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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Brussels throws insults at the Greeks, as the deadline arrives.

Athens has just one day to find €1.6bn as it edges nearer euro exit

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been branded reckless and a feckless liar by EU leaders

The powers of the IMF, Brussels, the European Central Bank and European Commission now with the added weight of Barak Obama of the United States and Li Keqiang the Premiere of China, pile the pressure onto the Greek people to capitulate to the demands and ultimatum of Merkel, Lagarde and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Jean-Claude Juncker appealed to Greeks to vote Yes in the referendum
Jean-Claude Juncker appealed to Greeks to vote Yes in the referendum

Make no mistake. The European Union is operated for the benefit of financiers, bankers and business interests and has little if anything, to do with peace and stability in Europe or the well being of the 500 million or so ordinary people who live within its borders. Any member country government who has the audacity to question the governing body in Brussels, or reject the autocracy of the IMF, the ECB and European Commission, is swiftly brought into line with the financial power of massive "loans" wrapped with stringent "austerity" measures which benefit the rich and business of the country to the detriment of the ordinary people. That is until now. At last one country and its government have had the nerve to say "enough is enough" and to stick with that position through all the threats, insults, personal abuse and humiliation thrown at it and its people. The Greek government have made numerous attempts to reach a settlement with the IMF and Europe, all of which have been rejected by the duplicitous actions of the IMF and European "negotiators". Today, 30th June 2015, the deadline for default on the IMF loan has arrived. On Sunday the Greeks go to the polls to vote in a referendum as to whether they comply with the IMF terms and accept defeat or continue their resistance and vote "No".

Barak Obama of the United States and Li Keqiang the Premiere of China

Already, those outside the Greek borders, together with the television and other media, are piling on the pressure not only in Europe but also in Washington and Beijing (though what this situation has to do with the Americans and Chinese is open to speculation) for the Greek people to surrender and accept the "terms" and face more years of austerity and cuts to living standards. The alternative, they threaten, will be a disaster for the Greek economy. Next Sunday, July 5th 2015, will be a landmark day in European history.
There is of course another possibility. I would not be shocked or surprised to wake one morning soon, turn on the television and see a report from Athens to the effect that overnight, elements of the armed forces had taken over the government of Greece to "restore stability", suspended the constitution and would hold new elections as soon as practicable.
The United States and Europe had recognised the new administration and welcomed a return to stability.
I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but the scenario is not without precedent.

Monday, 29 June 2015

"even what they have shall be taken from them."

The Greeks for whom all the talk means nothing – because they have nothing

Georgios Karvouniaris and his sister Barbara outside their donated caravan, without which they would be homeless
Georgios and his sister Barbara outside their donated caravan


This story is similar to hundreds of thousands of other stories from ordinary people all over Greece. They are the victims of "austerity" imposed upon them by previous Greek governments who were blindly  following the instructions of the autocrats of the  IMF, Brussels, the European Central Bank and European Commission over previous years.  Georgios Karvouniaris and his sister Barbara and the many thousands of other Greeks like them  are not those who have been drawing € billions out of the Greek banking system over the past weeks to invest in luxury cars, yachts or art in a bid to hide their money.
They have nothing to withdraw. Despite what the media may say, and what those in Brussels and Washington would have us believe, the effects of "austerity" on the people of Greece has been devastating and yet the IMF and its allies in the Troika, are determined to impose even more hardship and misery in the name of "stability" and the argument that it will be good for them in the end.  The merry go round of borrowing more € billions to repay the € billions borrowed previously is, as I have argued before, economic insanity which only compounds and deepens the problem.
Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza government have been elected on an anti austerity platform determined to end the humiliation of Greece and with the political will  to carry out their policies. It is this defiance of the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission that Lagarde, Merkel and Brussels are so resolved to crush.

Over the past weeks, the Greek government have proposed compromise after compromise, all of which have been rejected by the duplicitous IMF. Over the coming days and weeks, the financial powers of Europe assisted by the United States, (Obama has already thrown his support into the Merkel camp) will continue to seek the unconditional surrender of Greece and her peoples. For Georgios and his sister Barbara and the thousands of others things could, under those circumstances, become even worse. The Greeks and their government must continue to resist Brussels and the forces lined against them, as the alternative is even more appalling.

As someone once said "For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them."

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The deceit and cunning of the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission.

Greece debt crisis talks end in renewed deadlock

The duplicitous bastards of the IMF, demonstrate yet again their intentions toward Greece and its people. Having met on Monday of this week to discuss yet another compromise proposal from the Greek government of Alex Tsipras, the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission now destroy the possibility of an agreement which only two days ago seemed achievable. Clearly, Lagarde and Merkel together with elements of the European Commission are not prepared to allow any arrangement which includes higher taxation thresholds for businesses and the rich in Greece, but excludes more cuts and even higher levels of austerity for ordinary people. 

Alexis Tsipras leaving the talks.

The objectives of the Troika are clear. Humiliate the Greek people and its government, seek to impose even harsher austerity, protect business and the rich, and create the circumstances for the Syriza government and Alex Tsipras to be brought down.
It is the usual tactics of banking interests and some governments around the world.
All best wishes and support for Tsipras and Syriza in its stand against the autocrats of the IMF and Europe.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The arrogance of the European commission, Lagarde and Merkel.

Tsipras summoned to Brussels for emergency talks over Greek bailout deal

Largarde and Merkel

What an arrogant obnoxious collection of autocrats the "Troika" and its other European stooges actually are.
Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, and Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch finance minister, "summon Tsipras to Brussels" rather like Hitler summoning some European leader to Berlin to be told what his country must do and how its people must behave. The days of the European Dictator return in the 21st Century.
Lagarde of the IMF found the proposed temporary resolution inadequate and that German chancellor Angela Merkel was also having second thoughts.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

The response from Tsipras clearly should be "The Greek compromise was put onto the table on Monday, and most people there considered that an agreement was achievable.
You are now moving the goalposts again and seeking to humiliate the Greek people.
The compromise is there, so take it or leave it".

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A magnificent beach with surf, numerous rocks, caves and rock pools

   A fabulous aerial shot of Plémont on the North Coast of Jersey.

aerial shot of Plémont

A very favourite beach. Off to the left of the picture is the place where we spent many hours amongst the caves, rocks and rock pools after the tide went out.
One afternoon as the tide was coming in with some quite big surf, I was standing in the water facing the beach (with back to the incoming surf, yes, very silly I know) talking to my wife who was still on the beach. She failed to mention a big one she had noticed coming in behind me. A wave has quite a degree of power when it hits someone in the back. I eventually surfaced from beneath the foaming azure, turquoise, sparkling dark water and stood dripping wet and breathing hard. She was doubled up with laughter and was still chuckling about the incident for days afterwards. In fact she can still smile about it now.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Anti Austerity demonstrations will intensify not only in London but all around the country.

Police crack down on activists on eve of London austerity march 



Embedded image permalink
See you on the streets next Saturday. 20th June 2015

Someone once said, "We aim to equalise before the other team score. We should get our retaliation in first." .

The police seem to have taken this idea to a new level in defence of the "establishment" and the austerity programme of Osborne and the Conservative government.
The restriction and suppression of protest and dissent is more appropriate to a "Police State" than to a supposed democracy in western Europe. The imposition of even more austerity will be announced over the coming months and whether the government, the "establishment" or the police like it or not, the demonstrations will intensify not only in London but all around the country.
Join the demonstrations, resist the government and resist austerity.

Acceptable to who Alan? Alan Johnson's comments shows where the Labour Party has gone adrift.

The next Labour leader should be anyone except Jeremy Corbyn, Alan Johnson says

Alan Johnson in typical pose

Alan Johnson has said that "any of the candidates for Labour leader would be acceptable except left-winger Jeremy Corbyn".
This comment rather begs the question "Acceptable to who?"
Perhaps Johnson is referring to the majority of the Parliamentary Labour party, who would prefer a facsimile of Tony Blair in either male or female form. Johnson is certainly not referring to many rank and file party members existing or who have joined (or in my case rejoined) to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid for the leadership.Nor is Johnson referring to large numbers of people, not Labour Party members, who have indicated that a new, fresh voice in the Labour Party is something that they have been wishing for over many years.

Jeremy Corbyn. Labour Party leadership candidate
 Jeremy Corbyn is exactly what the Labour Party needs as leader to refocus on the values of the Labour Party and the people which Labour should represent.

The EU says, "Vote for who ever you want, but do exactly what we say."

The Greek people voted against austerity – why is the EU ignoring this?

The whole point about this current Greek economic crisis is a simple one.
The European Central Bank, the IMF, Brussels and Berlin, are saying to the 11 million or so Greek people, that you can vote for who ever you like and elect the government of your choice, but in the end, your government and you, must do exactly what we say, without question, debate or argument.
Thank heavens that Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza government are saying "No" to the unelected and unaccountable IMF and Brussels cabal.
We should have more politicians in this country with the backbone to stand up to the dictators in Europe and Washington.
The arrogance of Christine Lagarde and her comment (in respect of next Monday's meeting) that "We do not want children in the negotiating room" sums up the contempt which she and others in the Troika have for the people of Greece and anyone else who disagrees with their "attempts to humiliate the Greek government

Friday, 19 June 2015

Greek banks in crisis as the speculators take the money and run.

Greece faces banking crisis after euro zone meeting breaks down

Greece's Yanis Varoufakis with Christine Lagarde of the IMF

So who is actually withdrawing these €2bn of deposits? It certainly is not those workers who have had their salaries viciously cut over the past five years of austerity. It is not those pensioners who have endured the real cuts to their pension entitlements. It is not those people who rely on the food bank and soup kitchens in Athens, Piraeus, Tripolis and a hundred towns all over Greece.
The face of austerity on the streets of cities all over Greece

Those withdrawing the largest part of the money are by far those speculators who have made their fortunes on the circumstances of ordinary Greek people caused by the IMF, the Central European bank, Brussels and the Eurozone "leadership" of the Germans. The "banking crisis" created by outsiders in Brussels and Washington, and previous Greek governments. I have more empathy with those queuing at the soup kitchen and agonising over how they will manage to pay their gas and electricity bill than I could ever have for the speculators and bankers.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The end of another "attraction"


Tourism heyday attraction is a shell of its former self



Jon Morgan, was the custodian of the garden for many years
We new this place and its curator John Morgan, and Sandi his wife (who also made guest appearances in Bergerac) very well. We shared a taste for Indian or Italian food and spent many hours together in restaurants on the island.
We have noted on recent visits that the bungalow has been derelict for quite a while. Sad to see the end of the Shell Garden attraction, which has now gone the same way as many other former attractions in Jersey. 

The Guardian seems to have buried its head in the sand.

Labour leadership hopefuls clash but no clear winner in first televised debate 


The Labour leadership candidates at the BBC debate.
The Labour leadership candidates the first televised hustings on Newsnight



What ever programme Patrick Wintour, Nicholas Watt and Rowena Mason were actually watching, it is very clear that it was not the BBC Newsnight special "Labour leadership hustings" that I watched..
It is very rare for me to agree with "The Telegraph", but in this mornings report (Labour leadership hustings: Jeremy Corbyn wows audience with Left-wing agenda) they are absolutely right, commenting that, "Fears of centrist Labour MPs and aides appear to be realised as far-Left candidate helped onto ballot gets most positive reaction during TV debate."

I watched the BBC Newsnight special "Labour leadership hustings", last night and it was clear at least from this audience reaction, that Jeremy Corbyn has more support amongst the public than the media, the Tories and certainly many of the Parliamentary Labour Party, are prepared to acknowledge.
There are people around the country and not only many Labour Party members, who have been longing for a voice against austerity, against the status quo of political life, a voice calling for a government which works for people rather than for vested interests.
Jeremy Corbyn is such a voice as was amply demonstrated last night. The other candidates should take heed of what Corbyn said and the audience reaction to it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Jeremy Corbyn and the "negative" media.

Labour left winger Jeremy Corbyn wins place on ballot for leadership 


Jeremy Corbyn MP.


Less than 24 hours after nominations closed and Jeremy Corbyn was included on the ballot paper for the Labour Party leadership election, the media and some pundits have already started the campaign to discredit and rubbish him. According to some polls, Corbyn has a great deal of support amongst the public and party members although not (as yet) within the Parliamentary Labour Party. Between now and 10th September, we shall witness even more hostility,smear and hysterical rhetoric from the "stop Corbyn" camp. That is the way with politics in this country today.
Over the course of the next 10 weeks, people should draw their own conclusions as to who should lead the Labour Party in spite of the negativity of media, television and "pundits". I believe that Jeremy Corbyn should be the next leader of the party as the right choice for the people of the country and for the traditional position of the Labour Party.

Join the Labour party and support Jeremy Corbyn

 Jeremy Corbyn.An alternative to the status quo


Jeremy Corbyn MP and Labour Party leadership candidate

This morning, I rejoined the Labour party to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid to become leader of the Labour party.
I knew Jeremy many years back. I left the party in the late 1980's, he stayed.
Today, he is on the ballot paper to become leader, which is the best news to come out of the Labour Party for many years. I shall be campaigning for Jeremy to be elected as leader on 10th September.

To put  my long self induced absence from mainstream politics into some sort of perspective, I left Labour because I could no longer support a Party which had abandoned principle for popularity. They had become more concerned with perpetuating the "system" and bailing out banks with our money, while at the same time trying to convince people that it really was for our own good. Over recent years, supporting the ConDem coalition in their philistine destruction of the NHS and during the years of the last Labour government, failing to replace draconian anti Trade Union legislation imposed since 1980. 
Offering gestures like the minimum wage, is not a replacement for radical reform of a corrupt and bankrupt system. As I have suggested previously, to state that "Labour risks moving too far to the Left" is an insult to members of the party going back over 100 years and to add "and is in danger of alienating business" demonstrates vividly where the parties loyalties now lie.
With the nomination of Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for the leadership, the party now has a distinct choice between more of the same, to a greater or lesser degree from the other 3 candidates on the ballot, or a radical alternative to the Conservatives who offer more and more austerity and a failing foreign policy based on American rather than British 

It is interesting to note that even before Corbyn's nomination had been confirmed, a poll indicated that Jeremy Corbyn held 47% of those polled with Andy Burnham on just 13% and the rest nowhere. Now that the candidates list has been finalised, perhaps many others will rejoin Labour as I have done, to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid for the leadership. It is clearly obvious that he has much support amongst existing members (though not, as yet, within the Parliamentary Labour Party) and amongst people.

What the party and the country desperately needs is a clear alternative to the present policies both of the Labour party and the other political parties on offer.

I sincerely believe that Jeremy Corby offers such an alternative and can provide the leadership necessary to deliver that package. I urge all those who may have left Labour and all those who are seeking an alternative to the current situation, to join the Labour party and support Jeremy Corbyn. 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

A conspiracy to prevent publication of the Chilcott Inquiry Report?

Chilcot report into the Iraq war 'unlikely to be published for another year'

Report "unlikely to be published for another year at least"


This is the Headline from the Guardian of 26th June 2014. 

"Chilcot report into 2003 Iraq conflict delayed further 
Due to have been published three years ago, the Chilcot report now threatens to haunt UK politics ahead of the 2015 election"

 Now, 14th June 2015, some 12 months on, it is announced that the Chilcot report into the Iraq war 'unlikely to be published for another year' and that David Cameron is under pressure to scrap the inquiry.
This is outrageous and the stench of conspiracy becomes even more odious.
Chilcott and his 6 year long "independent" inquiry has been effectively blocked by those individuals and organisations who have too much to hide and bear responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including British service personnel, based on a fairy tale presented to Parliament as truth. Chilcott has become party to this conspiracy by allowing the prevarication and delays to continue. It is almost impossible to envisage what measures can now be taken, or even who could lead the exposure of this duplicity. One of the greatest cover up in the history of this country has succeeded in protecting the political and military "establishment" from any criticism and certainly the prospect of any prosecution, for their crimes against the people of this country and the people of Iraq.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

For how much longer can this obnoxious, ignorant and patronising news presenter appear on our screens?


Petition to sack Sky News presenter hits 35,000 after Alton Towers interview

Kay Burley. An obnoxious, ignorant and patronising woman

I first signed the "Sack Kay Burley" petition some 2 years ago after witnessing yet another of her "interviews", that time with a protester outside the Houses of Parliament. Since then, she has appeared regularly on the screens of "Sky News" (not to mention her "performance" on the Dancing on Ice show)demonstrating time after time her obnoxious, ignorant and patronising interview techniques to all. She is also frequently boorish towards other Sky News reporters and presenters. How this awful woman manages to retain employment with organisation is quite incredible. She must have something on those people at Sky responsible for the hiring and firing of staff as it certainly has nothing to do with her abilities in the role of news anchor.Were it possible to sign a petition with multi signatures, I would be first in the queue to sign again and again. The bottom line is quite clear. Sack Kay Burley now!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Price too high.

David Miliband:Labour needs to return to the winning policies pursued under Tony Blair.

Hero worship

According to Miliband Major and some others of his persuasion, the road to electoral success is a need "to return to the winning policies pursued under Tony Blair". Perhaps people will remember Tony Blair. Electoral success at the cost of years of deceipt, hypocrisy and duplicity. The lies and complicity with George W.Bush which took this country to war and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands in Iraq and almost 200 UK service personnel amongst the 5000 Coalition troops killed. The years which witnessed the widening gap between the rich and the poor in this country. The growth of corporate power in the United Kingdom and beyond where the customers of the multi nationals and those people employed by them exploited in the pursuit of more and higher profits. The years when divisions within society were widened and new divisions created to emphasise the differences between the haves and the have nots.
Miliband Major argues that his brother and the Labour Party has “turned the page backwards”, and yet in his own warped logic (copying the warped logic of Blair) seeks to "turn the page backwards" himself to create a facsimile of the Blair ideology.
If the price of electoral success is "to return to the winning policies pursued under Tony Blair", then it is a price too high.