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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

In the States, Senator Ian Gorst has no option but to initiate an independent outside inquiry


"John", was one of scores of vulnerable children living at the notorious  Haut de la Garenne home when Savile attacked him at the age of 10.

Savile at Haut de la Garenne.

Savile's connection with Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, are vividly exposed by this latest allegation. The Jersey authorities really have no option but to initiate an independent outside inquiry into the whole historic child abuse scandal, after the discredited whitewash and cover up by previous investigations.

Millions face a grim decade of stagnant living standards

Average income stagnant for twelve years – and it won't improve for at least eight more years.A typical low income family in 2020 is set to have an income 15 per cent lower than in 2008

average disposable income is at its lowest point since 2003,

However, this will not prevent Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and the rest or for that matter British Gas, EDF, E.on and the other parasites from ensuring that their profits and their prices continue to rise. 

The vultures are circling for rich pickings.

Administrators appointed to oversee the crisis-hit South London NHS Healthcare Trust recommended that it be broken up and run by neighbouring NHS trusts, or offered to private companies.Thirty-nine organisations have expressed interest in running parts of the trust, including Circle, Care UK, Serco and Virgin Care.

South London NHS Trust

The crass stupidity of a policy which considers that the NHS is a business in all respects the same, as a business selling cans of baked beans. No doubt the real agenda is to create the conditions where a "failing NHS Trust", can be privatised and sold off to Tory party contributors. The covert campaign by the Tory right against the NHS, is not a conspiracy theory. The evidence of their systematic destruction of health and welfare provision in this country is self evident.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A "Flagship" policy with a fundemantal flaw

Universal credit will hit low-income families, charity warns

Universal credit – free school meals could be under threat as families' earnings rise under the system, says the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Photograph: Martin Godwin
Universal credit – free school meals could be under threat as families' earnings rise under the system, says the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

 The Joseph Rowntree Foundation adds its weight to the argument that Universal credit will hit low-income families. Charities, pressure groups, low income support groups, trade unions, economic experts and numerous other bodies have all come to the same view. However, it seems that Ian Duncan Smith and other government dimwits are blessed with a monopoly of knowledge and wisdom on this issue, and will press on with this "welfare policy" regardless of all evidence and advice counseling against it.
Dogma prevails over common sense.

Caroline Robinson abused on Facebook.

'You've brought shame on us all:' Angry family members target Jimmy Savile's great-niece on Facebook after she speaks out about the star molesting her.

Caroline Robinson

Family members immediately dismiss allegations as lies and make comments such as "“You have brought shame on all the Marsden's by lying, there will be a nice long line of people wanting to smack you. Never again will I think I have a sister.”
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many victims refuse to come forward. Having your allegations of abuse being investigated by the appropriate bodies is one thing, to suffer an immediate hysterical reaction from your own family is quite something else. Surely until the facts of the allegations are established, one way or another, the alleged victim deserves support and understanding from family members, not more vile and threatening abuse.

Caroline has now made a complaint about the abuse to West Yorkshire Police. She said: “It’s just disgusting. They are the very people I thought I would get support from.

Savile "was a pretty creepy sort of character".

Jimmy Savile was barred from BBC's Children In Need charity over his behaviour

Pudsey bear

Ex-BBC governor Sir Roger Jones said he had been uncomfortable about allowing Savile to have any association with the charity.

All these people who had suspicions or misgivings about Savile, but did not take any action, because they did not have proof or evidence. Surely, it is the function of the police to collect evidence and proof. By saying and doing nothing, this pervert got away with it for decades. As someone once said, "In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing."

Monday, 29 October 2012

Savile and others

Bit by bit the breathtaking scale of the suspected sexual abuse involving Jimmy Savile and possibly others is becoming clear to officers working on Operation Yewtree.

Jimmy Saville

Gary Glitter is arrested

"Operation Yewtree became a criminal investigation when police suspected people still alive might have been involved in abuse"
At least 4 police forces dismissed allegations at the time due to "insufficient evidence". These decisions should be investigated also.

The myth of nuclear deterance.

 Philip Hammond announces go ahead for nuclear deterrent replacement before review completed

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.
£1 billion deal paves the way for Trident nuclear deterrent replacement

The myth of the "independent nuclear deterrent" gets another breath of life blown into it by Hammond's decisions to award a further multimillion-pound contract for a new generation of nuclear missile submarines, clearly signposting plans to press ahead with a replacement for Trident. Since the 1980's, and even before then,  there are those of us who have argued that the "deterrent" is not independent (as we have to obtain launch codes before we can use it) and it does not deter as was demonstrated by the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands to name but one example. The "threat" is an empty one now and always has been. However, successive war mongering governments have played up the threat, first from the Eastern block, then from radicalised Arab nations, now from rouge former states of the USSR. It was nonsense then and it is nonsense now. A 5 megaton weapon, (or any other size in fact) does not and will not deter Al Qaeda. As a further justification, the secretary of State for defence, from Thorneycroft in 1964 through Mulley in the 1970's to Hammond, today's incumbent, have hinted at the positive effect that this policy has on employment in the United Kingdom, safeguarding thousands of jobs in the defence and associated industries. The expenditure of £ billions on a myth, seems a touch extravagant, particularly at these times of austerity. There are numerous other ways to safeguard jobs in this country, and the sums of money earmarked for the submarines and Trident could be put to far better use. Spending huge sums  on a fallacy is an exorbitant way for politicians to justify their position, or even their existence. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jersey abuse inquiry may start in 2013.

An inquiry into historical child abuse in Jersey should be up and running next year, according to the chief minister.

Ian Gorst
Senator Ian Gorst

Senator Ian Le Marquand:

The  inquiry must be conducted by an independent outside body, or run the risk of being branded as yet another cover up by the Jersey establishment.
A vague reference from Ian Gorst that an inquiry may start in 2013 could be viewed as yet more prevarication. Enough time has already been wasted in the pursuit of justice, and people have already had their reputations blackened by the campaign of lies distortion and misinformation generated by the vested interests in Jersey. 
On Wednesday 24th October, it was reported that Senator Ian Le Marquand had said that the enquiry would re open if "any new leads" were uncovered. Since then, almost on a daily basis new allegations and revelations are reported in the press and on television. That, in itself, is indicative of new leads, as the common linking factor is Jimmy Savile with his connection to locations on the UK mainland, and his connection with Jersey and Haut de la Garenne.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Boris to return to Commons?

Tory MP quits to open door for Boris Johnson's Commons return

Boris Johnson could be back in the House of Commons after the next general election. Strange, but I always thought that he would go after the permanent chair of "Have I got News for you". He together with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are a very funny combination.

Winterbourne View care home.

Winterbourne View care home staff jailed for abusing residents. The 11 defendants admitted 38 charges of either neglect or ill-treatment of five people with severe learning difficulties. Six staff are jailed and five given suspended sentences after abuse of disabled patients

Winterbourne View
Winterbourne View private hospital in Hambrook, south Gloucestershire.

There seems to be little logic or consistency in our judicial system. This set of animals receive sentences ranging from 2 years to a few months for 6 of them whilst the rest receive suspended sentences. These crimes were barbaric abuses of vulnerable residents, and would still be taking place today had not these evil people been exposed in Panorama. The abuse of trust and position in such a gross manner, coupled with the extreme  physical violence inflicted on the patients and residents at the Winterbourne View care home, was described by the judge at Bristol crown court as  "cruel, callous and degrading abuse of disabled patients". Yet, the judge took the view that only 6 should receive custodial sentences and the others should have their sentences suspended. Compare this with the moron who swam into the path of a couple of  boats being rowed by some "toffs" and yet received 6 months jail time. It seems that sadistic abuse of disabled patients is somehow less of a crime than irritating some Saturday afternoon rowers from the Oxbridge universities. When it comes to logic or consistency, our judicial system is in a world of its own.

Removing building regulations is not the solution.

Regulations including fire safety and wheelchair access could be torn up in an attempt to cut costs for the construction industry


A return to shoddy "Jerry built" houses and flats is the most likely outcome of this latest round of government lunacy. "Self regulation" of the building industry will only produce the same results as all the other self regulation schemes.Companies are not philanthropic organisations and will take whatever short cuts they can in order to increase their profits. Unfortunately, sooner of later, the removal of building regulations will result in one or more tragedies.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Another can of worms.

Police had suspicions about presenter 20 years earlier than previously thought


For decades, this pervert seems to have been immune from prosecution. More than 6 different police forces were aware of allegations against him but in each case it seems that there was insufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution and investigations were dropped. The number of  investigations where  "insufficient evidence"  resulted in no further action, is stretching the boundaries of coincidence to the extreme. It seems to me that there was, and continues to be, an extensive cover up and concealment of truth in respect of Savile's activities and the involvement of others.  

Thursday, 25 October 2012

BBC investigations must not take centre stage.

Police swooped on Jimmy Savile’s country hideaway yesterday.

Jimmy at his home in Glencoe

The investigations at the BBC, must not be allowed to overshadow the wider issues. Savile, and all those involved with him, either in the cover up of his activities or actively involved with him, must be identified, exposed and prosecuted no matter who they are or what their position in society may be. The victims of this creature and his circle,  deserve some measure of justice.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Jersey abuse inquiry 'may reopen'.

 Senator Ian Le Marquand dismissed suggestions that an outside force would need to be called in.

Senator Ian Le Marquand:  Home Affairs Minister

Even before a new reopened enquiry gets off the ground, the States establishment, this time in the form of Senator Ian Le Marquand, the islands home affairs minister, leaps up to dismiss claims from Lenny Harper the former deputy chief police officer, that the government had too much control and that someone was needed with an outside perspective.  Le Marquand said that the enquiry would re open if "any new leads" were uncovered. Since the ITV documentary "Exposure" was screened earlier this month, new leads and revelations have been published almost on a daily basis and some of those have a direct connection with Jersey. It is evident to all, except perhaps senator  Le Marquand, that the original enquiry on the island left numerous unanswered questions, and the way in which certain elements and individuals within the Jersey hierarchy contrived  to rubbish and downplay the work of those conducting and involved  in the enquiry, both from the police and from certain states members, is strongly indicative that there are those who are less than enthusiastic in exposing the whole story. There can be little, if any doubt, that there has been and continues to be, a massive cover up and conspiracy of silence, to conceal the truth about what went on in Jersey and to protect those involved. I have argued before that a token arrest and conviction of seven sacrificial lambs does not constitute justice for the victims of the historic abuse not only at Haut de la Garenne but also at other locations and institutions across the island over many years. It is clear that the States are not able to oversee or conduct a new enquiry. The involvement of people from the Jersey establishment with the abuse scandal and their not very subtle activities to exert pressure on the investigators, will taint any new investigation with suggestions of cover up, or worse,  The only option which is credible and likely to get to the truth is an independent enquiry, conducted and supervised by an outside body appointed from the mainland.  

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Payment by results to stop re offending?

Private firms and charities will be put at the heart of efforts to break the cycle of re offending among hardened criminals


David Cameron

Cameron pouring more of our money into private firms. With the experience of the current lot, A4e, G4S, Bombardier ATOS and the rest, you would have thought that  this government would give some consideration to public opinion. However, when it comes to awarding contracts to friends, relatives and contributors, the Tories have no equals.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The only way forward is an independent outside enquiry.

 Jersey's Chief Minister is to be quizzed about allegations linking Jimmy Savile to abuse at a former children's home in the island.

Ian Gorst

Frank Walker
Terry le Sueur

 It is not only Ian Gorst the present  Chief Minister who should be "quizzed about allegations linking Jimmy Savile to abuse at a former children's home in the island."  Frank Walker, the first Chief Minister and his successor Terry Le Sueur,  also have questions to answer. A few formal questions  in the States Chamber will not really throw any light on this matter as historically, such questions are usually met with waffle and vague mumblings. The only way forward to uncover this scandal is a full scale independent outside enquiry.

The States must be over ruled.

 Ex Jersey police chief calls for inquiry. The former deputy chief police officer in Jersey has called for a UK police force to investigate claims Jimmy Savile abused children on the island. But he added he did not think the States of Jersey "would allow anyone independent to come in".

Former Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper,

  Lenny Harper may be right in his comment that "the States would not allow anyone independent to come in."

However, in view of the new evidence, and the blatant cover up by those involved in the abuse from within the Jersey establishment, the time has come for the States to be reminded that the the Crown retains residual responsibility for the "good government" of the island and will intervene "in the event of a fundamental breakdown in public order or the rule of law, endemic corruption in the government or other extreme circumstances".. This is one of those circumstances where the Crown has no option but to intervene. This scandal with all its wider implications has been going on for far to long and now demands full investigation and prosecution of those involved, no matter what their position is, or was, in the social or political establishment. Should it be established that there are people on the mainland also involved in the cover up by assisting those involved  in Jersey to block or obstruct previous investigations, then these individuals too,  no matter who they are,  must be prosecuted. The victims of Savile and the other as yet unidentified abusers in Jersey, demand justice. There has been too much delay, prevarication and conspiracy to conceal the facts. The United Kingdom must ensure that the rule of law extends into the States Chambers and across the whole island.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Demonstrations in london, Glasgow and Belfast.

Thousands march in trade unions' anti-cuts demonstration

Trade unions' anti-cuts march
Thousands marched in London, Belfast and Glasgow to protest against public sector cuts being made by the government.

 The article from the Guardian, comments that Milliband was booed when he said that a Labour government would be making cuts today, if it were in power. Such a remark, made to a demonstration specifically called to protest at government spending cuts, demonstrates that Milliband is out of touch not only with the people but also with the historical roots and objectives of the Trade Union movement which created the Labour Party at the outset. The leadership of the Labour Party, should be setting out the alternative to the present government policies,  not arguing that there should be cuts, but different in emphasis and timescale from the current programme. He would benefit from understanding  how aggregate demand determines the overall level of economic activity and perhaps reading " The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" by John Maynard Keynes.  The way out of recession is through an expansion of those projects where government is able to have a direct influence on events. Historically, housing and public works have provided the stimulus for growth and increased employment opportunities. The economic "accelerator principle" ensures that benefits work through the economy into other area's. The parliamentary party and the leader in particular, should be wary of creating  the impression that when it comes to cuts, the only difference between the parties is where to cut and how quickly to do it. There is an alternative and the Labour Party should be promoting it.

The great British energy rip-off

The main "players"


Three decades after privatisation, monopoly power is still king

Confirming what many of us have been arguing for years.
The question is "What do government, and the next government, who ever that may be, intend to do about it?" There is no indication that any of the parties have the inclination to produce effective measures to produce a solution, or the  political will to take on the energy cartels. In my view, the answer is as plain as the nose on your face.Take the energy companies, both the suppliers and the wholesale producers into public ownership.

Roll up your sleeves and find jobs

Jobless people who do not make enough of an effort to find work face a “rude awakening” from tomorrow under new rules which could see them stripped of their benefits for three years.

Roll up your sleeves and find jobs, minister tells unemployed
Mark Hoban, the Employment Minister

In spite of the latest statistical lies from government and the DOS,  unemployment remains high with hundreds of thousands not being counted for one reason or another. Now Mark Hoban the Employment Minister (Mark who?) with echo's of Tebbit's bike, tells people to roll up their sleeves.
Unemployment, recession, inflation and cuts in public expenditure are destroying the fabric of our society and all that this dim wit can offer is cliche's and threats.  We have a government of self opinionated rich morons, who are more interested in maintaining their lavish life styles, taxpayer funded perks and pensions,  and first class travel arrangements, than creating the economic conditions for producing real employment opportunities and long term economic growth. Clever little sound bites like "roll up your sleeves" or "get on your bike", may be popular amongst Daily Mail readers and the "bash the benefit scroungers" brigade, but do little to come to terms with the fundamental problem. The government are perusing the wrong economic policies and the ordinary people of this country are paying the price.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A new investigation in Jersey is essential.


Jimmy Savile: 'He was the tip of the iceberg’

The wide-ranging investigation into Sir Jimmy Savile’s depraved activities has focused attention once more on claims of a possible paedophile ring and a 'culture of cover-up’ on Jersey

One of Britain's most famous 'characters', Jimmy Saville, at the infamous Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey which he claimed to have never visited


The tip of the iceberg, indeed he was. Now perhaps a new investigation will get to the facts as to the  extent and the involvement of the Jersey establishment in the abuse, and also expose the levels of Jersey society involved in the subsequent cover up. 

Cover up at the BBC.

Newsnight emails that accuse BBC of Jimmy Savile cover-up

Jimmy Savile (left) and Director General of the BBC George Entwistle

 The "can of worms" at the BBC, while being important in itself,  must not be allowed to overshadow the wider issues of Savile's years of abuse and the involvement of others with him.

Friday, 19 October 2012

The lowest possible tarrif? Dream on.

David Cameron
David Cameron failed to forewarn his advisers, the energy companies and the energy secretary, Ed Davey, that he going to make his tariff pledge

Of course consumers wish to pay the lowest possible amount for their energy. This latest "knee jerk" measure from Cameron, designed to appear popular has badly backfired. Consumers understand that the energy companies are not philanthropic organisations who operate just  for the benefit of their customers. Gas and electricity suppliers are a cartel of private companies who have done exactly as they please in terms of fixing the price, both wholesale and retail, over the last sixteen years. The latest venture into the dubious "lowest price" possible debate from Cameron, would only ensure that the cartel fix their  " lowest price" at a level which will ensure that their extortion racket continues.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The "privatisation drives down costs" myth.

 The Cartel of Energy companies.

New laws will force energy companies to offer customers the lowest tariff

  We were sold the  lie that "privatisation introduces competition which would  improve services and drives down costs".
All that happened was that a few privately owned companies replaced one publicly owned company, and created a cartel of private companies, fixing the price between them. This latest piece of idiocy from government will ensure just one thing. The companies will be "forced" to ensure that customers are on the lowest possible tariff and the companies will respond by ensuring that there are only two tariffs.  There is no guarantee that either will be the correct low charge. In any case, it has never been properly explained as to how there can be numerous tariffs for the supply of energy. Just another example of the energy cartel spreading confusion and ensuring customers pay the highest prices.

Mp's expenses. They are still at it.

The Speaker of the House of Commons is attempting to block the publication of MPs’ expenses that are believed to show that some rent their taxpayer-funded homes to each other.

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow.

They are still at it. For bare face bloody nerve, this collection of thieves and conspirators take the first prize, and we pay for them!

Tourism is underfunded.

The States needs to change its policy of giving priority to the finance industry to the detriment of tourism, according to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Committee chairman Ray Shead
Committee chairman Ray Shead

 A voice in the wilderness.

It is not just a question of funding. The tourism sector of the economy, requires a fundamental change in attitudes and priorities. The fall in hotel occupancy rates and general trade is already evident and will grow as more and more facilities close.Tourism was once the mainstay of the island economy, but now it seems that the States are actively discouraging tourists to the island.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Savile at Haut de la Garenne.

 David Icke Blog: published on the 2nd November 2011

One of Britain's most famous 'characters', Jimmy Saville, at the infamous Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey which he claimed to have never visited

 This Blog by David Icke was published on the 2nd November 2011. Perhaps because of his eccentric image , or his unconventional views, the content of the Blog seems to have been overlooked by the media and investigating bodies. Notwithstanding who the author is, or what our personal opinions of him may be, the content of this Blog demand examination.

The Living Legend, but not living for much longer.

Couple may appeal over St Peter care homes plan



On Friday 5th October 2012, I published on this Blog, an article under the title of “Another nail in the coffin of Jersey tourism”. It seems that the article ruffled a few feathers in Jersey, predominately from people and organisations who felt that my comments on the way in which tourism was being destroyed on the island, somehow undermined their efforts to persuade others to retain tourist facilities. It seems to be a common misconception by some on the island, that business interests in Jersey are philanthropic bodies who are driven by a commitment to Jersey and its economy, rather than the prospect of increasing their cash flow by the sale of tangible assets, such as land, particularly when such land can be argued to be in a “prime location”. The growing number of applications granted by the States for “a development of a care home and some houses” is indicative of a drive towards converting assets into cash as quickly as possible. I proposed in my previous article that, “Agriculture has in effect, disappeared from the Island. Tourism is shadow of what it was even five years ago.” The latest planning application to be granted by the States, is the most recent example of an island tourist attraction being “redeveloped” and replaced by a care home and five houses. Personally, I have never been particularly impressed with the Living Legend complex as an attraction. The goods in the shops have always been over priced, even with the “50% off” sale which seems to have been running ever since the complex replaced the previous attraction of the Jersey Strawberry Farm. The Jersey Experience Living Legend show with images of Tony Robinson, Brian Blessed, Samantha Janus (or Womack) and the rest is an interesting history of Jersey, but is again an expensive attraction for mum, dad and the 2.4 children. However, there are those tourists who love the place and it would seem that many make revisits. How much longer this facility will remain on the list of attractions is however, questionable.
A local couple have threatened to make a third-party appeal after the plans to build the care home and five houses at the site in St Peter were given the go-ahead. I wish them well in their quest, but feel that appeals, petitions, protests and the like against this and all the other planning applications across Jersey, will have little effect on the outcome. There is a strange determination within the States and in many islands businesses and facility owners, to actively discourage visiting tourists to Jersey by closing the small hotels and guest hoses, closing the traditional tourist attractions and associated facilities and leaving the way clear for the sale of the land for “redevelopment”.
As a States spokesperson said in a BBC Spotlight interview 2 years ago,
What everyone needs to realise, is that the days of the bucket and spade holidays for mum, dad and two children are over. The traditional guest houses and the smaller hotels and tourist attractions, must make way for the 2 or 3 day business and conference trade and the associated facilities that these visitors will demand”
How prophetically right he was.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3% fall? Lying bastards

 The headline rate of inflation has eased to a near three year low of 2.2%


 How convenient that the rate goes down. How convenient that the rate falls by 3% points in one month. How convenient that the rate falls days after the Energy companies announce their latest theft from peoples pockets with their monopolistic cartel price rises.
How convenient that the rate falls in the very month that the rate is used to calculate next April's increases in the state pension and benefits. 3% down. Who do these lying bastards think actually believe their crooked fixed figures?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Concerns that the BBC covered up Savile’s sex crimes

 Savile was investigated by police during a series of sex abuse inquiries spanning six decades – but each time he evaded justice.


 Although what took place at the BBC and in the Newsnight programme meetings is, in itself an important question, it must not be allowed to take centre stage in this scandal. The fundamental point is that for many years, now suggested to have started in 1958, there has been a systematic and widespread concealment of the activities of this vile specimen of humanity. The cover up may have been in many cases inadvertent, in so far as people knew or suspected but said nothing. In other cases the conspiracy was undoubtedly constructed by those who knew and were actively involved in the abuse either by direct involvement or in facilitating situations for Savile's activities.
The BBC question is important and must be investigated of course, but the wider question which reaches into  the NHS, the charity work, the Home Office etc etc, must be the priority for investigation.

Killing badgers is not the solution.

  Government's chief scientist among those who dispute evidence used to justify killings.


If the vast majority of opinion think that to carry out this slaughter of badgers is not justified on any grounds and is not the answer to TB in cattle, why is this government so determined to press ahead with the cull? There seems to be a hidden agenda somewhere.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Oyster-style cards to replace cash.

Troubled families living on benefits will be legally barred from spending welfare money on alcohol and tobacco, under plans being drawn up in Whitehall.

Just like that !

Ian Duncan Smith.
Three of the biggest numbskulls to ever hold a parliamentary seat, let alone a position in government.
A harebrained scheme too far. How much will it cost? How will it be managed? How many extra civil servants will be required to manage the scheme?  What is a "problem family? The list of questions is almost endless. There is a problem with benefits being spent on alcohol and tobacco sometimes to the detriment of the family, which should be addressed, but not in this knee jerk simplistic fashion, more concerned with popularity than reality.
These three should think again, and then do something more useful.

Nobel Peace Prize awrded to EU. Complete lunacy.


Awarding the "Peace Prize" to the EU is lunacy.The actual wording of the section of Alfred Nobel's will reads ".....and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Note the words "to the person". Thus, the EU does not qualify on any count to be eligible to receive the prize! Think again Nobel prize committee, and then award the prize to someone who actually deserves it.

Never ending energy price hikes.

 Protests as two energy suppliers announce price increases – of up to 9% – on same day

Heat or eat?

The greedy parasitic energy companies are falling over themselves to hike their prices again and rip of the long suffering consumers. We were sold the lie that "Privatisation increases efficiency and drives down prices" when this lot of thieves were given cash generating machine of providing us with gas and electricity back in the 80's. There is no evidence since then of prices being forced down. Quite the opposite in fact. Since these money grabbing tyrant took over the supply of our energy, there has be a relentless upwards movement of the prices, sometimes twice per year, as greed became the driving force. There is no point in relying on the "Watch dogs" as they are toothless puppies with lots of words, but no action.The privatised companies have demonstrated a complete dis regard for consumer interest and are driven by greed and self interest. The privatisation experiment has failed the people of this country and should be abandoned.

Will the real Mr Green, or Mr Shapps, please stand up.

Identity crisis or just a passing phase?


Tory chairman, Grant Shapps, addresses the recent party conference              

Does this Shapps numbskull have some sort of identity problem? He keeps morphing into a "Micheal Green" character, passing himself off to others as something he is not. Nothing unusual there then you may say.  A period of time spent in a quiet place in the country, with daily "chats" with a suitably qualified health professional would do Mr Shapps or Mr Green or who ever else he may be that day, would be good for each of them.

Socilal housing could be built on the old Norman's Timber Yard.

 Plans for social housing at Fort Regent in St Helier, Jersey, have been given the go ahead.

 Proposed development area

How soon before a "change of use" is granted to allow social hosing to be replaced with a "development of luxury apartments with stunning views across St Aubins bay to Elizabeth castle" ? The money to be generated by the sale of these "luxury apartments" would of course be used to provide social housing at "another location" on the island. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Savile and the Haut de la Garenne connection.

New allegation that Savile sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy while he was at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey.


The first, of perhaps many allegations directly linking Savile with the Jersey Child abuse scandal and Haut de la Garenne in particular. Now the extent of the abuses and the subsequent conspiracy in the Jersey establishment to cover up the whole outrage must be investigated. The arrest and conviction of only seven people demonstrates that there are those in Jersey society who believe that a few "sacrificial lambs" will be enough to satisfy public opinion and that the scandal will fade into history. It is time for their complacent belief that they are "untouchable"  to be shattered.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Jersey Child abuse conspiracy is falling apart.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret

Lenny Harper Former Deputy Chief Officer

There can be few people living in Jersey today, who still continue to believe that the Haut de la Garenne investigation resulted from a “conspiracy theory” and that the evidence found at the site was fabricated. Of course there are those individuals within the Jersey establishment who knew the truth all along, as they were involved in the abuse personally or who, then and now, are actively involved in the cover up. 
With the exposure of Jimmy Savile's connection with Jersey and his involvement in the Historic Child Abuse investigations, perhaps now is the time to revisit some of the comments made by investigators and politicians at the time . To an outsider like myself, it has always seemed to be the case that there were elements within the Jersey establishment who were very keen to dismiss any suggestion that any crimes were committed at the Haut de la Garenne and specifically in the case of Lenny Harper, the police Deputy Chief Officer leading the investigation, this rapidly developed into a witch hunt to remove him from the investigation. A report by David Rose in the Mail on  Line dated 15th November 2008 ( just eight months after the investigation started), states that "............he (Lenny Harper) repeatedly misled both the media and the island's government, and made a series of statements that proved to be inaccurate."  Perhaps Rose may now wish to publish a clarification or even a retraction of the comments in his grubby little article of 2008 (, but somehow I doubt it. Numerous other examples exist of an orchestrated campaign to remove Harper from the investigation, and to rubbish him personally and professionally. He was obviously getting too close to the truth and those people responsible. Even during the course of the investigation, the dark forces of the Jersey establishment were conducting an investigation into Harper's conduct. Today, 11th October 2012, the following report appears on the web page of Channelonline. tv and is reproduced here.
Thursday 11th October 2012

Lenny Harper has been cleared of all allegations against him.
The former leader of the historic abuse enquiry has been given a clean slate on all criminal and misconduct matters.
While he was telling the world's media of murder and abuse in a Jersey children's home Lenny Harper was being investigated for his conduct. But now allegations of bullying and unfair treatment against Lenny Harper have been dismissed. The former head of the historic abuse enquiry was accused by former police officers and tow truck operator Roy Boschat of misconduct. But an enquiry by an independent police force have found no basis for these allegations and cleared Mr Harper of the charges. On Thursday, Jersey Police issued the following statement: "We can confirm that Devon and Cornwall Police were invited to conduct an independent enquiry regarding allegations made by complainants in Jersey, which has now been completed. There are no criminal or misconduct matters arising. The complainants and Mr Harper have been advised of this outcome." Mr Harper always claimed that the allegations were a witch-hunt by the force and today his innocence has been confirmed." 

Following the exposure of Jimmy Savile's connection with Haut de la Garenne and Jersey, Lenny Harper today, maintains his stance on the question of abuse in Jersey and goes on to state that he now has 'no reason to doubt' that Savile indecently assaulted girls at the Jersey children's home.

From the political perspective, the primary victim of the cover up and witch hunt concerning the Historic Child abuse scandal is former Senator Stuart Syvret. The lengths which the establishment will go to retain its secretive and questionable culture, are well known on the island if not openly discussed. In the case of Stuart the campaign to rubbish him and his attempts to expose the truth,was not even subtle.The catalouge of  harassment and vilification are well documented elsewhere and include arrest,  expulsion from the States and imprisonment. His exchanges with Frank Walker, the former Chief Minister in Jersey, are enlightening. ( (

There has never been much doubt, as far as I am concerned, that events as exposed in February 2008 were in fact true, and that there was and continues to be a group of individuals within Jersey society, who knew about  and in many cases were part of, the crimes that took place over decades. The fact that a few "sacrificial lambs" were tried and convicted for minor parts in the scandal is neither here nor there and does nothing to promote the cause of justice.The role of politicians, past and present, members of the police and the judiciary and any others implicated in this conspiracy to conceal and those actively involved in the abuse must be exposed and put on trial for these crimes. It was not only Jimmy Savile visiting  Haut de la Garenne.

There are many people in Jersey who will be having restless nights as a result of the Savile exposures. There can be little doubt that an inquiry will be opened under a new title and with a broader terms of reference than the original, and this time may be conducted by an outside individual uncontaminated by the Jersey establishment and "untouchable" in the quest for exposing the truth.