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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Answer the question Nick.

Nick Clegg suggested wealthy pensioners' handouts should be cut to help balance the books.

Clegg still trotting out garbage. This latest piece of verbiage is not new however. Earlier in the year, June in fact, in the Guardian, the following article appeared:

"Nick Clegg backs benefit cuts for better-off pensioners
Intervention comes after reports that Iain Duncan Smith is pressing for cuts to £5bn bill for elderly benefits"

On Thursday 7th June 2012, under the heading of "Clegg attacks pensioner" I wrote the following on this Blog.

"What is a "better off pensioner"? Is the numbskull Clegg is talking about the 65 year old who has a state pension plus a substantial private pension or is he talking about the 65 year old who has a state pension plus a small private pension only? At what level of private pension income would a person have their benefits cut? As usual the glib comment is only for consumption by the "lets cut everything" lobby, who see another "soft target" for their assault on the people of this country. It is easy for people like Clegg to have philosophical discussions over large brandies in the Millionaires Club in Piccadilly, while the rest of us choose heat or eat.

Glegg, the two faced hypocrite who prostituted himself and his party for a seat in cabinet."

Neither Clegg, nor any of his parliamentary group, nor any of his fast dwindling members or supporters in the country have yet answered the fundamental question.

"What is a better off pensioner?"

Monday, 24 September 2012

Another parasite in the high street?

 £1bn to establish a British business bank

The existing banking sector has had £ billions of taxpayers money poured into their vaults by government and by the Bank of England's policy of "Quantitative Easing" in order to persuade them to lend to small businesses,  "manufacturers, exporters and high-growth companies that power our economy" and "kick start" the economy. They have failed miserably in this objective. This new "Business bank", will essentially be no different from the existing high street parasites, creaming off the government funds and Bank of England cash injections, in order to improve balance sheets, show huge profits and pay obscene dividends to their share holders. Once again, the British people pay for the excesses of the banks and speculators.

Another Nick Clegg "pledge".

Nick Clegg pledges fresh battle with chancellor over budget cuts

Another Nick Clegg "pledge". Is the "fresh battle" the one where there is a lot of grunting, hand wringing and gnashing of teeth which results in Clegg and his parliamentary herd shuffling off to go through the government lobby and vote with the Tories? No matter how many times you remake the movie, the end is always the same.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The finger prints of Jack Straw

Jack Straw had made up his mind within five weeks of coming to power that there was no need for a fresh inquiry into the Hillsborough tragedy.

Jack Straw had made up his mind within five weeks of coming to power in 1997, that there was no need for a fresh inquiry into the tragedy

We should not be surprised that Straw has his  finger prints on the Hillsborough coverup scandal. He was deeply involved with Blair and others in the deception of Parliament and the nation, on the Iraq WMD myth and the subsequent decision in league with the Americans, to launch an illegal act of aggression against the Iraqi people. What his motives were in seeking to avoid a fresh inquiry into Hillsborough are speculative. However, we can be sure that there are other skeletons in Jack Straw's cupboard.

A vaneer of enthusiasm.

Liberal Democrats now the fourth party in British politics behind Ukip.

 Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg at the party conference

Never mind the TV images of a hundred or so  Liberal Democrat's chanting and waving banners purporting to demonstrate how much Nick is a loved and respected leader. The reality is that the Brighton Conference is full of many gloomy and worried people. Some are even prepared to admit that Clegg is a disaster and that forming a coalition with Cameron's Tories, was a grave mistake. The pity is that the price of allowing a few self centered hypocrites to gain a seat in the cabinet, is a price that is being paid by students, disabled, un employed, sick, and many of those still fortunate enough to have work. The deceipt and duplicity of Clegg and the rest, will not be quickly forgotten.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Incitement provoking reaction.

 Charlie Hebdo
 French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo's publisher, known only as Charb, speaks to journalists.

There seems to be a concerted and determined campaign of incitement in parts of the global media, tacitly endorsed by governments . Incitement, leading to reaction, leading to accepted justification for what? The clock is ticking.

What is the real motive?

 Article 19 of the UN's universal declaration of human rights in 1948 envisaged few restrictions. "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression," it stated.

 muhammad free speech
The satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo has published cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad, prompting fears of protest action.

This is not an argument about free speech. This, and all the other recent "incidents", are clearly Incitement to racial and religious hated, which is a criminal offence in many countries of the world. The objective of these "incidents" is to provoke reaction in order to justify a response. There is a very sinister trend in the western media and establishment. The clock is ticking.

A dis honorable man.

Nick Clegg has made an abject apology to the nation for his broken promise on university tuition fees in a final attempt to stop his U-turn haunting his leadership.

Meaningless and insincere words from a treacherous and discredited MP. When the betrayal has already been perpetrated and the results are self evident, an "abject apology" is unacceptable. With his duplicitous words and actions since the election,on this and other issues he has condemned the Liberal democrats to political oblivion. His apology should have been a resignation, but a dis honorable man will never take the honorable action.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No justice for Ian Tomlinson and his family.

"It's like they have just let PC Harwood resign. The conflicting verdicts of the inquest and criminal court still need to be resolved. We haven't given up; we will now be looking to the civil courts for the final judgment on who killed our dad.


An appalling and totally inept cover up and whitewash of a killing. The initial inquest recorded a verdict of "unlawful killing" and since then there has been a systematic and swift programme to sanitise the events, into an action by a rouge officer culminating in no more than his dismissal for "gross misconduct". This grotesque  sequence events has robbed Ian Tomlinson's family of any justice. Even the police disciplinary hearing into the conduct of PC Simon Harwood, degenerated into farce, lasing less than half a day when, by a cleaver but cynical piece of legal footwork, an admission of misconduct resulted in the panel sitting in public for the first time in the Met's history, decided not to continue hearing  into  whether Harwood's actions contributed to Tomlinson's death. Thus, a hearing which would have looked into the depths of the events and was likely to last weeks, was over in a few hours. The subsequent  televised statement from  Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner saying that she takes full responsibility for PC Simon Harwood and apologising to the family of Ian Tomlinson, was an unsatisfactory footnote to the days events and, in my view, in no way finalises the matter. The family may pursue the case in the civil courts. They deserve the support of all of us.

The market for illegal meat.

Cane rats and "shocking" quantities of illegal and "potentially unsafe" meat have been sold to the public in east London, BBC London has found.

This is a shocking report. Why is the practice of selling illegal meat, including rats, not stamped out by the local council? Councils are very good at "Elf n Safety" when it comes to removing flower baskets in case some one bangs their head but it seems that selling rat and other illegal meat is acceptable.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Health Secretary opens his sale.

Health firms told to get set for £20bn NHS bonanza
Report says there is 'significant opportunity for private sector in primary and secondary care'

'In Jeremy Hunt [above] we have a health secretary who bent over backwards in his last job to promote powerful private interests,' says Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary.

 Having been in the job for only a couple of weeks, Hunt has already identified some areas where his contacts and friends in private industry can cream off £20 billion of our money from our NHS. These vile parasites in the "private sector" aided and abetted by the ConDem coalition of self servers, are destroying the NHS in the name of dogma and to further their own dubious personal objectives.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tourism in decline?

 The number of people travelling to Jersey in July was down by 10.6% on the same time last year.

 A Jersey Tourism spokesman said  16% fewer people travelled to Jersey by ferry in July compared with the same time last year.And 18,500 fewer people chose to travel here by ferry in the first seven months of 2012.


This is hardly surprising. The cost of getting to the Island, by sea or air, is expensive and then the prices of the traditional tourist attractions (those that are still left that is), make a day out for Mum Dad and two children rather prohibitive. The days of duty and tax free goods, spirits and cigarettes are a distant memory, with a bottle of wine being around the same price on the Island as it is in our local Morrisons supermarket. I remember not too long ago, paying more for a litre of petrol on La Route des Quennevais than at Tesco in Dorchester, but sanity now seems to have to have been restored with Jersey petrol prices at least. The imposition of GST (Goods and Services Tax) has not helped the problem. The costs of tourist accommodation, which itself has declined over recent years with more "beds" being lost each season as hotels and guest houses close for good,  is another factor contributing to a decline in visitor numbers, with restaurant and food prices generally, noticeably higher each time we visit.. Those living on the island of course, experience the increased cost of living on a daily basis as inflation in Jersey continues to rise. There is in my view, a fundamental  problem with the Jersey economy. At one time the economy was predominately based on agriculture with a contribution from tourism and to a lesser extent finance. Over the years the balance shifted as more land was sold off for development and agriculture went into relative decline as more emphasis was put onto tourism and finance. It now seems that tourism is declining with finance taking centre stage in the economy. With the current world economic crisis, perhaps even this is now under pressure. Unfortunately, should a collapse or even partial collapse occur, Jersey has now lost the skill set of agriculture and tourism and may find it difficult to re invent itself.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A recently discovered offshore account !

Jersey coin hoard left by Celtic tribe in flight from Caesar army.

It seems that Jersey has been the place to hide money for over 2000 years!

They are still not listening.

 Hans Blix says the West’s pressures against Iran have been a “failure from the very outset”

Nobody listened to Hans Blix before, when he was involved with the American inspired and generated  Iraq WMD wild goose chase. No body is listening now. They are all too enthusiastic in following the American Israeli determination to resort to the military option. In Iraq the result was a disaster for the country. In Iran the result would be a catastrophe for the world.

Thirty years on Sabra and Chatila refugee camps

1,700 Palestinians were killed at the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps

Many people will have forgotten, if they ever knew, what happened at Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in September 1982. A timely reminder from Robert Fisk.

"............what we found inside the Palestinian camp at ten o'clock on the morning of September 1982 did not quite beggar description, although it would have been easier to re-tell in the cold prose of a medical examination"

The DPP and Hillsborough.

Alun Jones, QC says the Director of Public Prosecutions needs to explain why his office did "absolutely nothing" in 1998 after considering a line-by-line analysis of tampered reports by South Yorkshire police.


There are far too many events involving the police where the CPS  has, "decided to take no action against any officers involved". Perhaps the CPS should be investigated as well, not only on the Hillsborough tragedy but also on the numerous other cases where their decisions have caused concern.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Reaping the whirlwind.

Anti American protest grows.

Photo: Egyptian protesters burn the US flag during a demonstration against a film deemed offensive to Islam on September 12, 2012 outside the US embassy in Cairo.

There is a growing anti American mood sweeping through the Middle East, which will prompt the United States into re evaluating their relationships with new, less subservient regimes. There is anger in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. 
Clearly, the Americans are not surprised. Nor should they be. They have been sowing the wind for more than 80 years, and now they are beginning to reap the whirlwind.

A film, made to provoke.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that there are protests against this film and incidentally no surprise, that these protests will continue and spread. The Innocence Of Muslims, depicts Mohammed as a fraud and shows him having sex and calling for massacres. The makers, supporters and financiers of this film care nothing about the "Freedom of speech" argument. Their motive was to be provocative and to generate hostility amongst Muslims throughout the Middle east and perhaps elsewhere, which in turn would result in mass protest. Their other objective was to promote reaction in the west against such protests, and to encourage the growing hostility in many people towards Islam and its followers. In this, the film makers and supportive politicians, have been encouraged by a generally Islamophobic western media who will jump at any opportunity to promote the perception of Islam being the greatest threat of the age. The deaths of the American diplomats are a regrettable consequence of reaction and are rightly condemned. However, to immediately link this event with a pre planned Al Qaeda action, is indicative of the lengths to which the Western governments and media will go in order to divert attention from the real issue, and to perpetuate the myth of the Islamic threat making a tenuous link of such events with the continuing “war on terror”.
Cultures, lifestyles and beliefs of different peoples are diverse. What we consider to be the right of free speech to lampoon aspects of our societies, politicians, religion or values, others would and do, consider as totally unacceptable and offensive in the extreme.
It is with this reality in mind that the film “The Innocence Of Muslims” has been made. The intervention of Terry Jones was a deliberate attempt to add fuel to the fire already created by the film makers, financiers and distributors in their sinister objectives of creating reaction in the Muslim world. In this respect they have been singularly successful.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Crossing the line.

The Daily Mail has just been deleted from my "news sources" list. This "newspaper" is today (12th September 2012), filled with more obnoxious, biased articles and associated comments from moronic "readers comments" contributors, than I have ever seen. Editing or failing to publish comments in order to promote the Proprietors political or personal view has long been part and parcel of the media circus and thus is an accepted part of debate on the issues of the day. However, when reporting of events becomes no more than a vehicle to promote and champion attacks on working people, or Trade Unions, or Disabled, or individuals then such a "newspaper" crosses the line between decency and obscenity. Today the Mail crossed that line. Another worrying feature of the Mail over recent months is the way in which articles have been so constructed, that an Israeli attack on Iran is not only justifiable but is also encouraged as a righteous action, be it by Israel or the United States or both. In leaning towards this view, the Mail is clearly on the side of aggression as an acceptable option. The attacks that the Mail has orchestrated and led on the Labour Party since the election of Ed Milliband as leader are and have been almost hysterical in their vitriolic rantings. A common feature of the Mail's hatred against people, is their ability to make gross generalisations and to create the illusion that the exception is in fact, the norm and that this country is riddled with benefit scroungers, illegal immigrants, Islamic Terrorists, Left wing Trotskyite trade unionists and un employed lay abouts. The Mail sells more than two million copies per issue, giving it one of the largest circulations of any English language daily newspaper, and the twelfth highest of any newspaper in the world. as from today, it has one less.

Footnote From Wikipedia.Harold Jonathan Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere (born 3 December 1967), styled The Honourable Jonathan Harmsworth between 1978 and 1998, is a British newspaper magnate. He ranked 51st in the Sunday Times Rich List 2006 with an estimated wealth of £1,00 million. Lord Rothermere is non-UK domiciled for income and capital gains purposes, so he does not pay UK tax on his offshore income and capital gains.
Rothermere is a supporter of the Conservative Party leader David Cameron.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How can this happen?

Brain damaged man's family loses benefits


This is obscene. The way in which "government benefits departments" deal with dis ability cases is unbelievably complex. It seems that they create an obstacle course in the hope that rather than work through their endless "we require more information" letters, people will give up and go away. Complaining to your MP and sending them copies of the paperwork can sometimes be a useful exercise. Good luck to Tamsyn and Alex Wood in this battle.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The begining of the end of Health and safety in the workplace.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are to be exempted from health and safety inspections under moves announced by the Government today.

 This is not "a radical plan plan to curb red tape". It is a plan to expose workers to potential workplace dangers in "hundreds of thousands of businesses" where unscrupulous employers are driven by the greed to make more profit, at the expense of the safety of their workers, who will have no recourse to law. How much these "hundreds of thousands" of companies have contributed to party funds in order to promote this new legislation is a matter of speculation. Do not be confused or pushed into accepting the government myth that these measures are solely  to protect business from "compensation culture" claims. The first and foremost consideration is, as it has always been,  to allow business to generate higher profit without consideration of working practice.The Ministers argument of allowing "small business" to avoid un necessary red tape is using smoke and mirrors to conceal the real motive.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Government restrictions, but only to those nations of whom we disapprove.

 The continuing export of British-made surveillance technology has been thrown into question after the government admitted it had moved to restrict sales of spying software to Egypt.

 Eric King, head of research at Privacy International

 Eric King of the campaign group Privacy International is calling for further action by the government.

Gamma's FinFisher software can secretly take remote control of a computer, copy its files, intercept Skype calls and log every keystroke.

The continuing export of British-made surveillance technology has been thrown into question after the government admitted it had moved to restrict sales of spying software to Egypt.  but it is odd the way in which sales of our "equipment" are acceptable and encouraged when being sold to despotic dictatorial  regimes of whom we approve, but are immediately stopped or suspended when the tyrant is overthrown and the people elect a new government which will not automatically follow the Washington/London instructions.

Hypocrisy 2012.

Learn from the Americans? No thanks.

David Milliband  has re-entered the debate about how to put Labour back in government, warning his brother that he will not win the keys to Downing Street by disavowing New Labour, relying too much on working-class votes.

David Milliband spouting the Blairite garbage which has already been exposed as self serving  populist nonsense which betrayed the Labour Party previously. Labour must learn from history,  reconnect with its roots and assume the traditional  role of representing the people of this country in the face of ever increasing oppression from the Tory party and its Liberal Democrat allies. At a time of rising unemployment, a stagnating economy, cuts in social services, decimation of the NHS, punitive attacks on the sick and disabled, imposed by private companies getting very rich on handout contracts awarded by government, bankers greed and corruption inflicting even more damage on an already severely damaged economy, Labour can no longer be the Blair/Mandellson/ Campbell/Brown all things to all men option. The Blairite vision based on lies, receipt and hypocrisy only made Blair very rich. David Milliband clearly wants to emulate his hero, but it would again be at great cost to the British people.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Green Belt obssesion of a troubled Cancellor

George Osborne provoked a backlash from environmental groups yesterday by promising to allow more building in the Green Belt as part of a new "go-for-growth" strategy.

Why is Osborne obsessed with plundering "Green Belt Land" again? Perhaps it has something to do with the type, value and ownership of the houses likely to be built there. I cant imagine that there will be social housing estates built next to golf courses or country clubs.

Difficult if not impossible choices.

 Prime minister hopes reshuffle allied to growth plan will boost coalition's fortunes.

How will replacing (reshuffling) one set of self centered numbskulls with another set of the same intellectually challenged dim wits make one iota of difference to the people of this country? Cameron must be faced with difficult choices as he scrapped the bottom of the barrel to find the current incumbents in the first place. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A new member of NATO ?

Yehuda Lukacs suggests admitting Israel as a member of NATO, protected by the "one-for-all, all-for-one" policy of the 28-member alliance.

 This is the most obscene proposal that I have ever heard . Bringing in a blood soaked nation, conceived in the terrorist acts of the Haganah, Irgun, Stern Gang and others, guilty of the most atrocious crimes against humanity in their policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid against the Palestinians. A country guilty of the most evil acts of aggression against Lebanon, Gaza and other neighbours and the use of munitions, banned under international treaty. Israel, in occupation of Palestinian lands since 1967, continues to build settlement in defiance of all international opinion and destroys Palestinian homes, farms and what little infrastructure still remains. Israel is the nuclear armed menace in the Middle East and deserves no place in any civilised organisation. Having said that however,   I have little time for NATO, as I consider it to be an American inspired and dominated organisation, created as a threat to the former Soviet Union of the 1950's and 60's, and to expand American influence with a scant facade of international credibility. However, to admit Israel into this organisation, would be to invite hostility from the rest of the world, and would demonstrate an hypocrisy unparalleled in history. Ironically, perhaps admission of Israel would in itself, bring about the disintegration of NATO, as any self respecting member country could not possibly condone such a despicable country being admitted. The people of many NATO member countries would I believe, be incensed by such a move. Israel deserves international isolation rather than tacit approval of it's evil regimes.