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Sunday, 31 January 2016

£31billion for 4 submarines while 1 million families rely on Foodbanks.

The Conservatives want to hold a snap vote in the House of Commons to approve the construction of four new submarines

HMS Vigilant, one of four submarines carrying the Trident missile


The government can "find" £31billion to renew weapons of mass destruction, but cannot afford to build houses for people crying out for homes. They can find £31billion to build 4 new submarines, but cannot afford to adequately fund welfare for the sick, disabled and pensioners. The government can ignore more than 1 million families, reliant on Foodbanks and other charities, to fund a prestige project implemented with the ultimate objective of killing millions of men, women and children.
Rather than boycotting a vote in the House of Commons, the whole of the Parliamentary Labour Party, together with the wider Labour movement in the country and trade unions should be fighting this pernicious evil programme in the Houses of Parliament, in the work places and on the streets around the country.

Meanwhile in Jersey.

The end of an era as the Living Legend finally shuts its doors


The centre, which opened on the site of the former Strawberry Farm in 1992

THE Living Legend – a once-popular tourist attraction enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers a year – has closed.
Not many places (if any) left for us tourist to buy the very low quality very high priced tatty rubbish in the "Sale" which lasts all season. They should restore the "Strawberry Farm" to its former glory.

Fewer technical issues for new ferry expected in 2016

The £50 million vessel is currently in dry dock in Falmouth

THE technical problems which have plagued Condor Liberation since it came into operation almost a year ago should be significantly reduced in 2016, one of the firm’s directors has said.
You may be forgiven for thinking that in view of the number of "issues" that this white elephant had in 2015 (it came into service less than 12 months ago) there could not possibly be more problems this year.
Could there?

Monday, 25 January 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 24 January 2016

New Agenda on Sunday.

A round up of New Agenda and much much more

Good morning everyone.

Christine Lagarde at a press conference with Wolfgang Schäuble and George Osborne at the IMF/World Bank spring meetings in Washington last April
Osborne backs Christine Lagarde

Davos, a town in the Swiss Alps, boasting several ski areas, including Jakobshorn, Pischa, Rinerhorn and Parsenn, which have downhill slopes and cross-country pistes. It’s also home to a large natural ice rink and the Vaillant Arena ice-hockey stadium. At the moment, Davos is the venue for the "World Economic Forum 2016", which is little more than a "jolly" for "World Leaders", where loads of hot air conversation is intermingled with quaffing very expensive alcohol and consuming large quantities of rich food and "working lunch" sandwiches. The net results of these three days of meetings will be a few inches on the waistlines of many of the attendees, a few ruffled feathers of ego's and perhaps some severe hangovers. The effects of the meeting to ordinary people around the world will be at best minimal, as most of the "decisions" reached, never progress beyond the text of the print on the final "agreed" communiqué.
Nice few days away from the office then.

The oil companies are bleating about the cuts in their profits (albeit that they are sill making £billions of profit anyway) brought about by “plunging crude oil prices” in the markets. Apart from the gesture of some supermarkets to have a marginal reduction of their prices (down 1.5p per litre) I have not seen any evidence of “plunging prices” of fuel at the pump.

You may have noticed that the long predicted “heavy snow” which has been forecast for weeks, finally arrived, but on the East Coast area of the United States. Storm Jonas is now apparently racing across the Atlantic and is expected here on Tuesday! However, we need not worry about 40 inches of snow falling on us over a period of 24 hours. By the time it gets to the United Kinfdom the snow will have turned to rain. We may have to uncover the boats again.

Have a nice week

Monday, 18 January 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 17 January 2016

New Agenda on Sunday.  A round up of New Agenda and much much more


British farmers lose £7 for every pig they slaughter.
The great British breakfast is under threat.

Good morning everyone.

The Jersey Inquiry in Historic Child Sex abuse at the Haute de la Garenne and other municipal establishments on the island continues in St Helier. This week, former Jersey Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper has been giving evidence, highly critical of the States and the Jersey “establishment” accusing them of deliberate obstruction of his investigations and his subsequent “removal” from the case. Harper also alleged that no charges were ever brought against police officers when his evidence was submitted to the Law Officers department went on to state that there was, "a culture emerging in Jersey of systematic child abuse" which was "far worse" than a single paedophile ring. Responding to Harper's testimony, Frank Walker, who was Chief Minister between 2005 and 2008, said that was ‘totally untrue’ and that he and the Council of Ministers gave Mr Harper and police chief Graham Power ‘our full and unequivocal support’. (He would say that wouldn’t he).
It is interesting to note that those investigating the abuse and those originally exposing it, Lenny Harper, Graham Power and former States Member Stuart Syvrett (to name just three) have been subjected to the most vindictive campaign of abuse, smear and judicial persecution the island has ever witnessed. Perhaps the wall of secrecy is finally beginning to crumble.
City and Country have lodged a planning application to build 190 homes and commercial units on the site of the former Dorchester county town jail. The prison was sold off as part of a “job lot” of sites for the equivalent of around £1.5 million. It seems that there have been a number of objections to the plan (all responses have been negative apparently). The Council have therefore extended the cut off date for comments on the application, presumably to allow time for someone to actually indicate agreement with the proposals. Which ever way you look at it, acquiring a prime town site for £1.5 million to build 190 homes at say just £250k each, still makes “a nice little earner” even after building and other costs.
The row about the railways and train fares and whether or no to take the railway system back into public ownership rumbles on. They said that "Privatisation will drive down costs, improve services and result in lower fares" The reality is completely different. Which ever way you look at it, we have the most expensive train fares in Europe, where most railways are publicly owned, and the services in the United Kingdom are appalling too. Ipso facto, the case for renationalisation is compelling.

Still cold, wet and miserable, but its getting warmer they say. We shall see.

Have a nice week

Monday, 11 January 2016

The incompetence of Hotpoint customer services.

Service? Nothing like it

I have just put this onto the Hotpoint page and Curry's page.
Complete incompetence.

"Does anyone actually work in your Customer Services Department? I ask because over the past week, I have been trying to arrange a service engineer visit to fix our cooker, which is the same cooker that your engineer "fixed" on the 9th November last year. Same cooker, different fault, which was reported but ignored as he considered the fan and motor replacement would "solve the problem". You have ignored my telephone calls, not even bothering to pick up the phone.You have ignored the calls from our Service centre Agreement call centre and now you even ignore the calls from Curry's, where we bought the appliance (as you did back in November when we had the initial problem). I was in Curry's when you ignored their telephone call for 25 minutes (it was on their loudspeaker phone just playing musak). I am getting very hacked off with you and your cooker and your failure to answer the telephone. Just to advise others of your complete incompetence, I am putting this on your Facebook page together with my own (where it automatically goes on to Twitter) and on my Blogg. If you actually bother to read this, perhaps you can drag yourselves away from your computer games and send me a response,"

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 10 January 2016


 New Agenda on Sunday.  A round up of New Agenda and much much more

"we are striking as a last resort, to try to stop a terrible scenario unfolding."  

 Good morning everyone.

 After many months of negotiations, the Junior Doctors will be on strike next Tuesday. Ignoring all the hype, disinformation and smear about the reasons for the strike as pushed out by Jeremy Hunt and certain parts of the media, particularly the Sun (who else?), I believe that they have valid arguments and are justified in taking action. It is regrettable that it has come to this point. However, when governments choose to take on what they consider to be the softest targets in industrial disputes, doctors, nurses, police and others, it is inevitable that sooner or later the targets will say enough is enough. The government will still seek to undermine the validity of the workers arguments, as witnessed by the “sexed up” letter from the head of the NHS. No one should be in any doubt about how members of this Government, particularly Hunt, Duncan-Smith or Osborne will cheat, coerce and lie in order to achieve their objectives. Pressuring people in positions of influence, civil servants, intelligence chief's and even a head of the NHS, to embellish and exaggerate their reports or letters in order to meet the position adopted by Minister is not new. Junior doctors are not just fighting for patient safety & better training, but for the values and soul of the NHS. That's why I support them.

You may have noticed that over the last few days, Camelot and the usual sections of the media, have been hyping up the “record National Lottery jackpot” following a number of, “Roll over” weeks. The prize of £66 million was finally shared between “2 lucky winners” each receiving £33,035,323. The winning ticket and a share of the money, did not come to our house. This is the first National Lottery ticket I have purchased since they changed the rules and made the odds against winning, 1 in 45 million instead of 1 in 14 million. I suppose it was the vision of popping down to Poole and ordering that Sunseeker Manhattan 53 I have had an eye on for some time. In future I shall scrub the National Lottery, and stay with “Euro Millions” on Friday's.

This headline caught my eye from the Independent. “Snow forecast as Britain braces for icy blast and temperatures plunge below freezing. Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are being warned of the risk of frost and ice on roads” These doom laden headlines keep appearing in the media, but all we seem to get is wind, loads of rain and mild temperatures. Somebody somewhere seems to have the wrong piece of seaweed for their predictions/forecasts (or are they just guessing.).
Italians have a wonderfully refreshing philosophy on life. When working in Italy some years ago, in response to some question I asked, a great friend replied “Hey, Giovanni. If you want to know about the weather, look out of the window”.

Have a nice week.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Exaggerating lies to "create" truth.

Demands for inquiry into Whitehall's sexed-up letter from NHS boss warning of junior doctors strike

Jeremy Hunt: Part of the problrm

No one should be in any doubt about how members of this Government, particularly Hunt, Duncan-Smith or Osborne will cheat, coerce and lie in order to achieve their objectives. Pressuring people in positions of influence, civil servants, intelligence chief's and even a head of the NHS, to embellish and exaggerate their reports or letters in order to meet the position adopted by Minister is not new.
The sinister aspect of this practice is when the media either by accident or design put their own embellishment on the "story" and convince ordinary people that lies are "truth".

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Getting away with murder as the sniping against the leadership continues.

Three junior shadow ministers have resigned in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle

Kevan Jones, Jonathan Reynolds and Stephen Doughty

This Conservative government is literally getting away with murder. In the meantime of course, there are certain people within the Parliamentary Labour Party, motivated by their own personal agenda's and encouraged by the television and media (who also have their own but different agenda's), who are actively and enthusiastically engaged in a war against the democratically elected leadership of the party. They spew vitriol and derision against any who criticise them while at the same time accusing all who do not share their views, of spreading division within the party and engaging in “civil warfare”.They seek a renaissance of a quasi Blair philosophy, wrapping diluted conservative policies in a veneer of “social conscience” and calling it Labour.
Little thought or action is given to engaging the real enemy, while in pursuit of maintaining and bolstering their own position with the party.. The enemy which has created and ferments social division within this country. The enemy which is systematically dismantling our NHS and pouring £millions into the pockets of the shareholders of private agency nursing staff companies instead of filling staff shortages with trained full time nurses. The Conservatives boast that the numbers of people in work is at the highest level for many years. They are not challenged with the fact that the vast majority of people being removed from the unemployed figures are now in part time employment or worse still, on “Zero Hour” contracts and are being manipulated to show an “on paper” reduction in unemployment figures. Almost daily, the government introduce more measures to reduce welfare payments or restrict the rights of Trade Union members or to erode civil liberties and the capacity of ordinary people to have redress to law. This list of this governments malicious legislation directed against the people of the country is almost endless and shows no signs of abating.
Against this background, the Parliamentary Labour Party, or certainly sections of it, are convinced that their actions over the past weeks and months are in the best interests of working people in this country. The sick, the unemployed, the pensioners, the disabled will all apparently benefit from the removal of Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership and all those party members who gave Corbyn 60% victory in the leadership election. That is the driving force for these people who clearly put self and self interest ahead of any other consideration and as they continue directing their opposition towards other members of the PLP and the party membership, the conservative government enjoy a clear route towards their stated objective of dismantling the structure of the State, pursuing the privatisation of what remains of publicly owned assets and ensuring that their friends in the city grow even richer at the expense of ordinary people.

Image result for corbyn

Those elements within the PLP must come to terms with the simple fact that today’s Labour Party is different from that which they seek to recreate and also that the Labour Party will never again fall under the repressive and authoritarian control of a cabal of "neo blarites" and their sympathisers.
The real enemy is the Conservative government. The PLP will do well to recognise that simple fact.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

The masters of hypocrisy

Saudi Arabia executes 47 people in one day including Shia cleric

Saudi Arabia not ISIS

David Cameron and his government, say that the Saudi Arabian dictatorship are the "good guys" and are on our side, so this kind of barbarism is unpleasant but acceptable.

David Cameron receives a Decoration from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian dictatorship purchase lots of military equipment from the United Kingdom to kill people in Yemen as well as their own "terrorists". They also supply weapons and equipment to ISIS (usually part of those purchased from here in the UK), as well as assistance in the covert exporting of black market oil from lands currently under ISIS control. Saudi Arabia, actively supports and encourages ISIS in secret (one of those secrets that everyone knows but nobody mentions) whilst publicly producing a "coalition of middle eastern forces" to oppose "Islamic State".
In the area of hypocrisy, the British Government generally with David Cameron in particular, and the Saudi Arabian dictatorship have few if any, equals.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome 2016

Happy New Year !


Welcome to the New Year 2016.

Thank you for visiting New Agenda during the past 12 months and where ever you are may you have a really wonderful 2016.

Bonne année
Felice anno nuovo

Gott nytt år
Frohes neues Jahr
 С новым годом
 Beatus Novus Annus
 Feliz año nuevoΕυτυχισμένο το νέο έτος

سنة جديدة سعيدة