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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Animals do the strangest things.

Reproduced from the Dorset Echo  First published updated 31 May 2015

Article by  Liz Jackson



Quacking effort as ducklings rescued from drain by using a recording of their mum.





TWO ducklings had a daring adventure in Burton Bradstock after they lost their mother and fell down a manhole.
Thanks to helpful members of the community, however, the story had a happy ending as they were eventually rescued.
Mark Hyde, from Lancashire, said they raised the alarm after a duck came to the door of their holiday home last week on May 18 quacking for help.
He said: “My wife and I were staying in Burton Bradstock for a week’s holiday and we were made aware of the impending tragedy by the mother duck quacking loudly at our cottage door.
“We went out to investigate and saw the mother with eight ducklings which were only a few days old.
“The mother wouldn’t leave the area. We heard a squeaking noise coming from a nearby drain cover and it became apparent a duckling was trapped in the storm drain.”
Mr Hyde said they couldn’t move the drain cover so they contacted Wessex Water, hoping someone could use a key to remove it.
Within an hour Wessex Water staff members from Dorchester, Keith and Brendan, came to the rescue.
When they looked inside the manhole, they found the two ducklings had already crept away from the manhole and down the drain.
But they cleverly lured the pair back towards the exit using a recording of their mother calling for them, and captured them in a plastic colander.
Mr Hyde said: “The mother duck and the other ducklings were relaxing in the rear garden when this was happening, but when the two siblings were reunited with them the excitement was incredible and was actually very touching.”
“The ducklings were scooped into a cardboard box and taken down to the nearby stream with the mother in tow, before they all swam away,” he said.
“It was a very happy ending and a great story of a community coming together to reunite a lovely little family.”

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Queens Speech would still have lacked radical content even if Labour had won.

Look at the alternative Queen’s speech and wonder what might have been.


Image result for polly toynbee
Polly Toynbee. What might have been?
Image result for Lord Falconer
Lord Falconer. Prepared a Labour Queens speech

 The over riding problem with these "What might have been" articles is that history has shown us, time after time, that the proposals of governments as outlined in the Queens Speech are subsequently modified, abandoned or otherwise amended to suit the changing fortunes of the incumbent government. Where proposals are implemented, they are frequently the less controversial aspects of what is often a package designed more to appeal to popular perception than to the real needs of society. Radical? No. Aspirational? No.
Perhaps Polly Toynbee and Lord Falconer could respond to a few enquiries in respect of a Queens Speech. Where is the policy to end austerity and to restore the cuts already made by the Conservative dominated Coalition? Where is the commitment to build not 200 but 300,000 new homes of which 60% will be "social housing" provided by either local councils or housing societies? Where is the commitment to repeal the anti trade union legislation in place since the days of Thatcher? What about those measures to be introduced to control bank and privatised companies in the utilities markets and energy supplies or to take back into public ownership the Railways and the Post Office? At the end of the day, the only consideration is whether the current Labour Party has the "political will" to do what is right rather than what is popular to produce a real radical programme and then implement it. From the available evidence, the answer is "No they do not".

The Greek people are not the culprits.

Greek PM convenes emergency meeting of his bailout negotiation team

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

The world should stop blaming the Greek people for the economic crisis faced by the EU in respect of Greek exit from the Eurozone.
The culprits are the banks and financial institution, former corrupt and incompetent Greek governments financed and encouraged by Brussels and the European Central bank, the Germans seeking to gain by financial manipulation what they were unable to achieve by conquest and the sinister American backed IMF. It is the Greek people who have been paying the price with years of ever more severe austerity, cuts to living standards, job losses and reductions of almost 69% in wages, salaries and pensions. 

The ECB’s governing council (picture taken in February 2014)

The way out of the mess created and perpetuated by others outside Greek borders is clear. Continually borrowing money from Europe and the IMF in the form of "bail out loans" simply to pay off the previous bailout loans is economic lunacy and does nothing to resolve the underlying problem.  Alexis Tsipras and the new SYRIZA led coalition government, should immediately take Greece out of the Eurozone, re introduce the Drachma and devalue against Sterling and the Dollar.
There are many in Europe who will be appalled at this solution and will no doubt try to prevent the move using any means, political, financial or otherwise to prevent it.
It is time for the Greek people to reject the years of austerity and hardship imposed upon them by others, to regain control of their own destiny and emerge from under the heel of the European boot.

Monday, 25 May 2015

The bottomless pit of tax payers money pays for Burham's flat while he rents out his other one.

Andy Burnham claims £17,000 a year in rent for London flat – despite owning another that's walking distance from Westminster

Andy Burnham. Nose in the trough along with all the other career politicians.

 Andy Burnham has been claiming more than £17,000 a year in expenses to rent a flat in London despite owning another property a short walk from Westminster.
Another of the "Westminster establishment" demonstrating how to milk the bottomless pit of tax payers(our)money with expense claims. This one even wants to become the leader of one of the parties, with the potential to become the Prime Minister.
The career politicians of Westminster again show themselves to be no more than self serving opportunists, more interested in position, perks and personal kudos than ideals and principle.
Interesting to note that Prescott likened Andy Burnham to Tony Blair!
No wonder politicians and the political system is held in such contempt by many people in this country.

John Bolton with yet another harebrained scheme.

Bolton says US should make new Sunni state out of Iraq, Syria



Former ambassador to the UN John Bolton

Having already screwed up the entire Middle East with half baked ideas and constant meddling since 1917, yet another piece of interference, this time from Boulton an American who got it all wrong about Iraq and who's expertise on foreign affairs seems restricted to a 45 square mile area around Waco.
As hard and distasteful as it may prove to be, the sooner "western" politicians, advisers, pundits, retired generals and other experts take their noses out of the middle east and its inter related problems, then the sooner the people of the area will be able to reach their own solutions.

The Arthur Daley School of supplying energy to punters


Inflated direct debit from consumers really is a nice little earner.

Image result for edf logo


EDF are really a bunch of wide boys who would be very much at home dressed in sharp suits, dark shirts, white ties and wearing spats on their shoes, selling stockings, perfume and other assorted nick knacks from an open suitcase, whilst looking around for the possible arrival of a bobby on the beat.

They were insisting that I should pay more than the usual £96 per month direct debit which had been the norm for some months. I was on their "best tariff" they said. I switched supplier and have just had my tariff reduced to £33 (from £38) per month direct debit. We have the same or broadly similar consumption as in the past (the cottage is all electric) and even after the winter there seems to have been no change to the amount of electricity used.
Either global warming has taken effect with our cottage is getting warmer and using less electricity to cook, or EDF have been profiteering for some considerable time raking in the money from me and countless other consumers.
Now if I were a betting person, I know where I would place my bet

Sunday, 24 May 2015

We should all be thankful that hopefully, Globalisation is in substantial retreat.

Borders are closing and banks are in retreat. Is globalisation dead?

Anti-globalization protests

"Borders are closing and banks are in retreat." Sounds good to me.

"Globalisation" has brought only misery, despair and increasing poverty to millions while allowing corporations and a few individuals to become very rich and powerful.
If globilisation is dying (or better still dead already) I shall not shed a tear but I will dance on its grave.

The "promises" of the Westminster establishment in exchage for a referendum "No" vote

SNP fury as HS2 finds 'no business case' for taking fast train service to Scotland 


High Speed Trains. Not going to Scotland anytime soon!

I am not an HS2 supporter and personally would scrap the whole idea. However,having been practically promised the HS2 link into Scotland, it is very understandable why the SNP and presumably hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland, would be incensed at yet another "English renege" on an undertaking now clearly designed to promote a "No" vote in the Scottish independence referendum. How many more promises, undertakings, assurances made to the Scottish people during the campaign will be broken by Cameron and his wretched government over the coming months?
More Scots now wishing they had voted "Yes" is hardly surprising.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

When media bias ignores fact and distorts "evidence"

Lib Dem Alistair Carmichael admits responsibility for anti-Sturgeon leak

Nicola Sturgeon

Image result for alistair carmichael
Alistair Carmichael. Lied for political advantage

Why is it that the Guardian, Independent,vast swathes of the media, the obnoxious and rude Sarah Jane Mee, who is yet another of Sky News presenters with a biased and self opinionated attitude, and BBC "pundits", have such selective and distorted attitudes on this story?

Image result for Sarah Jane Mee
Sara Jane Mee. Rude and Self opinionated

I am no great fan of Nicola Sturgeon, but I do get very angry with the distortion of fact to suit personal or corporate biased opinions. None of these reporters even acknowledge that Carmichael lied and leaked the lie to the Telegraph in order to gain political advantage. If we must have reports and comments on the dirty tricks tactics of political parties, we should at least tell the story as it is, rather than as we would like it to be. Mr Carmichael said it was an error of judgement and he accepted "the details of the account are not correct".

"the details of the account are not correct".


The former Scottish Secretary's reputation has now been tarnished; the damage done, as so often in politics, not by the leak but by the lie.The lies and distortions to cover up the lies only make it worse