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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Where is Theresa May?

Theresa May hiding from public at activist-filled event

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Have you seen the Prime Minister who is begging for your votes in order to provide "strong and stable leadership" for the country? Apart from the few stage managed photo opportunity and sound bite meetings for the press and media, in the presence of a specially selected conservative party member only audience, the Prime Minister is conspicuously absent from the public arena. This is of course due to the indisputable fact that Theresa May does not do unrehearsed public interaction, which is why she is resisting the usual televised public debate, where her weakness for thinking on her feet without the assistance of "advisers" and "research aides" close by to whisper in the ear. Even at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, she is very reliant on the "planted question" from her own benches to put across the pre researched responses and is clearly uncomfortable when responding to questions from the opposition benches where she has no prior knowledge of content..
Perhaps for "strong and stable leadership", we should read "weak and irresolute ineptitude".
This is of course a not unsurprising circumstance as there are few, if any, people who would be prepared to be publicly questioned or cross examined on the record of their government over the past 7 years or even of her own performance since becoming Prime Minister. It is a clearly an example of someone having  to defend the indefensible.The record of this wretched government is one long list of  cuts and restrictions targeting and demonising ordinary people. The failure of a housing policy, council house rent increases, cuts to NHS budgets, freezing of benefits and public sector pay, tax and allowances concessions for the rich, abandoning "green" subsidies,scrapping nurses bursaries and at the same time raising tuition fees,cutting £30 per week for sick and disabled, capping benefits and scrapping parts of housing benefit payments,abandoning parts of the Human Rights Act and imposing severe restrictions on working people and their unions with even more examples where the many have been oppressed for the benefit of the few. It is almost understandable that the Prime Minister would not seek to expose herself to the scrutiny of public debate. However, there is another compelling reason why Theresa May is vigorously avoiding any form of public appearance other than the stage managed events for party hacks and the media.
In any televised debate, or in public hustings meetings, Theresa May would not only have to defend her governments record, but would also be open to examination of her proposals for the next parliament and the draconian extensions of conservative party dogma in austerity, cuts to State pensions, reductions of corporation tax and taxation reductions and allowances for the rich, further cuts to funding and the expansion of privatisation within our NHS,and her disastrous proposals for education, housing and further restrictions on working people and the trade union movement. She would be unable to hide behind the fallacious argument that Brexit is the only issue at this election and persist in trotting out the now threadbare cliche of "strong and stable government".   
We must continue to press the Prime Minister for proper debate of these and other issues while at the same time putting forward those arguments for our policies, which are of fundamental importance to the people of this country.

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The United Kingdom cannot afford another period of  a Theresa May government and the associated excesses of a conservative government who are just friends of the rich and powerful. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Theresa May pleads for votes as she says EU are "ganging up" on her.

Prime Minister accuses EU members of "ganging up to oppose"’ Britain. 

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Theresa May bleating on like some spoilt child about the EU "ganging up" on her. So much for "strong and stable" leadership. She then appeals to Labour supporters to "lend" her their votes to strengthen her hand. The effrontery of this Prime Minister is breathtaking. May even lacks the honesty and integrity to be truthful about her motivations for seeking support from Labour voters.She begs for the votes of ordinary people to strengthen her hand to continue with the imposition of yet more austerity. She begs for votes to cut pensions and travel concessions for pensioners.

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She implores people to vote conservative to to continue the dismantling and privatisation of our NHS. She urges people to support the continuing housing crisis in this country, where thousand of families will never be in a position to have a home of their own. She beseeches people to vote for the governments continuing and expanding programme of cuts in welfare, social support and benefits payments. She pleads for support in resisting changes to the rights of working people and the repeal of anti workers legislation.
No matter how much the Prime Minister and her government together with the media attempt to convince us all that this election is solely about negotiations with the EU in respect of Brexit, the fact remains that "lending" her votes to strengthen her hand will result will cause immeasurable damage to the society in this country.
Everyone going to the polling booths should remember this is not a one issue election. The implications of supporting May and her conservative government are far wider and will effect this country for decades to come.

Prime Minister refuses to rule out bypassing Parliament.

MPs attack Boris Johnson's remarks about strikes against Assad

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Straight from his "mutton-headed old mugwump" personalised insult of yesterday, the tussle haired buffoon Boris Johnson blurts out his latest gaff of "Never mind the House of Commons, lets join the Americans and bomb Assad" . This comment has provoked a hostile response from all MP's on sides of the House as Johnson suggested UK could join US action in Syria without parliamentary approval. Criticism from all sides that is apart from Theresa May, who while not actually endorsing Johnson's remarks, failed on three separate occasions to answer questions on whether she would authorise airstrikes against the Syrian regime without parliamentary approval.
This of course again emphasises how the Prime Minister is completely amenable to bypassing the Parliamentary processes and relying on executive privileged to force her will through, regardless of any opposition. Unless she is stopped, we will be moving towards a dictatorship by Theresa May and a small cabal of her cabinet, ruling by decree and completely disregarding Parliament. This is an totally undemocratic method of government and must be resisted.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The fantasies of the Prime Minister and her supporters in the media.

Theresa May "a more popular leader than Thatcher or Blair" opinion poll reveals.

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As each day passes moving deeper into the election campaign,the rhetoric and exaggerated nonsense concerning the "popularity" of Theresa May and her "strong and stable" government becomes even more hysterical. BBC News and Sky Television News competing with each other and the national media, to provide the most headline grabbing "stories" of the conservative lead over the Labour party. Last nights coverage of the days events commencing with Prime Ministers Questions was no exception. Accurately reporting that the Prime Minister used the phrase "strong and stable government", more than 40 times during her responses to questions, many of which were planted on the conservative benches for just that purpose, coupled with the phrase "coalition of chaos" mentioned almost 60 times, when referring to the possibility of the Labour party being elected to government, the Prime Minister demonstrated a remarkable lack of coherent thought, proving once again that when it comes to debate of the issues, she is miles behind Jeremy Corbyn in content and presentation. The media and television however, were able through the course of the day, to cobble together a vastly different interpretation, rather like an ancient alchemist managing to convert empty repetitive rhetoric into distorted preposterous hyperbole.

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According to the media,and to many of the pundits loitering in the corridors and studios of the television companies, the result of the ballot on June 8th is a forgone conclusion, with the conservatives holding an overall majority of anywhere between 50 and 150 seats. In percentage point figures, the conservatives have a lead over labour of anywhere between 18% and 35% with one poll actually stating the conservatives on 52%  of the vote. The media and the government, continue to hammer the "Brexit" arguments and the stronger Theresa May,s position would be should she be returned to Downing Street with a thumping majority.  Important as the Brexit arguments are, that is not the only issue which should be subject to debate and scrutiny. The country, (and probably the conservative party also) can do without the inane interventions from the buffoon Boris Johnson who in the very short period of time since being appointed to his current position, has managed to upset or insult many foreign dignitaries as well as members of his own party. His latest venture into absurdity and personal insult, was directed at Jeremy Corbyn, who Johnson labeled as a "mutton-headed old mugwump".

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The Labour party however  must remain above the ramblings of  a tired old clown and a conservative Prime Minister, seeing the mirage of  a conservative tsunami sweeping away all but a handful of Labour sets. The result of the election on June 8th is not a done deal.
Yesterday, the Labour party announced that the 1% pay increase for National Health workers would be abandoned and replaced by independent low-pay advisers and a provision for Free collective bargaining.  The shadow health secretary,Jonathan Ashworth, said NHS staff had been undervalued, overworked and underpaid under the Tories, after years of pay freezes for nurses, midwives and other key workers. 

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The Prime Minister was almost forced to admit the fact that she has no intention of retaining the "triple lock" on State Pensions and further cuts to education and Welfare payments are a priority should she be re elected. Labour has already committed to retain the the link and the other benefits on transport, winter fuel payment and television licences already earmarked by the conservatives to be stopped. It was also announced, prior to the party manifesto, that Labour will build 1 million new homes, with at least 50% being homes for rent. Our manifesto will contain details of all those programmes where our policies and our priorities place ordinary people at the forefront rather than the interests of businesses and the rich.

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We must step up our campaigning on our core issues. The conservatives and the media are intent on pushing their efforts towards convincing the electorate that the result is already "in the bag", and that the conservatives will form the next government with a huge majority.
As Bonaparte said, never interfere with the enemy when they are making a huge mistake.

Monday, 24 April 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 23 April 2017

Good morning everyone

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There is to be a General election on June 8th, which will be news to anyone who has been anyone who has been away for the past week or so and out of touch with television or other media. There is also an election going on across the Channel where numerous candidates have been seeking to become President of the 5th Republic. All this of course is especially good news for the media, particularly for Sky News where Adam Boulton, Sophie Ridge, Fisal Islam et al can all rush around commuting between Paris and London and telling everyone how important they are. On BBC, only slightly less hysterical with their coverage, Laura Kuenssberg, Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil, Victoria Derbyshire and of course Norman Smith are relishing in the limelight of almost constant exposure to demonstrate their knowledge, insight and political bias.
If only we had an impartial media, election coverage would be far less stressful.

Further reading may be found at:

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Just copy and paste the links.

Image result for kelvin mackenzie

Kelvin McKenzie has a history of being an obnoxious, arrogant and very nasty piece of work. He should have been fired many years ago and certainly for this latest foul piece of McKenzie "journalism". Saying "sorry" from him or his employers is just not good enough. His latest racist comments about Ross Barkley, the Everton football player led to the Sun publishing an apology, on page 5 of course. An awful paper and an awful "journalist.

Image result for Giant Asian Hornet

Beware !
It is reported that Britain is about to be invaded by the 2 inch long Giant Asian Hornet, which apparently kills around 40 people in Japan every year. A foreign import which we (that is the "Royal We") can really do without.

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NEW food routes have been launched which offer a mouth-watering slice of Dorset.
The eight routes, for both walking and cycling, are designed to get people out and about in the Dorset countryside and trying some of the county's most scrumptious fare. Vinny cheese followed by Dorset apple cake, now there is a thought.

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The London marathon provided the video clip of the day as Swansea Harriers runner Mathew Rees assists fellow runner David Wyeth through the last 200 yards. Rees sacrificed his own time to help a fellow athlete complete the race. That says something.

They are still predicting cold with snow in some places. The mind boggles.

Have a nice week

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Theresa May deceived by her apparent showing in the polls,

Prime Minister May refuses to rule out tax rises under future Tory government.

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Theresa May has refused to rule out any increase to the standard rates of tax and National Insurance, increases which are invariably accompanied with cuts to Corporation tax, while at the same time she has refused to restate a commitment to the "Triple lock" annual increase to the State Pension. There have been rumbling from the conservative benches for more than 12 months, that the "Triple lock" should in fact be scrapped altogether along with concessionary fares, television licences and winter fuel payments

Image result for john mcdonnell says Tories are abandoning older people.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, at once condemned the Prime Minister's failure to rule out tax increases and the apparent abandonment of the "Triple Lock" on State Pensions and confirmed that the Labour Party would retain the Triple lock and the existing concessions for fares, television licences and winter fuel payments. John McDonnell said, 

"'Theresa May's refusal to commit the Tories to maintaining the pensions triple lock only further proves the Tories are abandoning older people. It's now clear pensions protections are now in jeopardy. Labour will stand up for older people by maintaining the pensions triple lock and by keeping the winter fuel allowance and free bus passes so that the elderly can go about their lives with the dignity they deserve."

It seems that Theresa May and the conservative party generally, have become increasingly mesmerized with their apparent showing in the polls, placing them anywhere between 20 or even 40 percentage points ahead of Labour. We should of course remember that opinion polls have historically been very wrong over recent times and rarely if ever present a true picture of the intentions of the voting public.Moreover, these polls are conducted by and on behalf of a particular political position and presented in media which is more inclined to support the government than to indicate any support for the opposition, particularly the Labour party. In consequence, we should take the current spate of opinion polls with a very large pinch of salt and allow the conservatives to be convinced by their own propaganda. It is for this reason that Theresa May and the conservative grandees and pundits seem convinced that the result of the election is a foregone conclusion and consequently they can refuse to rule out tax increases and in the same breath abandon the "Triple lock" pension increases and the other age related concessions.
What else then might we expect from a government which if re elected on June 8th, believes its position to be unassailable?
The NHS is already underfunded, understaffed and on the verge of collapse in many departments, not least of all in A&E, The programme of privatisation, which has advanced rapidly over recent months,will accelerate ten fold as the excuses of "failing hospitals", "missed targets" "growing waiting lists" will be pushed forward as reasons for selling our NHS to the private sector, not withstanding that the failures are solely due to intentional government policies implemented specifically to allow privatisation. Government funding for GP's, district healthcare, mental health facilities and after care welfare will all be cut back to allow the private sector to pick up chunks of the NHS at bargain basement prices.The Labour party will end health service privatisation and bring services into a secure publicly provided NHS 
Hosing in both public and private sectors would continue to be neglected under another conservative government, with more and more people never having the ability to own or rent their own home. Labour will build a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million homes in social housing.
The conservative government would continue to favour tax avoiding companies and the wealthy,  with concessionary tax and the rich few at the expense of the many. The Labour party will build a progressive tax system so that wealth and the highest earners are fairly taxed, act against executive pay pay excesses and shrink the gap between the highest and the lowest paid.

Just a few areas where voting conservative on June 8th will be to the detriment of people in this country for generations to come.The conservatives have  over the past seven years, destroyed large sections of our society, our transport services and our NHS. They have demonised and punished anyone dependent upon welfare payments weather or not they are in employment.
They have presided over an economy ravaged with the consequences of their austerity measures and yet they and their media masters would have us believe that over 45% of the voters will vote for them in the general election.

The arrogance and vanity of Theresa May and her conservative government is breathtaking.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

May's cynical exercise in political opportunism


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Within 12 hours of Theresa May announcing that there would be a General Election on June 8th, both Sky News and BBC News 24 had launched into their "election coverage", with glaringly obvious bias towards the government preferred issue of making the election solely about "Brexit", and their own long running campaign to undermine and smear Jeremy Corbyn. It was particularly conspicuous in the nightly "Newspaper Preview" item, where both sets of Sky and BBC previewers contrived within a few minuets of the start of their comments managed to link how an election would in fact strengthen Theresa May's position in the "Brexit" negotiations and how some mostly unnamed Labour MP's were allegedly, already saying that they would not support the leadership and would campaign on "their own manifesto's". We can confidently expect that over the course of the next few days and weeks, the tone of this two pronged bias to become even more hysterical and personal as conservative and media desperation with the prospect of Labour winning becomes more of reality. This morning, Victoria Derbyshire now infamous for her bias as shown in the Labour Party leadership debates of last year, lost no time in throwing in the barbed comments Corbyn's leadership if Labour lost or whether he would be Prime Minister if Labour won. This was amongst her almost incessant banging on and on about Brexit talking over who ever the question was directed at. The though crossed my mind as to why no one ever says to this woman Why don’t you just shut up and listen to the answers?". A very twisted and warped interviewer too obsessed with the image of her own importance.

Image result for theresa may at podium i8 april

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, the conservatives and their media collaborators in the press and on television, will be seeking to provoke our candidates, party workers and supporters into stale debate on Brexit and the way in which negotiations should be conducted. The empty rhetoric and meaningless clich├ęs which Theresa May spewed out from the podium in Downing Street failed to conceal the real reasons behind the about face of historic proportions which she performed yesterday (18th April). The decision was always about political opportunity and her vision of increasing the conservative majority in the House of Commons. She has responded to the picture in the opinion polls in a crude and cynical exercise in political opportunism, and no matter what her own MP's may say when dragged out to support her party line, the public recognise that this as a cynical ploy just to increase her majority and has nothing at all to do with National interest.

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We in the Labour party must ensure that we are not drawn into the narrow debate on Brexit or the party leadership. The people of this country have endured the oppression of austerity for the past seven years, the cuts to the NHS which has resulted in extended waiting times, less doctors and nurses, reductions in GP's and the invaluable service which they provide for our communities, the continuing cuts to social services mental health care and welfare, the never ending housing crisis, depriving families of any prospect of ever having their own homes. These are but some of the issues which we must drive home to the British people and ensure that we put the message across that there is another way forward and that there are alternatives to austerity. We must emphasise that the Labour party represents all society, not just a privileged few. A few sections of our society grow rich at the expense of the many and the sick, disabled, unemployed and those reliant on welfare are left behind. It is not right and it is not fair.

The Labour party offers an alternative to the status quo of past decades and it is our responsibility to ensure that message is spread to all corners of the country  

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

We must fight the campaign on our agenda and not the negative agenda set by our opponents.

Between now and polling day on June 8th, the television, media and the conservatives will concentrate their attacks on two issues. The first will be a totally negative attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership of the Labour party. An attack which the media and their television allies have been waging against Labour for more than two years. The second line of their campaign will be a continuation of the "Brexit" issue where Theresa May and her conservative government are in real trouble on their own benches and in the Lords. Both these issues are but diversions attempting to deflect the public away from the real issues facing the country today and the effect that years of coalition and then conservative government has had on the lives of ordinary people. We must resist being drawn into these sterile side alley's and we must concentrate our arguments on the real issues affecting people lives. We must concentrate our arguments towards our own programme and our own solutions.
1. Full employment and an economy that works for all:
“We will create a million good quality jobs across our regions and nations and guarantee a decent job for all.
2. A secure homes guarantee:
“We will build a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million council homes, through our public investment strategy.
3. Security at work:
“We will give people stronger employment rights from day one in a job, end exploitative zero hours contracts and create new sectoral collective bargaining rights, including mandatory collective bargaining for companies with 250 or more employees.
4. Secure our NHS and social care:
“We will end health service privatisation and bring services into a secure, publicly-provided NHS. We will integrate the NHS and social care for older and disabled people, funding dignity across the board and ensure parity for mental health services.”
5. A national education service, open to all:
“We will build a new National Education Service, open to all throughout their lives. We will create universal public childcare to give all children a good start in life, allowing greater sharing of caring responsibilities and removing barriers to women participating in the labour market.
6. Action to secure our environment:
“We will act to protect the future of our planet, with social justice at the heart of our environment policies, and take our fair share of action to meet the Paris climate agreement - starting by getting on track with our Climate Change Act goals.
7. Put the public back into our economy and services:
“We will rebuild public services and expand democratic participation, put the public back into our economy, give people a real say in their local communities, and increase local and regional democracy.
8. Cut income and wealth inequality:
“We will build a progressive tax system so that wealth and the highest earners are fairly taxed, act against executive pay excess and shrink the gap between the highest and lowest paid – FTSE 100 CEOs are now paid 183 times the wage of the average UK worker, and Britain’s wages are the most unequal in Europe.
9. Action to secure an equal society:
“We will ensure that the human rights of all citizens are respected and all are protected from discrimination and prejudice.
10. Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy:
“We will put conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy, commit to working through the United Nations, end support for aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis.

These points and others, must be at the forefront of our campaign to win the election and to fight the campaign on our agenda and not the negative agenda set by our opponents

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