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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why do disillusioned MP's not just defect to another party?

The coup organisers should move to another party.

The Parliamentary Labour Party have chosen now, of all times, to declare war on the party membership to gain control of the party.
At a time when the Conservative government is fragmenting, but is still able to inflict hardship and division on the people of this country. At a time when the conservative party itself is in the turmoil of a leadership election, the self serving opportunistic PLP seek to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn and force his resignation rather than challenge his position by adhering to the democratic party rules to bring about a leadership election. They would rather fight their own party members than unite and face the real enemy opposite them in the House of Commons.
Many people cannot understand why, if these MP's are so disillusioned with the structure and course of today's Labour party, that they feel so frustrated at the party's emphasis on policies rather than personalities that they do not just leave the present party and join another more in line with their own personal beliefs. The reason that many in the PLP remain, is that they enjoy the benefits of our party organisation, enthusiastic members to canvas and organise elections, financial support from unions and affiliates and everything else that the "Labour party Candidate" description brings with it. They could not afford to run their own party and would be unable to accept the fall in their personal stature and position if they joined another and so remain in ours to conspire with each other and plot the removal of anyone they don't like. Why should we hand them our party on a plate by resigning? Let them join another or create their own. It has been the same with some elements of the PLP for many years. Patronising and arrogant, they seek to preach that they alone know what is best for party and country, that they alone have all the answers, only they are capable of controlling the party and that all party members must accept their instructions without question or resistance. In all my years in the Labour party, this is the only time that I can recall, where the rank and file membership have actually taken a stand against the self serving elitists who have dominated and controlled the PLP for far too long. 

I, and I am sure thousands of others, will continue to support Jeremy Corbyn in this struggle for the very heart of our party.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The culmination of a coup that was hatched last year.

Labour MPs prepare for leadership contest after Corbyn loses confidence vote

Of the 172 MP's who voted in favour of the "No confidence" in Jeremy Corbyn motion in yesterdays (28th June) vote, not all were from the "Blairite" rump of our party. Some were from the centre and a few from what is described as the left. This fact has been seized upon by the television and media, with the same eagerness as a starving man would grasp a crust of bread. The coverage of the result of the "No confidence" motion, on BBC Television news and on the Sky News programme, was clearly bent towards their long standing drive to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour leadership and to further this ambition, our screens were filled with a stream of anti Corbyn figures, including David Blunkett, Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw, Chris Bryant and a few others, all repeating the well scripted line that "Jeremy is a decent man and will hopefully do the right thing for the party and resign". In a departure from the scripted text however, Alastair Campbell had the outrageous conceit to state that "Jeremy Corbyn is destroying the Labour party". Coming from the person who, along with Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, created the grotesque "New Labour" to further their own ambitions, abandoning ordinary people to the "markets" and business interests and thereby destroying everything that the Labour party had once stood for, the remark was itself crass and hypocritical. However, in order to achieve at least a veneer of balance, both channels had a sprinkling of new shadow cabinet members and Trade Union people to support Corbyn and the party leadership, albeit that the interviewer tried their best to promote the "Corbyn should go shouldn't he" media line.

A common link between those MP's supporting the no confidence motion, goes back even before the leadership election of last year. The simple fact is that none of the 172 actually wanted Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader in any case, their support in the election being spread between Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper. Corbyn was the "token" candidate of the Left. The candidate on the ballot paper to show that the PLP was offering a balanced list, where in fact it was no more than a cynical ploy to maintain their own comfortable "status quo" of a centre right cabal. The mounting fear during the campaign that Corbyn might in fact win, turned to stunned dis belief when on the first ballot, Corbyn received 60% of the vote. The realisation that they now had a leader that only a minority of the PLP actually wanted, persuaded many of them to join the growing coup plot which had been hatched even before the election result was declared. The "Anyone but Corbyn" or the "Stop Corbyn" campaigns in addition to the unofficial smear and sniping from backbench MP's encouraged and orchestrated by a hostile media, grew in intensity fuelled by Dankzuc, Hunt, Johnson, Brown, Kinnock, Mann and others, with some openly stating that in the event that Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party, they would launch a coup to remove him from the leadership "within days".

Yesterdays vote of no confidence, was the culmination of that coup. The expectation amongst the conspirators, was that following the result, Jeremy Corbyn would succumb to the intimidation of the PLP, (something that the PLP are very good at, intimidating anyone who dares to oppose their collective view on any subject) and resign immediately, leaving them free to have their "coronation" of which ever candidate they could agree on, but without the pressure of having a leadership election which they feared. It is strange how the democratic process can instil such dread in people who claim to be democrats, supporting the will of the electorate. In this case, they have again miscalculated the mood and the reality of the main players in this drama. Firstly, their arch enemy (the reality, no matter what these two faced hypocrites may say publicly) has refused to resign. Corbyn has invoked the party rules stating that to remove an incumbent leader, there must be a leadership challenge from a candidate with at least 50 nominations from MP's or MEP's. Secondly, the coup organisers seemed to have expected a large proportion of Corbyn supporters in the party membership, to have softened their stance, a proposition that the conspirators are telling media at every opportunity. Again they are wrong and must be rather worried at the support on social media, in the press and at rallies around the country in support of Corbyn and highly critical of the coup and its organisers. It also seems that a number of the 172 MP's are now worried that they could face de-selection by their Constituency parties.

It is now inevitable that a leadership election will be held on a time-scale drawn up by the National Executive Committee of the Labour party. The problem for the PLP is that should the Labour party members re elect Jeremy Corbyn as party leader, the coup organisers will be back in the same position as they were last week. The question for them is where do they go from there?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

An attempted coup with staged managed resignations from the shadow cabinet.

An attempted coup against a democratically elected leader.

As the events of yesterday unfolded, adding to the nauseating circus of  resigning Shadow cabinet ministers parading themselves in front of the television cameras of  BBC, Sky News or any of the other channels (as usual, all very eager to heap scorn and derision on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party), I began recollecting my time as a member of the Labour party. The battles with the "establishment" of the party at the time of Jim Callaghan, the fight to bring democracy to the party in respect of the election of leader, mandatory re selection of MP's, creation of party policy and many other revisions which we introduced to make our party more democratic and not subservient to the PLP. I recalled how, I became increasingly disillusioned with the leadership of Neil Kinnock and his drift to the right, reversing many of the revisions which we had introduced.
After the short period of John Smith, the party descended into the "dark ages" of Tony Blair. followed by Gordon Brown, who was never elected by the party membership, but granted a "coronation" making him Prime Minister. The election of Ed Milliband marked a limited start to reverse some of the drift to the right of previous years, but did not promise the radical improvements in society that I and many others had envisaged many years before.
The election of Jeremy Corbyn marked a break with the "dark ages"and promised a change in direction which is both necessary and long overdue. I rejoined the Labour party when he put his name forward as a candidate for the party leadership. There has always been those within the PLP who have been hostile to Corbyn and even before the leadership election result was announced, Danczuk, Hunt and others were quoted in the media as preparing to oust Jeremy, "within weeks" in the event that he won.
Clearly, they and the others now consider that they, after just nine months of the new leadership,
have an opportunity to bring about their objective with a duplicitous conspiracy of mass resignations orchestrated to gain maximum media coverage. These subversive hypocrites have and are, behaving in the way chillingly reminiscent of the PLP right wing of past years. Patronising and arrogant, they seek to preach that they alone have all the answers that only they are capable of controlling the party and that all party members must accept the instructions of the PLP without question or resistance.
I have no intention of allowing my party to once again fall under the control of elitists, hypocrites. liars and self serving opportunists and will fight to resist any attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn and the Leadership of my party.
I was then moved to write an e-mail  to  Jeremy Corbyn in support of his continuing resistance to the plotters and their attempted coup.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a rally after PLP meeting 27th June 2016

The outcome of the "Vote of confidence"  by the PLP will be declared at around 4 pm this afternoon. The "plotters" will then have to decide if they will mount a challenge for the leadership, and who will be their candidate. They could of course drop the whole thing, wander off and form their own party. They certainly have no place in he Labour party.

Monday, 27 June 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 26 June 2016

Good morning everyone.

The decision on our membership of the European Union has been made and this country has voted 52% Leave to 48% remain. Since Thursday last, our television screens social media and practically the entire press has been reporting the fallout and turmoil resulting from the "Out" vote. It is clearly evident that the arguments surrounding this issue and its consequences will be with us for some time. We have not yet heard the last of this debate.

I had occasion to visit Dorchester County Hospital recently, and again endured the trauma of finding somewhere to park. The frustration of this added to that of previous visits, finally compelled me to write a piece for New Agenda on Sunday which you will find under the title of "Parking for patients, visitors, staff and even local residents". The communications manager at Dorchester County Hospital NHS Trust, sent me a Facebook message, thanking me for getting in touch and advising that my message had "been passed to our Travel Working Group". The "Working Travel Group", is yet another group set up to "examine the problem" Long on rhetoric and hot air, but short on action, The parking problems continue with no sign of resolution.

After yet another mass shooting in the United States, the Senate has again failed to pass even limited gun control legislation due to a filibuster by Republican senators in the House. The NRAA lobby has to date been very successful in resisting any moves to pass any form of restriction on gun sales or ownership through the Senate. The continuing attempts by some senators and Presidents to reform the situation, is an example of "The triumph of hope over experience" as many (fortunately not all) Americans see themselves as some form of cross between John Wayne and Al Capone.

Sir Philip Green who was head of the BHS chain of shops, has recently appeared before a Commons Select committee to face questions about his handling of the company and its subsequent collapse leaving thousand of people without jobs. During his tenure as CEO, Green’s family received hundreds of millions from BHS in dividends and rent (everything is in his wife's name at their £million residence in Monaco). When the company collapsed, it was revealed that there is a £571 million "hole" in the BHS pension fund. Recently, Green has taken delivery of a Gulfstream G650ER, and a new super yacht, ( a four-storey 90-metre vessel built in Italy that is understood to have cost £100m).
Presumably, the pension holders of BHS are a little puzzled at Philip Green's latest additions to his fleet which already boasts, a speedboat, a helicopter and three yachts, to mention just a part of his transport collection.

England's Rugby team have whitewashed Australia and won a test series down under for the first time ever! Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Apart from the Referendum, a very quiet week!

Still wet, warm and humid but becoming bright wet, warm and humid but getting colder by the end of the week. I still cant get my mind around the British weather,

Have a nice week.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Laura Kuenssberg wasting no time to spew out more spite and smear against the Labour party leadership.

Corbyn office 'sabotaged' EU Remain campaign - says Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg

 The obnoxious and politically biased Laura Kuenssberg, wastes no time in pouring out more anti Corbyn smear and bile.
Using her usual unnamed "sources" in the Corbyn offices, Kuennsberg jumps into this day of turmoil brought about by resignations and sackings from the Shadow Cabinet to spread her spite and smears. Spreading oil into the flames barely does justice to this woman's hatred of the Labour party and the lengths that she will go to distort truth and manufacture fanciful stories designed discredit and vilify anyone she perceives as an opponent. To describe her as a journalist brings a once noble occupation into disrepute.It is as if she were carrying out some intricate scheme hatched in Conservative Central office with the ultimate prize of a very safe Conservative seat somewhere in the heart of rural England.
She is a disgrace to her profession and not worthy of the title BBC Political editor

Conspirators emerging from the shadows of anonymity

Blairites launch bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn

Margaret Hodge,  Ann Coffey and Jeremy Corbyn 

During the course of the past few days, since the result of the EU membership referendum was announced in fact, the conspirators within the Parliamentary Labour Party (the PLP) seem to have been emboldened in their crusade to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership. A crusade which has been smoldering within the PLP and supported by the media, has now been given impetus by the PLP disappointment with the referendum result and has encouraged the conspirators to break cover and table a "no confidence" motion in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.
Over the past 36 hours, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey have tabled a "no confidence" motion, to be closely followed by John Mann (who will grasp any opportunity to advance his own agenda), adding his "weight" to the "Plot".

Image result for caroline flint
Caroline Flint
Tristram Hunt

 Other subversives emerging from the shadows of anonymity include Caroline Flint, (one of the original "Blair's Babes), Tristram Hunt with his "Labour needs to do something about Jeremy Corbyn" article in the Guardian, Frank Field in the "Independent", Stephen Kinnock and Ben Bradshaw, in any media outlet prepared to quote them, and of course, Hillary Benn in his duplicitous and widely publicised bid to persuade Shadow Cabinet members to support him to topple Corbyn. No doubt given encouragement by an article by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian, these dissidents have finally thrown off the mask and publicly launched their bid for the leadership.

Stephen Kinnock

Their first casualty has been Hillary Benn, the Shadow Home Secretary, who was sacked in the early hours of this morning, (Sunday 26th June). 

Hillary Benn.

The "no confidence" motion will be debated by the whole PLP on Monday (27th June) and it expected that a secret ballot will take place the next day. Between now and next Tuesday, Constituency Labour parties around the country, contributors to social media and other mass communication outlets, will have the opportunity to remind the PLP, particularly those members who have instigated this coup attempt, that Jeremy Corbyn was elected on the 12th September 2015, only some 9 months past, and moreover was elected with 59.5% of the votes cast on the first ballot from a vastly increased Labour party membership. The PLP should also be advised that it is clearly evident that level of support amongst Labour party members remains strong and if anything may have been increased with more new members over the past 9 months.
It is the "Blairite" elements of the PLP who have engineered yet another diversion to cause division and conflict within the party. We Labour party members, should not be forced into fighting a "two front war" against elements of our own PLP, who are intent upon pursuing their own political ambitions, when we should be fighting to save the NHS, protect workers rights, repair the damage done to the fabric of our society and ensure that never again will the people of our country be exploited at the hands of the profiteers, speculators, big business interests and corrupt politicians.

Should the seditious elements within the party not be prepared to follow the example of the "Gang of Four", and form their own political party, then the should be sacked from whatever post they may hold, as in the case of Hillary Benn, or even expelled from our party.

Benn is not the only one who should be sacked.

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Hilary Benn from shadow cabinet

Benn has been sacked from the Shadow Home Secretary role and not before time. He and some others in the PLP, have been plotting a coup since September of last year when Jeremy Corbyn gained substantial support in the leadership election. Elements within the PLP have never accepted the result and have spent the last year criticising and attacking the leadership of the party when they should have been opposing and attacking the Conservative government.

 These seditious conspirators now crawl out from the woodwork following the referendum campaign to mount a challenge to Corbyn with a vote of "no confidence" encouraged and supported by a media predominately hostile to the Labour party. Not only should these MP's, Benn, Flint, Hodge, Mann, Coffey, Umunna and the rest be sacked from any position they may hold in the Shadow cabinet, they should also be expelled from the Labour party. They could then wander off and form their own party, leaving the rest of us to get on with what we should be doing, fighting against the Conservatives for the people we represent, rather than having to fight a "two front" war against the conspirators within our ranks.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

A call for an early General election


Jeremy Corbyn

We now have to position ourselves as the only party which can lead this country through the difficulties of a nation no longer part of the EU. The Conservatives are a fragmented collection of self serving opportunists who are not fit to run a whelk stall in Southend let alone a country. We must seek to reconcile those who voted "Remain" with those who voted "Leave" which will not be an easy task, but which never the less is essential for us to face the difficulties which lie ahead.
We must also prepare for a General election, prior to 2020, as the present government cannot last for a full term. It is for the Labour party to take the lead to save the NHS, protect workers rights, repair the damage done to the fabric of our society and ensure that never again will the people of our country be exploited at the hands of the profiteers, speculators, big business interests and corrupt politicians.
The future as from today, belongs to the Labour party.

Sour grapes from Toynbee but a great speech from Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn let us down again. says Polly Toynbee.

Polly Toynbee

Toynbee again grasping an opportunity to attack Corbyn. Toynbee, the "journalist" who endorsed Yvette Cooper for the Labour party leadership (and remains full of bile and spite because Cooper came third in a four horse race) has never missed any opportunity, no matter how tenuous, to rubbish and smear the Labour leader. This time she chooses the EU referendum campaign to produce a preposterous article, arguing that it is Corbyn's performance during the campaign was "dismally inadequate, lifeless and spineless" and that consequently the "Remain" campaign lost the vote, because Labour voters chose "Leave" on the ballot paper. Toynbee's argument is both absurd and ridiculous as more Labour voters voted with the remain camp than Tory voters. Clearly, Toynbee is suffering from a severe dose of sour grapes at the referendum result, added to her historical hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. It is sad and when so called "journalist" are filled with such venom and use a ludicrous argument to continue a personal vendetta.

We have to make sure that those negotiations deliver protection our country needs.- working rights, environment and human rights. says Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

I have just watched Jeremy Corbyn's speaking on television, at a post EU referendum meeting (25th June 2016).
Great speech, showing passion, vision and commitment to a better future. This was not the speech of a man about to quit his position as leader. 
The PLP and the treacherous MP's submitting or supporting the no confidence motion should bear in mind that it is they who are out of touch with the party and will bear the consequences of their duplicitous actions.
Jeremy Corbyn will become the Prime Minister of this country at the next General election, whenever such may be called.