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Theresa May blames others, rather than her self..

It is not my fault !.

Recently I wrote, albeit in a different context, that I am shocked, stunned and in a state of bewildered disbelief. I watched and heard it and yet it is still almost unbelievable that she actually said it.The Prime Minister, Theresa May seeking to absolve herself from any blame whatsoever for the chaos, confusion and deadlock in the continuing debates on the "meaningful vote", now resoundingly defeated on two separate occasions in the commons. and which she now intends to table for a third time early next week, notwithstanding that Speaker John Burcow, has ruled that no motion may be tabled three times without substantial changes in wording or content.The only change for the third attempt is a new Brexit date of 30th June which the Prime Minister is today seeking to agreement for  from the EU, but even now seems doomed as the EU has already stated that 22nd May should be the…
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Theresa May places Party before Country Theresa May to ask for three-month Brexit delay.
In a statement from number 10 prior to her departure to Europe for her meeting with EU leaders  the Prime Minister Theresa May, confirmed that she will not be asking for a long extension and went on to state that "There is a case for giving Parliament a bit more time to agree a way forward, but the people of this country have been waiting nearly three years now.They are fed up with Parliament's failure to take a decision and the PM shares their frustration".  The interesting part of this statement and the completely hypocritical part is the suggestion that Theresa May shares the frustration of the British people in being fed up with Parliaments failure to take a decision on Brexit. The fact of the matter is that Parliament has delayed matters for almost three years yes, but over the past eighteen months, the one an…

Constitutional Crisis?
Citrines A B C of Chairmanship states practically the same thing. There is a rule book for Commons procedural business, Erskine May, in much the same way as Citrines ABC of Chairmanship provides guidance for business at other meetings around the country. The Speaker John Bercow has made a ruling according Erskine May and has quite rightly, ruled that the Government cannot bring a third Meaningful vote back to the Commons unless the text and content is substantially different from the text and content from that heavily defeated in the commons, twice over the past two weeks. However, judging from the reaction in the media and from some MP's, we could be excused from thinking that some seismic event had shaken the very foundations of British democracy and that Speaker Bercow had taken sides in the Brexit argument and ruled from spite and anti government position and has mis…

New Agenda on Sunday is out.

Hello everyone.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot. I am still shocked. Stunned and in a state of bewildered disbelief. I saw it and yet it is still impossible to believe. How can a side be leading 31 points to nil, yes 31 nil with just 40 minuets left and then stop playing for 35 of those minuets to go seven points behind(!) ? A charged down clearance, two intercepted passes, missed tackles in abundance and the score changed into 31 points to 38 points with just five minutes to go. Then Ford manged to somehow scramble in under the posts for a try, subsequently converted, just before the referee blew for full time. Final score 38 points each. Like I said, shock and stunned disbelief. To cap it all, Wales won the Grand Slam. Another side we should have comfortably beaten, but we didn't really turn up for that game either.

Chaos reigns. A government in turmoil, a cabinet in open rebellion and a Prime Minister wandering around in circles croaking on about "her de…

Lets start again shall we.

Where to now Prime Minister?

Chaos reigns. A government in turmoil, a cabinet in open rebellion and a Prime Minister wandering around in circles croaking on about "her deal or no deal", clearly demonstrate that in almost three years the government still have no idea on where they are going or even where they want to be, since Cameron stalked off in a fit of pique and spinelessness leaving others to attempt to sort out his mess. The incredible thing is that the mindless "Maybot" has stated that she intends to bring the same proposal back to the Commons next week, for a THIRD vote, blind it seems to the defeats of the last two votes on this question. Fortunately however, the speaker has the power under house of commons rules on page 397 of “Erskine May”, the Commons' rule book, to reject the motion,should he choose to do so. The British people are totally fed …

I am now back

Home at last.

I have now (Thursday last),   returned home, following 6 months in Dorchester County Hospital, after an accident last September. The net result is that I shall never walk again. Today marks the first day of the rest of my life, so to mark the occasion I have renamed New Agenda as "Agenda 2019". Watch out for the new postings.
I have missed a lot, so there will be much to post.

Have a nice week

Freedom of expression caveat, criticised by pressure groups and some Labour MP's.

Labour adopts IHRA antisemitism definition in full.
The National Executive Committee of the Labour Party have now adopted the complete IHRA definition of antisemitism and its examples.The NEC has also added its own caveat stating that, “this does not in any way undermine the freedom of expression on Israel and the rights of Palestinians”. All very right proper. However, as I have recently stated, no matter what concessions are made, in this case accepting the full IHRA definition, the baying hordes will always come back for more. True to form within minutes of the NEC meeting coming to a close, the pressure group Labour Against Antisemitism, closely followed by Labour Friends of Israel waded in describing the “freedom of expression” statement as “a get out of jail card”, and "the NEC has been told repeatedly that it needs to adopt t…