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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Freedom of expression caveat, criticised by pressure groups and some Labour MP's.

Labour adopts IHRA antisemitism definition in full.

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The National Executive Committee of the Labour Party have now adopted the complete IHRA definition of antisemitism and its examples.The NEC has also added its own caveat stating that, “this does not in any way undermine the freedom of expression on Israel and the rights of Palestinians”. All very right proper. However, as I have recently stated, no matter what concessions are made, in this case accepting the full IHRA definition, the baying hordes will always come back for more. True to form within minutes of the NEC meeting coming to a close, the pressure group Labour Against Antisemitism, closely followed by Labour Friends of Israel waded in describing the “freedom of expression” statement as “a get out of jail card”, and "the NEC has been told repeatedly that it needs to adopt the IHRA in full, without caveats or conditions".The use of the phrase "the NEC has been told", speaks volumes for the way in which these pressure groups and some individuals, believe that it is they who should be the ruling body of the Labour party rather than the NEC or the membership generally.The Chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council,Simon Johnson waded in accusing Corbyn of "attempting to undermine the IHRA definition" adding "“The ‘free speech caveat’ drives a coach and horses through the IHRA definition". It is difficult to understand why these pressure groups and other individual who have added their comments of condemnation of the NEC caveat, are so hostile to what is a clarification. It is as though they seek to extinguish all freedom of expression on Israel and the rights of Palestinians.What could and should have been a "drawing a line" meeting under the arguments and controversy of the past months, has actually emboldened the critics of Jeremy Corbyn who now, under cover of criticising the NEC caveat, demand even more in their quest to undermine the leadership.
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A meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party later today will consider the outcome of yesterday's NEC decision, but already criticism of the leadership and of the NEC caveat has been made by Margaret Hodge, Stephen Kinnock and others of the anti Corbyn campaign. Again, it seems that the PLP would rather continue their quest for a change of leadership than concentrate their efforts into opposing and exposing this most inept government and all its failings. As we approach our annual Conference, the party at large will be embroiled in the manufactured distraction of "the antisemitism row" which can only benefit our enemies.
This whole issue should have been buried yesterday but elements within the party and some outside pressure groups are determined to continue their mission to undermine the leadership in furtherance of their own agenda's.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Jewish Labour Movement Conference attracts widespread media coverage.,

Labour should adopt IHRA's definition of semitism says Gordon Brown.

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The Jewish Labour Movement held a 1 day conference on Sunday (2nd September). Conferences for this organisation are not usually reported in the media or on television, but yesterday's conference was an unique exception. From morning to evening there were blanket coverage reports on Sky News and BBC News, with numerous people giving interviews, and today's Front Pages carry long reports of speeches made by others during the day.
You might wonder why a conference only usually reported in the Jewish Chronicle suddenly attracts the attention of all this country's media and television News programmes.
A spokesperson from Progress, (the pressure group within the Labour Party), was the first to appear before the camera's giving his comments about how the Labour party was wrong in not tackling antisemitism and how a Jewish friend of his was hit at a Labour party meeting last year. The parade of "Labour" people were paraded before the greedy media at regular intervals throughout the day, with Gordon Brown perambulating around the stage spouting the usual nonsense which he always spouts adding his weight to the growing number of "senior" Labour voices criticising Corbyn and the leadership. Later Margaret Hodge,added her voice to the criticism with her widely reported comment "Corbyn has got a problem to deal with, and the problem is he is the problem.”

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As I have stated previously, the criticism from MP's stems from those who are deemed to be from a particular section of the PLP and who do not represent the vast majority of the party membership.The growing hysteria in the media, fuelled by contributions from Hodge, Sacks, Balls, Brown, Field, Berger and the rest may well abate following Tuesday's meeting of the Labour party National Executive Committee. However, history shows us that no matter what concessions are made to appease the baying hordes, they will always return for more until their real objectives are met. As Hodge revealed during her interview, Jeremy Corbyn is the problem and he must be removed.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Another former MP joins the witch hunt

Jeremy Corbyn must show he understands why British Jews fear his leadership

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Following on from my Blog of yesterday, Ed Balls today leaps in with his article in the Telegraph, saying "Jeremy Corbyn must show he understands why British Jews fear his leadership". You remember Ed Balls. He is Mr Yvette Cooper and is now more famous for his Strictly Come Dancing performance, his cookery "skills" in the Great Sport relief Bake off and his televised trip to the United States, Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls, where, dressed in some sort of leotard he engaged in a professional all in wrestling performance. 

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Balls is another one of those former MP's more closely associated with Blair and his "New Labour" experiment and has never shown any support for Jeremy Corbyn.It is therefore not surprising that he now joins the bandwagon of criticism from that part of the Labour party, using the "antisemitism" row as an excuse. Few people listened to Balls when he was shadow Home Secretary or shadow Chancellor. With his performances since losing his seat to the Conservative candidate Andrea Jenkyns, there can be little reason for listening to him now.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

The "antisemitism" argument is just an excuse.

Labour needs 'seismic change' or party will fall into decline 

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Watching the newspaper previews on television last night, one of the reviewers made a comment which was certainly missed, probably by design, by his co previewer and the presenter and I should think by many of the viewers at home. The story under review was the Telegraph front page coverage of Baron Blunkett's intervention in the on going "anti semitism" row within the Labour party.
The reviewer commented, as many of us have remarked on in the past, that all the criticism leveled at the party leadership on this issue, has originated from that section commonly described as the Blairite wing of the Labour party. Blunkett argues "Either Jeremy Corbyn can lead a party into gradual decline and irrelevance, or demonstrate that he can lead a party fit for Government", much in the same vein as others have been prompting over the past weeks. It is not surprising that Tom Watson, no doubt still harbouring leadership ambitions, has again chipped in with his own thinly veiled criticisms of Corbyn, in support of Frank Field and Blunkett and even Sacks.

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The incessant barrage of Corbyn must act or Corbyn must stamp out antisemitism or other meaningless cliches, particularly from some individuals from within the PLP, demonstrably reveal that the motivation for such comments is more to do with bringing about the removal of the leadership, rather than raising concerns about alleged "antisemitism" in the party. It is clearly evident that these criticisms eagerly grasped and encouraged by the media, particularly the mail, stem from those individuals who hold the view that "New Labour" was the model, to which the Labour party of today should aspire and revert. This will clearly never happen under the leadership Jeremy Corbyn and consequently these disgruntled MP's resort to the age old ploy of undermining the leader with the pretext of concern for the party.

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It is sad that these individuals, Field, Blunkett, Gapes, Hodge and others, who would have so much to offer to the Labour part of today, are so obsessed with their yearning for the "good old days", that they fail to realise that their ceaseless campaign to sabotage Corbyn and the party leadership is for their purposes counterproductive, and will ultimately backfire.

Friday, 31 August 2018

The first of the "Usual Suspects" resigns party whip..

Frank Field resigns Labour whip over antisemitism crisis

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The first of the "high profile" usual suspects to break cover and resign. He says he will sit as an independent rather than do the honourable thing, step down completely and stand as an independant (or even something else perhaps) in a bye election, and allow the electorate of Birkenhead make the decision. Field has for some time been looking for an excuse to resign from the PLP to cause the maximum embarrassment to the party leadership and the manufactured "antisemitism row" has provided such an opportunity.
He will of course continue to receive his MP's salary together with any other perks on offer. This may have had some bearing on his decision not to force a bye election.
Frank Field has always been on the far right of the Labour party and has been a critic of Jeremy Corbyn, notwithstanding the fact that he nominated Corbyn for the first leadership ballot and has paid lip service to supporting the leader since, particularly on last night's televised interview following Field resigning the whip.
Field will not be missed, but it will be interesting to note how the remainder of the usual suspects react.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Former chief rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks joins the witch hunt

Corbyn's comments most offensive since Enoch Powell, says ex-chief rabbi.

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Former chief rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has called Jeremy Corbyn an anti semite. He states that the comments, made by Corbyn over 5 YEARS AGO (another resurrected smear) are the most offensive since Enoch Powell made the "rivers of blood" speech in 1968.
It is ironic that comments made by Corbyn in meetings and at rallies and other places only now, after many years, become "offensive" to some people. Hodge, Berger, Gapes and others wait many years to vent their indignation and venom. They clearly realised that there was no advantage in attacking a "back bench" MP since nobody really cared about the member for Islington North. However, now that the member has become the leader of the Labour party it serves their collective agenda to resurrect comments and actions some of which go back over 20 years and to spout criticisms which if they are relevant now, were relevant then. Outrageous hypocrisy and opportunism.
Sacks now joins in the attacks on Corbyn with a crass comparison which in itself, is inaccurate and grossly offensive.
As I have previously argued, the relentless assault of smear and personal insult will ultimately backfire as more and more people come to realise that this campaign has little to do with antisemitism and everything to do with removing the Labour party leadership.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Descending into farce.

Labour anti-Semitism row EXPLODES as Jewish MPs offered BODYGUARDS at party conference

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The hysterical "antisemitism row" within the Labour party is descending into farce.
This latest story reports that Jewish Labour MP's "could" be given bodyguards brought in to shield Jewish delegates at next months Party Conference. How much of this story comes from a few Labour MP's and how much is a figment of the imagination of some Express "journalist", this time Macer Hall, is open to speculation. However, a mischievous media will always grasp any opportunity to undermine Labour generally and Corbyn in particular.
This pantomime, fuelled and encouraged by a hostile press, has only one objective, which is to remove the leadership of the Labour party. It is a campaign which will ultimately backfire but which will become even more hysterical and outrageous the closer the country moves towards the next General election.