for this appalling diet of dross coming from the corner of our sitting rooms.Regular readers will know my opinion of "Strictly" (but I understand that there are those who love it), through various attempts at "comedy" which fails to raise even a smile in our house. The latest programme to bring about just a shaking of the head in stunned disbelief, was the latest cop thriller, "Bancroft". 

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A series spread over four nights containing contrived multi story lines, implausible set pieces and leaving space and enough "loose ends" to justify another series. It certainly needs one, if only to explain to the viewer what took place in the first.

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Like Victorian London’... child food poverty sparks comeback of rickets.
Rickets was virtually eradicated in the United Kingdom more than 50 years ago but has seen a resurgence over the past few years as living standards have fallen rapidly and child poverty has increased
Read the full comment at:

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Meanwhile, back in Jersey a new proposal for an inter Island seaplane service between St Helier and Peter Port could be ready for next spring.Benjamin Hill, founder of Clear Harbour Airways, has been working on his plans for the past year and has been in discussions with Ports of Jersey, Ports of Guernsey and Customs, airport and government officials in both islands. We must hope that the new service will be more reliable than the service provided by the current ferry operator.
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Hospital car park charges are no more than a tax on sickness as the companies running the car parking "facilities" at our hospitals make £174 million in 12 months.They state that the profits are "ploughed back" into car park improvements and maintenance or into "patient care".However, there is little evidence to support this claim as the standards of car parking facilities and availability in our hospitals continues to decline as parking charges increase.
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Nick Clegg is knighted.
For services to sell out and betrayal. For services to self interest and double dealing. For services to the abandonment of principle and trust. For duplicity and insincerity.
Arise Sir Nick.

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With thousands of homeless people on our streets, with more than one million people using Foodbanks, with the near collapse of our NHS, with the crisis in housing growing worse by the day and all the other problems with our society, why are we so concerned about the colour of our passports?

Storm Dylan for New Years Eve in Scotland, N Ireland and northern England, another as yet unnamed storm for southern England Wales and the West country for New Years Day. Still no snow down south but don't hold your breath.

Have a nice week

Friday, 29 December 2017

The scandal of hospital car parking charges.

NHS parking charges: Hospitals made £174m in a year

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A tax on sickness as the companies running the car parking "facilities" at our hospitals make £174 million in 12 months.They state that the profits are "ploughed back" into car park improvements and maintenance or into "patient care".However, there is little evidence to support this claim as the standards of car parking facilities and availability in our hospitals continues to decline as parking charges increase.
This is just another racket to extort money from those who have no option but to pay. Hospital workers, patients, visitors, carers, long term out patients having cardiac, chemotherapy or other such treatments on a daily basis, all are victims to the greed and intimidation of the companies where the pursuit of increasing profits is the sole motivation.
This is an outrage of national proportions affecting all hospitals around the country. It is a scandal which cannot be tolerated and must be stopped at the earliest opportunity. On more than one occasion, Conservative MP's have resorted to filibuster to prevent legislation being passed to end the practice of charges being applied at car parks in our hospitals. It is totally unacceptable that profits should be made by companies benefiting from a tax on sickness. It is high time that this scandal was ended