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Saturday, 14 April 2018

United States, the United Kingdom and France,attack Syria.

US says it hit three targets related to chemical weapons programme

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The madman Trump drags the world to the very brink. Theresa May, desperate to have electoral success in the council and other elections, follows lemming like towards the and edge and without reference to Parliament or the country. May behaves like a dictator and will ultimately pay the price. Macron, the French Poodle desperately seeking a place on the world stage, joins in. 

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The overwhelming desire to attack Syria has finally come to action. Surely we must now expet "consequences" as Russia prepares a response. The people of Syria, the region and the rest of the world will pay the price for one man's megalomania and the sycophantic "Me Too" devotion of May and Macron.

Not nearly as clever as they think they are

US, UK and France launch air strikes in response to chemical attack

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The Media (BBC and Sky in particular) have wasted no time in launching their propaganda campaign in support of the madman Trump and the sycophantic camp followers, May and Macron. The usual presenters on both channels are lauding the "accuracy" of the strikes, but glossing over the number of civilians killed in Homs, the British "Target for tonight". In addition, both channels have managed to find "experts", both military and civilian, to praise the "precision" of the strikes and the technical superiority of western technology against the second rate air defences of the Syrian government. The smug attitude of most of these pundits may be a little premature as they derogate the Russian capability to defend Syrian airspace and then go on to promote an "aren't we very clever" aura in the comfort of the television studio.

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The next few days, or even hours, will be critical in this unfolding drama and the pundits (as well as the media), may be unpleasantly surprised as they discover that they are not nearly so clever as they think they are this morning.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The "chemical attack" on Douma and the hypocrisy at the UN

The US will respond to the Assad regime's alleged chemical attack against Syrian civilians. 

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I have mentioned before how I loathe and despise hypocrisy and those who peddle it, without it seems, them having even the slightest hint of shame or embarrassment. Yesterday, at a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Nikki Haley the America Ambassador to the UN, delivered a speech which was dripping in hypocrisy and repetition as she condemned Russia, Syria and Iran for the alleged chemical attack on Douma on Saturday (7th April), killing 49 people and leaving many injured. In a long and rambling diatribe, Haley used the phrase, "I could hold up a photograph", on so many occasions that it was not possible to keep count and her description of the photographic "evidence", was presumably as graphic as the imagery of the photo. Initially, her "I could hold up a photograph" was restricted to descriptions of dead children with froth at their mouths allegedly as a result of chlorine gas poisoning. As nobody bothered to remind her, or even mention the fact that there are voluminous numbers of photographs of Palestinian children killed in Gaza as a result of air raids where white phosphorous or other illegal noxious substances banned under international convention, were used against the civilian population of that tormented country, we must draw attention to the fact that the United States was conspicuously silent on those occasions.
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Continuing her speech in that monotonous South Carolina drawl, Haley cited instances of air attacks on hospitals, ambulances and rescue vehicles, civil defence centres and other civilian targets, and without a blink of her eye or hint of irony stated "using weapons freely given to the regime by Russia". Perhaps the most incredible and bizarre statement during her 9 minute 45 second harangue, was that criticising Russia for using their UN veto 5 times on this issue alone and 11 in all "to save Assad". Again, Haley has a selective memory, conveniently forgetting that only 10 days ago, on the 31st March, the United States employed their veto to bock a resolution calling for an "independent and transparent investigation" into the clashes on the Gaza-Israel border that left 16 Palestinians dead and 1,400 wounded. She also forgets that the United States has used its veto power on no less than 43 occasions to block resolutions which could be considered as critical of Israel.
The remainder of her "speech" was no more than a meandering collection of clich├ęs about "life gong on" or references to "an English village" (presumably the "village" of Salisbury), presumably to highlight the impotence of the UN, an impotence which the United States has itself been the major factor in creating. Haley concluded with a veiled threat to Russia, Syria and Iran to the fact that "The United States will respond", echoing the threats made earlier by President Trump, promising "a forceful response" and ""We have a lot of options militarily, and a response would be decided shortly".
As long ago as April 2014, and even before, I have written that the United States, GT Britain and to a lesser extent France, have been and still are, itching to attack Syria and to bring about regime change in that country. With their backing and support for a number of different rebel groups, they have managed to bring about nothing but chaos in that country as many of the groups, supported by the "West", have different objectives and often fight with each other to be the dominant party in the overthrow of the Assad regime. The "Western powers" have taken a bad situation of 7 years ago and made it infinitely worse with money arms and logistical support for practically all of the warring factions. They have no plan or objective other than to overthrow Assad and implement regime change in the country.
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This is a dangerous time for all of us with Donald Trump in the Whitehouse, Nikki Haley at the UN and John Bolton as National Security Advisor, a menacing trio of unstable and unpredictable "public servants", the stage is set for a conflagration which could engulf not only the region but the whole world. We must strive to avoid being dragged into this mess on the coattails of the United States and seek to avert a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Monday, 9 April 2018

New Agenda on Sunday is out! Edition of 8th April 2018

Good morning everyone

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An absolutely incredible story relating to Capita, the company subcontracted by the government to carry out disability benefit assessments. It seems that a Mrs Moloney, who suffers from bipolar disorder type 2,and severe anxiety, was informed by the DLA that her Disability Living Allowance (DLA) would stop and her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) had been refused. Her "crime" according to Capita was that she had not attended her disability benefit assessment appointment. All very well you may think, that is until you learn that the "assessment" was to be carried out in her own home and that it was the assessor from Capita who failed to turn up. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that these privatised companies who make large sums of money from the taxpayers pocket have failed the very people who they are supposed to be helping. The farming out of this and other essential functions cannot be trusted to the private sector, where profits are more important than people.

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Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Hectors Fish and Chip Shop has launched a scheme to give away a free meal every week to the over 65's, for the next eight months. Chippie owner Paul Spears said, "There is a lot of loneliness among older people in Jersey and we want to thank the community for their business and give back to them. The idea behind this campaign is to give people an opportunity to share a table together, get chatting, catch up with old friends and make some new ones as well". A nice thought in these times of "Me first". It would be nice for the idea to catch on here as well.

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The Jersey Royal potato season is late this year. They are already a month behind due to the atrocious weather and are facing a 20% shortfall in volume.They are not as tasty as they were when vriac was the only fertiliser, but they are still one of the best potato's available.
I was wondering why they seen to be missing from the shops.

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Former Conservative Whip and "Bully Boy" and now Justice Secretary and "Bully Boy" David Gauke, is the latest to wade into Jeremy Corbyn with more lies, smear and calumny suggesting that "Jeremy Corbyn is not on the side of law-abiding citizens".
Read the full piece at:

A bit short this week for reasons I shall not bore you with, but it is still raining and promises to remain wet for the next week. (Depending upon which television forecast you watch or which paper you read).

Have a nice week

Sunday, 8 April 2018

A campaign of smear and personal insults

Justice Secretary David Gauke gives an interview to the Sun.

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Former Conservative Whip and "Bully Boy" and now Justice Secretary and "Bully Boy" David Gauke, is the latest to wade into Jeremy Corbyn with more lies, smear and calumny suggesting that "Jeremy Corbyn is not on the side of law-abiding citizens". In an interview with the Sun (who else) and enthusiastically repeated in the Express (surprise), Gauke went on to state, "He’s never been a supporter of the police".“Repeatedly, he has failed to stand up for the law-abiding and too often been prone to put crime down to inequality or poverty, rather than addressing the issue of personal responsibility.”
This latest attack is just part of the anti Corbyn campaign, which has been raging in the media and on television for months and over recent weeks has become even more hysterically preposterous as the Conservatives and the media desperately seek more vilification to throw at the Labour leader.
As the next General election comes ever closer, the tempo and extent of this abusive, personalised campaign will increase in intensity as the Conservative party aided by their supporters in the media and business, frantically maneuver to cling on to their flimsy majority.
A campaign based solely on smear and personal insults rather than policy and vision. This country deserves and demands a government for the many not the few.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

It is not really about anti-Semitism. It is mostly about stifling criticism of Israel

Jeremy Corbyn criticised for attending radical Jewish event.

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For some weeks now, there has been a strong suspicion that there is an "agenda" behind the relentless campaign against the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn in particular, with stories and "revelations" being reported on a daily basis, of some new twist on the anti-Semitism allegations in the media and on television as well as those emerging from some MP's. The "agenda" has today revealed one, perhaps the main motivation for this insidious campaign.

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Paul De Laire Staines
The publication of a story in "Guido Fawkes" an extreme right wing Blog published by Paul De Laire Staines and which bears more resemblance to another gutter press newspaper rag than to a publication apparently claiming to be a serious political forum, reports the attendance by Jeremy Corbyn at a Seda, (a ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday Passover) hosted by Jewdas, a Jewish left wing political group. How Guido Fawkes, the media, a few disgruntled MP's and television can suggest that Jeremy Corbyn's attendance at this function is somehow anti-Semitic, is a mystery which only those who have their own reasons for the ferocious campaign being waged every day in the media and in the "briefings" given to the ravenous press.

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There is however, an indication of at least one of the motivations driving the present barrage of hostility towards Corbyn and the Labour party. Jewdas is a left wing Jewish political group with declared opposition to mainstream Jewish organisations such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, and amongst other mainstream organisations, Jewdas is opposed to the present Israeli government, and opposes Israeli policy in the occupied territories of Palestine and in Gaza. Guido Fawkes mentions opposition to the Israeli government but the media, television and the few MP's go to great lengths to emphasise and stress that opposition, whilst the BBC fails even to mention that Jewdas is an organisation with an overwhelming Jewish membership. Therein lies a strong indication to explain the animosity of the media, television and a handful of MP's. This current campaign against the Labour Party has little to do with anti-Semitism. It is acknowledged that there are a small number of individuals within the party who behave in a manner which can be described as anti Semitic, but the leadership generally and Jeremy Corbyn in particular, have roundly condemned such behaviour and on numerous occasions have stressed that that anti-Semitism has no place in the Labour party and will not be tolerated. It is difficult, if not impossible to understand how attendance at a ritual Passover feast organised by and in the company of other Jews can even remotely be described as Anti Semitic. Impossible that is unless the critics in media, television and those MP's who have their own agenda, will try to convince the public that criticism of Israel with its government is itself anti semitic. This proposition is of course arrant nonsense.
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The present campaign being waged against the Labour party and its leadership, is essentially about Great Britain protecting Israel from any criticism or possibility of censure in the UK for its actions, in much the same way as the American Veto is used with such abandon at the United Nations as it has been since 1948. It is an attempt to stifle debate on Israeli policy and on its actions towards its neighbours. The British public must be made aware of the "hidden agenda", being peddled by media television and some MP's, and forewarned that criticism of Israel is not antis emetic despite the attempts of others to convince us to the contrary.

Monday, 2 April 2018

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 1st April 2018

Good morning everyone

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Welcome to April. One quarter of 2018 gone already. Time passes so quickly now and I have already seen advertising for Christmas Clubs. Incredible.

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With everything that is going on in the world, in Syria, in Brussels, in Palestine, in Parliament and numerous other places, BBC News has the lead, most important story, devoted to another blubbering Aussie being interviewed about his part in the "ball tampering" scandal in South Africa.
The mind boggles.

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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson runs into the rough end of Speaker John Burcow' tongue after referring to Emily Thornberry as "Lady Nugee" (her husband is Sir Christopher Nugee). Another gaffe from the Buffoon Johnson, which this time warrants a strong rebuke from the Speaker. A justified ticking off which is long overdue.

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There is clearly an "agenda" behind the current spate of media fuelled hysteria in connection with "anti semitism in the Labour party". It is acknowledged that there are a small number of individuals within the party who behave in a manner which can be described as anti semitic, but the leadership generally and Jeremy Corbyn in particular, have roundly condemned such behaviour and the culprits can be under no illusions as to the fact that antisemitism and racism in any form has no place within the Labour party. Corbyn has on numerous occasions, apologised for such behaviour within the party and condemned in unequivocal terms, antisemitism and racism in all its forms.
Read the full post at:

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Meanwhile, back in Jersey, the iconic Corbiere lighthouse will be holding a new guest soon. The pre teen daughter of Amy's deranged former partner is being held in a haunted lighthouse and must be rescued! It is of course a psychological horror-thriller, currently touring cinema’s in the UK.shot in the summer of 2016 (presumably the day it did not rain) and coming to a cinema near you soon

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Jersey could become one of the first places in the world to be served by fully electric commercial aircraft, airline easy Jet has said. I hope that they do not make them fully automatic and thus dispense with the pilot and flight crews.

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It is still raining and has been for days. A washout Easter but enjoy your eggs.

Have a nice week