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Monday, 29 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 28 February 2016

Good morning everyone.

Swing low, sweet Chariot! Only Wales and France now stand between England and the Grand Slam, Triple Crown and 6 Nations Championship for 2016. The strange thing is that I still think that England only play great rugby in a few short periods between patches of mediocrity in every game, but still enough to come away with the win. However, as Arnold Palmer was credited with saying, “It doesn't matter how, its how many”.


As I looked out of the bedroom window the other day, I noticed that the building behind our cottage is having some worked done on their roof. They have rigged a pulley and rope at the top of the scaffolding presumably to raise building materials to the roof level. This lament which I have not heard for many years immediately came to mind. The video of The Bricklayers lament by Gerard Hoffnung can be viewed in the video section of New Agenda on Sunday.

Gerard Hoffnung

I note that ASDA has responded to public outrage and restored its “In store” collection points for Food Bank” donations from shoppers. Good move by ASDA. It is a sad reflection on our society that in the first quarter of this 21st Century of our civilisation, over 1 million people are reliant on Food Banks charities. I freely admit that there are a few individuals who seek to abuse the system, but the overwhelming majority of Food Bank users, many of whom are actually working but have to claim in work credits, in order to make ends meet, have no other choice in order to feed their families.

Meanwhile back in Jersey. The Condor Liberation, the £50million white elephant “Flagship” of the Condor Ferries fleet, is again out of service due to “technical problems”, with its steering modules after being stranded outside St Peter Port in Guernsey unable to berth. At the same time, Condor also had “problems” with its traditional Roll on Roll off when the loading and internal ramp mechanisms stranding passengers and vehicles for more than 12 hours on board the vessel when it docked in Portsmouth.
Even the most talented script writer could not dream up a story line as incredible as this.



The flowers, shrubs, bushes and other flora and fauna around the countryside seem to be confused by our weather. Me too.

Have a nice week.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The farmyard that is now the House of Commons.

 ‘Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem’.”

 Cameron attacks Jeremy Corbyn about his clothes

Baying, cat calling, yaboo, farmyard behaviour again spewing accros the chamber of the House of Commons from the government benches. This time in response to a snide
patronising,loutish and rude comment from a man who calls mimself a statesman and who occupies the highest elected office in this country.

Image result for jeremy corbyn in PMQ
Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ's

Cameron sinks to a new low in his wretched performances in PMQ's, in the country, the international stage and inEurope. Another Bullingdon Club toff, uncouth and debauched showing the whole world that he is every inch the ignorant result of "establishment" training.

Monday, 22 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 21 February 2016

Good morning everyone.

Why is it that all supermarkets and shops do not have any McVitie's Ginger Nut biscuits on their shelves? It seems that this particular biscuit has been unavailable for some months. Has the world run out of ginger? 

Boris Johnson throws off the mask of duplicity and reveals his real position and his true intention of displacing Cameron as leader of the Conservative party. By linking arms with Gove, Duncan-Smith, Grayling, Pritti Patel and incredibly Nigel Farage, Johnson add significant weight th the vote “Out” camp. A direct challenge to the Cameron "rabbit from the hat", deal with the EU which Cameron says is a deal that he will recommend to the British people and vote "Yes" in the referendum to remain as a member of the European Union. He is probably a tadd miffed with Boris this morning.
As I said back at the beginning of this pantomime,"Cameron would claim the same "victory" even if the "deal" was no more than a blank sheet of A4 paper, which of course it actually is".
All very predictable and now, all very boring.

Boris joins "No" campaign

George Osborne has reportedly received a dividend pay-out worth £1,230 from the wallpaper business With family connections to HMRC, it is hardly surprising that the Osborne & Little Group Ltd paid no corporation tax or that Osborne received a dividend of £1,230 from his family’s wallpaper business.
If you have the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is the Second Lord of the Treasury and head of Her Majesty's Treasury as part of the firm, it would be a complete waste of resources not to make the most of it.

Condor Rapide
Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Condor have again shot themselves in the foot and upset a number of people. The Condor Rapide, which operates between St. Malo and the Channel Islands (and sometimes to the mainland when the Liberation has again been taken out of service), managed to “miss” the tides at St. Helier stranding around 200 passengers on the ship for more than 3 hours. The ferry sat in St Aubin bay while Condor people on shore and on the ship wandered around in circle muttering repeatedly “what do we do now?” When will the States dump this inept operator and its white elephant ships and replace them with a company which will actually benefit the islanders?

Still no snow! We have some very odd weather. Perhaps its global warming screwing things up.

Have a nice week.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Dorchester Labour Party supports the Junior Doctors

 Resolution passed unanimously

Dorchester Labour Party supports the Junior Doctors and urges the TUC to call on all its members and affiliates to support the BMA in the dispute with this government and with Jeremy Hunt in particular. The following resolution was passed unanimously at the meeting last Thursday.
"This Branch condemns the actions of Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary in imposing the disputed contract upon the junior doctors and calls upon the Labour Party National Executive Committee to express support for our National Health Service and the BMA in respect of junior doctors.
Furthermore the Branch calls upon the TUC to offer full support to the BMA including but not limited to calling upon member unions to express their full support in rejecting the imposition of the disputed contract upon the junior doctors.

Junior Doctors
Junior doctors demonstrate outside St Thomas's Hospital in London,

 The TUC must now step up to the plate and call upon member unions and affiliated organisations to give all possible assistance in support of the BMA, the NHS and the Junior Doctors who are being victimised and persecuted by Hunt and the rabid right wing Cameron government.

Monday, 15 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 14 February 2016

Good morning everyone.

England centre Jonathan Joseph
Hat-trick hero Jonathan Joseph

Swing low, Sweet Chariot !! A win in Edinburgh and a win in Rome. The “Triple Crown” beckons perhaps even the “Grand Slam”! I shall not put my England rugby shirt back into the wardrobe just yet.

Jeremy Hunt talk goes ahead after doctors were told it was cancelled

I make no secret of the fact that I fully support the junior doctors in the BMA dispute with this government, or perhaps more accurately, with Jeremy Hunt. It is a dangerous and provocative announcement that the government intends to “impose” the new contracts. They should remember that under Employment law 101, they can't force a contract on our junior doctors without sacking and rehiring them, which shows both how shaky the ground they're on is, and how much contempt they hold our doctors in.

Syvret ‘right’ to voice abuse fears

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, the Jersey Evening Post is reporting that former Senator Stuart Syvret had legitimate concerns about child abuse and his dismissal from the position of Health Minister was wrong ex-Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard said speaking at the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. Many of us have always said that Stuart Syvret was right. There seems to have been no evidence given to this enquiry to refute his allegations, only more rhetoric, evasion and smears from the usual suspects intent on perpetuating the conspiracy to cover up the abuse.

State Opening of Parliament
MPs are set to get another pay rise of almost £1,000 this year

I will not comment on the fact that our MP's are to receive yet another pay rise from April this year, taking their MP salary to £75,000 per year (ministers of every level of course receive substantially more) in addition to the seemingly bottomless pit of taxpayers money available in the “MP's Expenses account and the perks of the “Freebies” and “Jollies” which many of them (not all I hasten to add) enjoy and seem to take pleasure in publicising extensively. It is comforting to remember that “we are all in this together”.

Still no snow regardless of what the Express may continue to plaster over their front page. I suppose that the “Law of averages” says that they must be right sooner or later. Have a nice week.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Provocative and damaging

Jeremy Hunt unilaterally imposes new contract on junior doctors without their agreement

Public overwhelmingly blame Jeremy Hunt for junior doctors strike.

Extreme and dangerous provocation from a moron who has completely lost the plot and yet sees himself as a saviour of the NHS. He seeks to be a 21st Century champion of "the market" and emulate Thatcher in "smashing the unions". this time the junior Doctors.
The TUC must now step up to the plate and call a General Strike in support of the BMA, the NHS and the Junior Doctors who are being victimised and persecuted by Hunt and the rabid right wing Cameron government.

Monday, 8 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 07 February 2016

Good morning everyone.

US Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr (left) and British economist John Maynard Keynes conferring during the Bretton Woods international monetary conference
Keynes helped us through the crisis - but he's still out of favour

THE Cerne Abbas Giant's famous naked form has proved too much for a pub serving the country's MPs.
Political Correctness gone bloody mad. The Cerne Abbas Giant has been around for hundreds of years and although not specifically recorded prior to the mid 1600's reputedly has its origins in Celtic, Roman or even Early Medieval periods.
Obscuring part of the logo for The Cerne Abbas Brewery Ale is just a stupid gesture to a stupid idea of "decency". 

THE Cerne Abbas Giant

Boris Johnson seems to be the latest “anti Europe” MP to fall for “The Cameron Deal”.
The Cameron "rabbit from the hat", the "conversion" of the hard line Euro sceptics now getting on board with Dave, the usual headline stories from the pro Europe media and the usual headline from the anti Europe media.
All very predictable and fast becoming very boring. 

London mayor Boris Johnson and prime minister David Cameron at an election rally in May 2015.
Johnson near agreement with Cameron on "EU Deal"

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, freight services, (including Condor) the Airport and Harbour, are among areas to be “investigated” by the islands “watchdog” (The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities) during the course of this year. As with the available evidence from other “watchdog” investigations, there will be much gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands and the obligatory “lessons will be learned” comments. However nothing will change and the long suffering islanders will be left with the same raw deal from the operators and the same rhetoric from the States members and officers. Ces't la vie.

Storm Imogen is coming with 80mph winds and heavy rain. Batten down your hatches, but have a nice week.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cameron is fooling no one but himself.

David Cameron closes in on deal to allow 'red card' veto on EU laws

Cameron with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk

Cameron, pushing out more meaningless rhetoric for consumption by the Euroskeptiks or so he would like. The EU is never going to agree for 1 country (the UK) to be able to "opt out" of European rules, regulations and laws when the objective of the EU is for greater political and economic integration.  
Cameron, is seeking a way to present his "deal" as salvation for Britain, allowing the UK to remain part of the European Union. He would claim the same "victory" even if the "deal" was no more than a blank sheet of A4 paper, which of course it actually is.

Monday, 1 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 31 January 2016

Good morning everyone.

Frank Finlay and Terry Wogan passed away this week adding to the list of “celebrities” including David Bowie to Alan Rickman, who have died in 2016 and it is only January. It may be imagination, or perhaps a factor of getting older, but it seems that the news of people passing away is about figures who I have almost grown up with. A sobering thought.

 'Sir Michael Terence "Terry" Wogan, KBE DL 3 August 1938 – 31 January 2016

Wogan will be missed by many people. R I P Terry.'                   'Francis (Frank) Finlay, 6 August 1926 – 30 January 2016.

Casanova (in the BBC serial of the same name), John Carter (in Cromwell),Father Geoghagen (in The Wild Geese), Peter Manson (in Bouquet of Barbed Wire), Frank Finlay has played these and many other many roles. A great talent. R I P Frank.'

February brings the 2016 Six Nations Trophy competition to our television screens. I shall liberate my England Rugby shirt from the wardrobe, and practice my rendition of “Swing low Sweet Chariot”, in the optimistic belief that England cannot perform as badly as they did during the World Cup competition last year. It may be a case of “the triumph of hope over experience”, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey in Jersey.


“The Living Legend” (or Jersey Experience), a once-popular tourist attraction enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers a year, has closed.
Not many places (if any) left for us tourist to buy the very low quality very high priced tatty rubbish in the "Sale" which lasts all season. They should restore the "Strawberry Farm" to its former glory.

Image result for the living legend jersey


The technical problems which have plagued the “Flagship” Condor Liberation since it came into operation almost a year ago should be significantly reduced in 2016, one of the firm’s directors has said.
You may be forgiven for thinking that in view of the number of "issues" that this white elephant had in 2015 (it came into service less than 12 months ago) there could not possibly be more problems this year.
Could there?

No weather report or forecast today as my little piece of seaweed has dried up.

Have a nice week