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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Seeking to restore the "good old days" of Parliamentary Labour Party dominance.

Corbyn v Smith for Labour's next leader, but being a winner is not enough. 

Says Anne Perkins.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith

The Guardian continues on its compulsive campaign to undermine and remove Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour party leadership. In this self appointed role as the "Champion of the Parliamentary Labour Party", the Guardian will, and does, use any tool available to it or any argument, no matter how tenuous such argument may be, as the media mouthpiece for any disaffected MP with their own agenda, or for individuals who seek to erode support for the Corbyn leadership. The tool for today’s assault is the "Opinion" section of the newspaper, where the editorial staff and the proprietor can shelter behind the shield of denial that the "Opinion" as printed is that of the writer, not necessarily of the paper. A very shallow defence which deceives nobody.

Anne Perkins 

Anne Perkins (a leader writer, lobby correspondent and feature writer for the Guardian since 1997) provides a not very well disguised argument for the restoration of the dominant position of the Parliamentary Labour Party as the centre of power of the Labour Party as in the "good old days" of Blair and then Brown. Admittedly, she does criticise the PLP under Miliband for supporting the revisions to the voting system (a decision they now bitterly regret) which let the genie out of the bottle and produced a Jeremy Corbyn landslide victory last September. The "official" Guardian line is to support Owen Smith and rubbish Corbyn, but Anne Perkins, perhaps indicating where the Guardian is actually heading, suggests dumping both candidates at some point, and then at some point soon, changing the party election rules to ensure that the membership of the party, all 600,000 plus of them are deprived of "one member one vote", and are reduced to a secondary, less influential role in electing the leader of their party.
Who ever emerges as the winner of the leadership ballot in September, it is abundantly clear that Anne Perkins will not be content. Nor will the 172 conspirators of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who will continue to plot and scheme for the overthrow of the democratically elected leader, and changes to the electoral rules to bring about the restoration of their dominant position in party structure, policy and leadership. In this task they already have an enthusiastic supporter in media propaganda in the shape of the "Guardian". It now seems that "independent" opinion writers are being brought into the fray to bolster their futile ambitions.

Monday, 22 August 2016

The Parliamentary Labour Party conspirators are hatching another coup.

Labour MPs plan for Corbyn victory and plot how to confront an emboldened leader

Even for the "Independent", the number and use of unnamed anonymous "sources" in this article is quite astonishing. However, amongst all the usual speculative delusion, there is one factor which causes concern to anyone who believes in the Labour Party, its principles and in he democratic process of the Labour movement. It is abundantly clear that elements within the Parliamentary Labour Party, are even now, planning another coup in the event that Jeremy Corbyn should emerge as winner in the current ballot. The failed coup of earlier this year, has now descended into a sham leadership election, because the conspirators still fail to accept the democratic decision of the Labour party membership and cling to their over inflated view of their own ego's and the belief that they have some "Divine right of Kings" to hold all power in the Labour Party. In much the same way as these egoists plotted and planned the overthrow of Corbyn, even before the 2015 leadership election, they now scheme and conspire to undermine and remove Corbyn after the result of this leadership election is declared.
Regardless of what reasons they may present as justification for their duplicitous acts, no matter how much the media and television may support and encourage them, their real motivation is as clear as crystal. They seek only to retain power in their immediate circle, the continuation of the "status quo" as in the days of Blair, Brown and more latterly Miliband Minor. The continuation of the policies which were roundly rejected by the electorate at the most recent General elections.
The plotters have no respect for the Labour Party, its membership or for the democratic processes being concerned only with clinging on to their privileged positions and all that goes with it. Even their constant references to the "unelectable Jeremy Corbyn" and "electorate" has a hollow ring. The electorate has never been given a clear distinct choice between the parties. They have been offered "austerity" from the Conservatives or "austerity" in a different coloured box by the Labour party. All that is set to change and the Parliamentary Labour Party are petrified.

I would have thought that after the election result is declared on September 24th, we could then concentrate on attacking the real enemy of people in this country, instead of targeting our own colleagues on the Labour benches. The people of this country are in desperate need of a Labour government to roll back the excesses of this conservative administration and the ConDem coalition which preceded it. Alas, it seems that the personal ambitions and duplicitous scheming of some in the Parliamentary Labour Party will significantly hinder the improvements in our society that most of us in the Labour party and the wider electorate seek to create.

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 21 August 2016

Good morning everyone.

A "door stepping" attempt at the interview on Sky television was quite revealing. Philip Green (I have already stripped him of his title), living the life of luxury aboard the newest and most expensive of his yachts. A £100 million yacht paid for, in part, from the "missing" £ millions from the BHS pension funds, and the £ millions from rents and dividends paid directly to his wife.
No body really cares if Green felt uncomfortable being "doorstepped" by a reporter. He has no shame or conscience, and deserves every degree of discomfort that the press, MP's and public opinion can heap on him. Odious and supercilious man, who should spend every night worrying about when and how fate and justice will come knocking at his door.

On the 18th June 1984, a violent confrontation took place between police and pickets at a British Steel Corporation coking plant in Orgreave, South Yorkshire. The details and the aftermath of "the riot" are well documented elsewhere. A video by a woman who was there and was violently assaulted on the day, and which is well worth viewing, can be found at
The purpose of mentioning this event, is that even now, 32 years after the events of that day, there has been no public enquiry or investigation. The same police force, and many of the individuals concerned are the same characters involved in the conspiracy and cover up of the Hillsborough disaster of 25th April 1989. It took more than 27 years for the truth surrounding the events of that day to be revealed. An enquiry into the events at Orgreave on 18th June 1984, is well overdue.

It has been a bad week for television presenters and newspaper "reviewers". At least a bad week as far as I am concerned. I discovered that Sky News had sacked Lorna Dunkley in what was described as a cost saving exercise (but more probably due to the fact that she refused to toe the Sky news line of bias and misrepresentation in their "story" lines), and yet had retained the services of Kay Burley and Anna Botting! Other television media "personalities" who have received my wrath this week include Victoria Derbyshire, Dermot Monaghan, Cathy Newman. They all share the dubious "honour" of being rude, patronising, biased and very full of their own importance. It is as if being a presenter on television gives them the right to talk over or shout down anyone who they are supposed to be interviewing. However, the prize of the week goes to a newspaper "reviewer" on Sky News sofa (with Ruth Lee) on Saturday evening. According to Christina Patterson, I and the 600,000 odd other members of the Labour Party are "nutters". Patterson, is the "freelance journalist" with the constant sneering facial expression and intensely patronising attitude, often seen on the sofa in Sky News television studio, reviewing the papers. Not only are we "nutters", but we are also "mad", "insane" and "stupid" for being members of a party which, according to Patterson, is destined for political oblivion. She is of course entitled to her opinion, but she is not entitled to spread insults and venom when there is no opportunity for anyone to respond.

West Bay

Five people died this weekend, swimming in rough seas or just standing on the rocks watching the huge waves. Also there was a huge rockfall from the cliffs at West Bay. Within minutes, morons were climbing the fallen rocks and scaling the cliff face. There is even television footage of one dangling her feet over the cliff top immediately above the fall.
Is there no end to human stupidity?

Has summer finished now? It is still warm, humid and wet with cold snaps but I am keeping the fans handy.

Have a nice week


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sadiq Khan's sudden endorsement for Owen Smith, has a very hollow ring to it.

Ditch Jeremy Corbyn before it’s too late, Sadiq Khan tells Labour

London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

According to Christina Patterson, I and the 600,000 odd other members of the Labour Party are "nutters". Patterson, is the "freelance journalist" with the constant sneering facial expression and intensely patronising attitude, often seen on the sofa in Sky News television studio, reviewing the papers. Not only are we "nutters", but we are also "mad", "insane" and "stupid" for being members of a party which, according to Patterson, is destined for political oblivion and is ensuring a "one party", (Conservative), State in this country for the foreseeable future. A party of full of "nutters" which incidentally has the largest membership of any political party in Europe, is dismissed as an irrelevance by a "journalist" who once wrote for the Independent.

Christina Patterson complete with sneering expression

The reason for this bizarre, almost hysterical torrent, was her contribution to the review of the story on the front page of today’s Observer (Guardian), concerning London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his "dramatic call to Labour party members to dump Jeremy Corbyn". Now it is not surprising for this newspaper to carry yet another anti Corbyn story in their attempt to undermine and discredit the Labour leader. The Guardian has been running this campaign since even before the Party leadership election of last year and has become more vitriolic over past months as the anti Corbyn coup has faltered. Now the newspaper greets with some relish, the addition of another "name" to the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour Party conspirators, as Khan throws his support behind Owen Smith, using the now well worn and discredited justification that the referendum result to leave the European Union, was in some nebulous way, the fault of Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith at the Leadership Hustings.

Sadiq Khan's sudden conversion to the Owen Smith cause has a very hollow ring to it. For many weeks Khan has maintained a neutral position in the leadership contest, despite being given frequent opportunities to declare for one or other of the candidates. For reasons best known to himself, he has only chosen now to reveal his preference and has selected the coup supporting Observer (Guardian) to carry the "story". We should not even be surprised that Khan has finally admitted where his true allegiances actually lie and is now firmly entrenched as another opportunistic member of the Parliamentary Labour Party group, perhaps even now harbouring leadership ambitions for a few years ahead.
The Labour party has provided support, organisation and encouragement to Khan since he was first elected as a Wandsworth councillor in 1994, then as Member of Parliament for Tooting in 2005 through to his election as London Mayor in 2016. The endorsement by Jeremy Corbyn of Khan's candidacy for London Mayor would not in itself have ensured the subsequent electoral victory, but it certainly added to the volume of Labour votes cast.
The story in today’s newspaper says much about Sadiq Khan's character and his values. He is very comfortable amongst the plotters and conspirators of the Parliamentary Labour Party and no doubt appreciative of the support and encouragement from the Observer (Guardian).
Christina Patterson was looking in the wrong direction.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The campaign to destabilise Corbyn is falling apart and the conspirators know it.

Why I had to leave Corbyn's dysfunctional shadow cabinet

Heidi Alexander

The Guardian sticking to its self appointed role as the "saviour of the Labour party", acting as the mouthpiece for any of the Parliamentary Labour Party prepared to spew out more bile in the campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn. The conspirators anticipated that Corbyn would resign after the orchestrated mass resignations. They were wrong, he didn't. The plotters then moved to a vote of "No Confidence", fully expecting Corbyn to resign after 172 of the PLP supported the motion.
Again, they were wrong as he did not resign. The final throw of their seditious scheming was to launch a Leadership Challenge, but as there was no one amongst the "Big Guns" of the PLP with enough backbone to take on the challenge themselves, they have found a "Stooge Candidate" in the form of Owen Smith. Even this ploy however, seems to be coming apart at the seems, as none of the PLP are at this stage at least, prepared to come out from their trenches to support their man publicly.
Owen must feel a bit isolated stomping around the hustings looking more and more like a "one man band" as the audiences surround Corbyn, leaving Owen with hands in his pockets as if waiting for the next train home.

In the background to all this of course, going back to a time even before the leadership election of last year, there has been the insidious campaign of smear, distortion, deceit and untruth waged in a hostile media and television led predominately by the Guardian and Independent encouraged by the BBC and Sky, to undermine the Labour party leadership. As the Parliamentary Labour Party coordinated coup now falls apart and unravels, there is only one option left available. In a final desperate attempt to salvage some initiative and even at this late stage, bring about their objective of removing Corbyn, they are ramping up the destabilising tactics of smear and distorting to almost hysterical levels. This latest intervention from Heidi Alexander is the most recent, but certainly will not be the last, attempt to throw in some malevolence, in the hope that some will stick and even at this stage will damage the Corbyn campaign. It remains to be seen how successful this tactic will be in the effecting the outcome of the ballot, but we may rest assured that we have not yet witnessed the final outpouring of mischievous interventions from MP's, encouraged taken up with such enthusiasm by the media.

Friday, 19 August 2016

It is not that simple even if Owen Smith is.

Owen Smith accuses Jeremy Corbyn of 'having never believed' in the EU

Whether Owen Smith likes it or not, the fact is that the British people, in a referendum on the 23rd June, delivered a vote to leave the European Union. To now constantly bang on about a second referendum or, even more naive, a General election on a one issue question, offers a simplistic sound bite to a complex question. Leaving the EU is not just a question of clearing the desk and leaving the building. Smith is fully aware of this and yet seeks to make personal capital with his simplistic, "we should have another referendum", an assertion which has now been repeated enough times to become a meaningless cliché. Much will depend on the terms negotiated between the United Kingdom and the EU (if such negotiations ever actually take place) in respect of the position which could exist after departing. Smith seeks another referendum. A referendum on what? Asking the same question without any clarification of the consequences involved may well only produce the same result. What would Smith propose then?

The must be negotiation on the exit "deal" to resolve many issues. Safeguarding workers rights, access to single market, Human rights provisions, health and safety legislation and much more, including the status of Scotland in any future arrangements. All these items must be fully understood and agreed before there can be any thought of another referendum. It may well be that after triggering "Article 50" of the European Treaty, and after the detail of the "Brexit" deal has been finalised, that the question could be asked as to whether the British people wish to confirm the decision to leave under the negotiated terms or whether they wish to remain. Smith should consider this and stop trying to score points with cheap, snide comments.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chucka Umunna and Joe Watts of the Independent, seem a little confused.

Labour MP claims leaked emails show ‘in technicolor’, confusion of party’s EU referendum campaign

Chukka Umunna 

You remember Chucka Umunna. He was the one who dropped out of the Labour party leadership contest just 4 days after declaring his intended candidature, because he could not bear the level of media attention. Chucka Umunna has probably been regretting that decision ever since and seems to have spent most of his time during the months since then, dreaming up ways to undermine Corbyn and to conspire with others in the Parliamentary Labour Party, to remove Corbyn from the leadership.
In this pantomime of orchestrated resignations from Shadow Cabinet, through the farce of a No Confidence motion, Umunna has maintained a low profile, presumably waiting for the right moment to draw his dagger. It appears that he has again chosen the wrong moment. It could well be expected that a "journalist", even one from the "Independent", would have guided Umunna away from the gaffe of confusing the role of Alan Johnson of the "Labour In for Britain" campaign with that of John Trickett, the Campaigns and Elections Director.

John Trickett

Alan oJhnson

As the Labour leadership campaign reaches its final stages, it is only natural that the smears, distortions, defamation's and even lies levelled against Jeremy Corbyn, will grow in ferocity but we might expect that "journalists" and elements of the 172, could be a little more subtle and not insult the intelligence of their intended audience.