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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Energy companies have never "played fair"

MEPs back Labour report calling on energy companies to play fair and help the millions living in energy poverty

Energy companies have never "played fair" since Thatcher and her government privatised energy. The only motivation for these parasites is the maximisation of profit for their parasitic shareholders.The consumer comes somewhere down the list of priorities.
In the field of energy (now predominately owned by "foreign" companies as a direct result of privatisation) the myth of "Privatisation brings down costs, reduces price levels and improves services for the consumer", has been exploded as a hypocritical lie. The prime mover in this shabby exercise in exploitation, was and remains, the conservative dogma of handing to their "friends in the city" whole chunks of publicly owned industries, for private profits (and party donations),.
The Labour party should not only be "calling for energy companies to play fair." We should also be saying very loudly, that the next Labour government will pass legislation to return the energy companies into public ownership.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Luke Akehurst going round with his begging bowl.

Luke Akehurst for Labour NEC says Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst. Standing for election to NEC

Luke Akehutst, firmly clutching his begging bowl, wandering around the pages of social media, (and elsewhere no doubt), seeking donations to support his campaign for a place on the Labour party National Executive. This duplicitous individual should have been expelled from the Labour Party months ago, rather than now seeking election to the NEC.
Akehurst you will recall, agitated against Jeremy Corbyn during the leadership election ,with smears and distortions, urging members to vote for anyone except Corbyn, and is a typical example of the rotten rump within the Labour Party who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, clings to the delusion that Labour should seek a return to the Blairite policies of the discredited “New Labour”
Not that that in itself is justification for expulsion. The actions of Akehurst and his few supporters since even before the leadership campaign of last year, have brought the party into disrepute with his smearing interventions and his frequent briefings to the media, designed to undermine the leadership. Now, this scurrilous creature has the audacity to come round, bleating for contributions to his cause.
Akehurst will get no contribution from me.

Except perhaps a suggestion that he join another party and take his begging bowl with him.

"Tony Blair has hinted he could reject the findings of the Chilcot inquiry"

"Tony Blair has hinted he could reject the findings of the Chilcot inquiry"

Tony Blair could reject the findings of the Chilcot inquiry if it attempts to dispute his position in the build-up to the 2003 Iraq war

"Tony Blair has hinted he could reject the findings of the Chilcot inquiry"
As this arrogant individual fails to answer (again) the question put to him by Marr, the image of a man sitting in a chair as the incoming waves lap around his feet, comes to mind.
It cannot be too long before this warmongering hypocrite and liar is called to account, regardless of whether he "rejects the findings" or not.
As this arrogant individual fails to answer (again) the question put to him by Marr, the image of a man sitting in a chair as the incoming waves lap around his feet, comes to mind.
It cannot be too long before this warmongering hypocrite and liar is called to account, regardless of whether he "rejects the findings" or not.

The knives are out for Cameron,

Tory MPs escalate party turmoil with open call for Cameron to quit

At least this article quotes real people as named sources, rather than being completely reliant on "a senior figure" or sources close to" or any of the other concocted "evidence" which this and other newspapers and television spew out when attacking (or smearing) the Labour party and its leadership. If Cameron were to be deposed and removed from the Premiership, then the country would gain a great benefit from the subsequent brawling within an even more fragmented Conservative party with the numerous factions scrambling for the "top job".

It may even lead to the House of Commons, forcing a bill through through Parliament to hold an early general election in accordance with Section 2 of the "Fixed Term Parliaments Act".
It certainly appears that Cameron is finished as both leader of the Conservative party and as  Prime Minister, regardless of the outcome of the referendum. It is just a matter of time.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The "shoot first" mentality deprives the world of another member of an endangered species.

Ohio zoo kills gorilla to "protect small child" in enclosure

"Harambe". Western lowland Silver back.shot dead by staff

Trigger happy bastards.
Tranquillisers would have been the best option if one were needed. A similar incident in the Durrel Wildlife Foundation Trust in 1986. Jambo the Silverback at the time did what gorillas do naturally and protected the 5 year old Levan Merritt from other gorillas until the boy was rescued.In these situations the Silverback is generally more protective than aggressive.

Jambo then stood protectively over Levan, as he lay unconscious on the floor after the nasty fall 
Jambo stood protectively over Levan, as he lay unconscious

The staff at Cincinnati Zoo have killed a gorilla, an endangered species, with the American "shoot first" mentality.
Like I said, trigger happy bastards

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Food banks are a growing industry in the United Kingdom

This food bank is now giving out emergency credit to help people with their fuel bills

users can now also receive emergency credit for energy costs

The only thing that seems to be growing in the Cameron/Osborne United Kingdom, is the increasing necessity for Food Banks.
It is a criminal outrage that in this country, in the 21st Century, over 1 million people are reliant on these charities to feed their families.

Austerity is not an economic necessity. It is a political choice. 
Cameron and his wretched fragmented government will pay the price for their betrayal of ordinary people in favour of the rich.

Discredited Blair offering more "advice"

Tony Blair: Corbyn government would be a dangerous experiment

Again, Blair crawls out from beneath his stone to be granted publicity from the Guardian.

The very rich warmonger, liar and traitor has the audacity to offer yet more "advice" to a party he (along with Mandelson, Campbell and Brown) destroyed.
Blair fails to accept that the party he once led, has passed into history and his philosophy is as discredited as he himself is.
With the exception of a few duplicitous "Blairite" agitators with the PLP, who yearn for the return of their messiah (or some one in the same mould), Blair has nothing to say to today's party and its leadership.

The "punishment" does not fit the crime

Driver who paralysed sisters in crash is jailed for four and a half years

Katrina (L) and Karlina Raiba, aged five and eight, who were left paralysed after Andrew Nay smashed his company 4x4 into their father’s car during a road rage chase.
Katrina (L) and Karlina Raiba

Only a four year and six months sentence for a horrendous crime. The criminal, Andrew Nay, will probably be released in two years time to resume a relatively normal life. The two girls involved, Katrina and Karlina Raiba, now aged eight and six, will endure their injuries every hour of every day for the remainder of their lives. Another example of how there is little justice in many of our courts. If we no room in our prisons to keep such people off our roads, build more prisons.

Andrew Nay

Andrew Nay should spend the rest of his natural life in custody.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Analysing a campaign by a party which no longer bears any resemblance to the Labour party of today, is a very futile exercise.

Labour activists in 2015 'were like middle-class Ryanair passengers'

Tristram Julian William Hunt

How strange it is, or perhaps not that strange,  that a number of the defeated candidates (or others who stood down before the first and only ballot), from the Labour Leadership elections of last year, are now the "leaders" of the concerted efforts within the PLP to grasp every opportunity to to undermine the democratically elected leadership of the party. Amongst these stands Tristram Julian William Hunt, the son of  Baron Hunt of Chesterton and educated at an exclusive Independent School in London, Trinity College Cambridge, University of Chicago and later at Kings College Cambridge. I have nothing against a good education, nor even a semi aristocratic background, but I have great objection where the individuals concerned assume or worse, sincerely believe, that such a background grants them some automatic right to be the commander of the group, the font of all knowledge and wisdom, the only true voice of political principle and in being so grants the additional right to patronise and party activist and member.
In a forthcoming work, edited by Hunt, the comment that campaigners were like middle-class Ryanair passengers “having to stomach a couple of hours’ flight with people they shared little in common with”, is endorsed by Hunt with his own added observation that, “If we are in any way serious about taking on anti-politics and reclaiming the cultural affinity of the working class then unnecessary metropolitan squeamishness is simply unacceptable – nurturing a civic English patriotism is now absolutely essential,” whatever that means.

Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas with his own inquiry and report into  the 2015 General election, joins Hunt in the stale and now redundant analysis of a campaign by a party which no longer bears any resemblance to the "Torylite" Labour party of the 2015 election. There is a distinct change in Labour party policies and in party direction since the last General election. There is a new leadership and a new approach to the way "we do politics". Hunt and Cruddas may not like the change in the party mood and emphasis and would prefer a return to a more Blairite party. Certainly there are elements within the PLP who are incensed that their positions of influence and power over the party has been greatly reduced. However, Hunt and Cruddas, seem to have again chosen the wrong option in pouring over 2015 election data when there is a brand new game on the board. Seeking to undermine, however subtly, the present leadership with analysis from another age, seems a little unnecessary  and is certainly gratuitous

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 22 May 2016

Good morning everyone.

Photo of Seafish Cafe

We are now back in the United Kingdom, after a delightful 6 days in Jersey. A bonus on this trip was the discovery of a new (for us) restaurant in St Aubin called the “Sea fish”. Not particularly original for “chips and fish” shop, but the food was sensational. I have posted a review on “Trip Advisor”, if you wish to look.

It seems that Condor is considering buying a “new” ship. What is not clear is whether this addition to the ferry operators fleet will be a replacement for the £50 million white elephant “Liberation” or an additional means of transport between the Channel Islands and the mainland. However we should not get too excited. Paul Luxon, who took over as chief executive at the start of this month, said that any purchase of a new vessel would not happen any time soon.

The loss of EgyptAir flight MS 804 has dominated the media over the past few days. I have always been concerned at the way in which the media and television invariably assemble a panel of “experts” then proceed to produce numerous explanations of as to the cause of the crash. Until such time as FACTS emerge from the story and, (if they are found) the "black boxes" reveal their information from the flight deck and from the flight data, the press and media generally should refrain from almost hysterical speculation and report what is actually known.

Add caption

Some media comment emerged at the State opening of Parliament this week, when Jeremy Corbyn seemed to ignore David Cameron’s attempt at conversation, or perhaps some quip designed as a joke, as the pair led most of the MP’s to the House of Lords for the Queens speech. Contrary to what some MP's (on both sides of the House) may believe, Parliament should not be some kind of exclusive club where members can pass the time sipping Napoleon brandy and cracking jokes between some "exchanges" across the floor in the Commons.
The real Labour party its MP's and its supporters have nothing in common with the former Bullingdon Club cadre and their sycophantic groupies, so we would have little if anything to say to them anyway

"Britain’s new aircraft carriers 'enough to battle ISIS and scare off Vladimir Putin" screams the headline in one of our national daily’s. Presumably, these carriers will be even more fearsome when this wretched austerity obsessed government find enough spare cash to buy some aircraft for them. An aircraft carrier with no aircraft is almost as frightening as a pub with no beer !
Not much change in the weather here. Sunshine, showers and getting colder. (Is it really almost June? 6 months gone already.)

Have a nice week

Sunday, 22 May 2016

The "conclusions" in the Jon Cruddas "report" are inconsistent and more importantly, wrong.

‘Irrelevant and toxic’ Labour losing out to Ukip, inquiry finds

Jon Cruddas. MP for Dagenham and Rainham

At least the "Observer" manages to give an identity to the origin of this story rather than use another anonymous source quoted so often in this "newspaper" and in other parts of the media, when seeking to discredit or undermine the leadership of the Labour party.
However, Toby Helm has taken the "report" as an opportunity to add another element to the continuing Observer/Guardian crusade against the Labour leadership, by quoting from the Jon Cruddas "inquiry". Unfortunately for both the Observer and Cruddas, the conclusions drawn in the report (as quoted by this newspaper), are wrong and seem, with a few exceptions, to be more critical of the Labour party of pre 2015 and the "Torylite" policies offering essentially the same measures as the conservatives, but wrapped in a different coloured wrapping paper. More cuts, but not as deeply. More austerity, but implemented differently. Encourage house building but nowhere near the figure actually required, the list goes on and on. It is little wonder that that Labour did so badly, particularly in Scotland where the SNP offered essentially, the policies which Labour should have been presenting and in the South where a number of parties were opposing austerity.
Cruddas states that Labour is loosing voters to UKIP. That may have been the case in the 2015 election, particularly in the south of the country, but it now seems that traditional Labour voters are returning and it is UKIP that is becoming the "irrelevance". In the case of Sadiq Khan and his election in London, Cruddas grudgingly admits that "becoming mayor of London was a triumph" and then qualifies his his opinion with the sneer that it was different in Thurrock. Perhaps Cruddas should also concede that it was different in many other parts of the country where Labour gained seats and also gained control of councils. The local elections of May were not a stunning electoral victory. However, neither were they the crushing defeat that some had predicted.
There has been a significant shift of opinion both within the Labour party membership and around the country since September of last year. There is a distinct change in Labour party policies and in party direction. Cruddas may not like the change in the party mood and emphasis, clearly the Observer/Guardian would prefer a return to a more Blairite party and certain elements within the Parliamentary Labour Party are incensed that their positions of influence and power over the party has been greatly diminished.
There is a long way to go before the election in 2020 and the Labour party has much work to do in putting the message across. The Labour party will win a majority at the 2020 election, despite the diversions created by Cruddas and others, and encouraged by the media and television.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lenny Harper's investigation "negatively impacted on the force"

Police ‘regret’ appointing Lenny Harper

"Top Cop" Lenny Harper

Harper was not prepared to "Toe the official line" during his enquiries in his period in charge of the investigation into the historic child abuse. His enquiries led in many directions and upset ( or frightened) too many people who form the "establishment" in Jersey. A mouthpiece now trots out the absurd line that "Mr Harper had an ‘astonishing attitude’ to dealing with the media, which negatively impacted on the force", as part of the ongoing campaign to smear and undermine the work Harper did during his time in Jersey. It clearly evidences, that in Jersey, the image of the States Police is of far more importance than establishing what events took place at Haute de la Garrene and other places across the island.
Harper is being subjected to the same vilification and denigration that has been directed at Stuart Syvret for some years as both have come too close to the truth to be allowed continue in their respective roles.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret stands outside Haute de la Garenne,

The Jersey establishment still have have a great deal to hide.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 15 May 2016

Good Morning everybody.

Hello from a location somewhere in Jersey. The crossing from Poole was uneventful probably due to the fact that the windows were covered with heavy rain and outside was, in any case, obscured by very thick mist and fog. We have arrived just a few short days after a period of warm sunshine ended, but at least it has stopped raining now. We have discovered two “new” restaurants so things are looking up.

It is official. Summer has now arrived with the arrival of the first baby swans of the year at the Abbotsbury Swanery. The event was not without drama as Swanherds at the Swannery sprang into action after strong winds and high tides threatened to swamp the waterside nesting ground at Fleet Lagoon, just as the first of the cygnets began to appear. (Full story from Dorset Echo in New Agenda on Sunday)

Laura Kuenssberg

The row over Laura Kuenssberg spilled over from social media onto the front pages of the newspapers after a petition calling for her to be sacked was taken down amid suggestions that hackers and trolls had used sexist and other comments about her on Twitter and Facebook.
Personally, I remain of the opinion that she has no place peddling her own political opinions in BBC television reports where her "news" is usurped by smear, distortion and lies. Whatever may have taken place on Facebook or Twitter, Kuenssberg should still be sacked.

New "Ajax" Battle tank

The British government has placed orders for the first 100 of a total of 600 new battle tanks for the Army. The tanks will be built in Spain but the most staggering aspect of this contract is that the steel will be sourced from SWEDEN! The company supplying the steel will be GCH Capital , who coincidentally, along with company founder Greg Hutchins, just happen to be major financial donors to the Conservative Party. The British steel industry dies as we order steel from Sweden and at the same time, Cameron says that Nigeria & Afghanistan are corrupt.

Ukraine's Jamala. (Who?)

Being away has many compensations. For example, if we were still at home, I would have had to find another reason/excuse for missing the Eurovision Song Contest. Like washing my hair or browsing the internet for suitable stories. The popular appeal of this annual nonsense has always been a mystery to me. (Are some of the “competing” countries actually in Europe?)

The weather this morning is sunny and reasonably warm with the forecast that this will continue until the end of the week. The decision has to be made as to what to wear before going over to St. Catherines to see if the ring do-nuts with sugar and cinnamon are still of an acceptable standard A random sample of three should be enough to form a judgement. Then later, the even more difficult decision of what to choose from the menu at the “Tenby” (best pub food in St Aubin) after their reopening following the restaurant refurbishment.

Have a nice week.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Going back to the politics of Blair and New Labour is not the way forward

Sadiq Khan calls on Corbyn to 'get Labour back in the habit of winning elections'

Image result for sadiq khan

If Khan, Cox, Umunna, Cooper, Mann and a few others within the Parliamentary Labour Party really believe that Blair and his philosophy of "New Labour" policies is the only way forward, they should do the honorable thing, resign their Labour party membership and form their own political party in the same way that the "Gang of Four" did in the 1980's.

 'New Labour' consigned to the dustbin of history

In their own little collection of like minded souls, they can be as conspiratorial, mischievous and hostile towards each other as they choose, in the belief (probably misguided) that the media and press will still follow them around, hanging on every word they may utter, giving them air time and column inches in the vain hope that someone may still be listening.
They have overplayed their hands and outstayed their welcome becoming a liability to the party and the obstacle to party unity and electoral success.
As someone once said, "Depart I say and let us have done with you, In the name of God, GO!!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Criticism of the BBC is growing every day.

BBC may have shown bias against Corbyn, says former trust chair

Sir Michael Lyons former chair of the BBC Trust

Sir Michael Lyons is right, but uses the word "may have bowed" when everyone knows that the BBC bias against Jeremy Corbyn is rampant.
Take the example of the Laura Kuenssberg.
Whether the 38 Degrees Petition calling for her to be sacked was "high-jacked" or not, the fact remains that Laura Kuenssberg is a blatantly biased BBC political editor demonstrably hostile to The Labour party generally and Jeremy Corbyn in particular. 

Laura Kuenssberg

She has no place peddling her own political opinions in television reports where the "news" is usurped by smear, distortion and lies,
Whatever may have taken place on Facebook or Twitter, Kuenssberg should still be sacked.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Seven-day NHS plan contains ‘serious flaws’

Pressure on hospitals to save money is leading to shortfalls on wards

All the "reforms", including the "seven day NHS" implemented, proposed (or even imposed) by this wretched government with its procession of inept Secretaries of State for Health, has nothing to do with patient care, improving services or reducing waiting times. 

The “reforms” are solely about and have always been about, reducing NHS budgets and saving money. It is dishonest for the government to claim or suggest anything else. We must not allow our NHS to be packaged up for piece meal sale to the private sector under a smoke screen of government deception.