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Friday, 27 February 2015

Kay Burley spitting more bile.

 Kay Burley is still at it.

The obnoxious and patronising Kay Burley was in good form again yesterday. In response to a comment from an interviewee about her outrageously biased questioning, Burley spat out "Oh get over yourself. Just answer the question". This odious apology for a television interviewer/presenter should be fired, but Sky News (and Fox News) seem to treasure these rude and ignorant employees. 

Who is involved in the cover up and who is being protected?

Jimmy Savile abused 60 people at Stoke Mandeville hospital, inquiry finds 



Image result for Jimmy Savile abused 60 people at Stoke Mandeville hospital, inquiry finds


The report published yesterday, reveals perhaps only part of the extent to which Savile carried out his odious sex abuse over many decades. The report contains many recommendations in respect of measures to be introduced covering monitoring of volunteers in the NHS, reporting incidents of suspected abuse, and a number of other proposals most of which Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health, accepted during his statement to the House of Commons yesterday (26th February 2015). During the same statement Mr Hunt issued an apology on behalf of the government and NHS, on at least three occasions which now seems to be standard practice as if in some way, saying sorry makes every thing all right. It was also noticeable that the report contained detailed descriptions of the abuse carried out at the hospitals, facts which the television news media seemed keen to pick up and repeat at regular intervals throughout the rest of the day. Of course, no report or statement would be complete without the usual phrases, repeated ad nauseam, that “lessons must be learned”, or “we must ensure that this can never happen again” and the usual almost patronising sound bites, stated no doubt, to convince the public that the “authorities” are in control of the matter and are taking steps to prevent such occurrences in the future. Alas, history tells us that all too frequently the lessons are not learned and that the same or very similar events reoccur.

It seems to me that yesterdays reports and statements had a glaring omission amid all the testimony and accounts of allegations, reports and information being ignored or dismissed by “management” and others. Nowhere, is there any mention of investigating how and why is there no examination into who was or is involved in the conspiracy to cover up the crimes not only in Stoke Manderville and other hospitals, but also in the wider aspects of this scandal. It is all very well to report on the historical events and what if anything will be done in an effort to alleviate the ongoing problem of sexual abuse, but the public demand and expect individuals concerned to be exposed and prosecuted, no matter what there position may be in society. The cover up to protect Aristocracy, MP's, celebrities and others is an outrageous scandal and must be dismantled and the perpetrators of these crimes must be put on trial.
The victims of these crimes and the public generally deserve no less.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

We cannot afford another overseas adventure.

Britain to send military advisers to Ukraine


David Cameron

This is a very bad idea. Not from any pacifist or pro Putin/Russia ideal, but from the viewpoint of practicalities. "Advisers" are invariably shortly followed by "support units" who are again invariably followed by "aircraft in a supporting role" and so on until, low and behold, someone suddenly realises that we have a full blown military presence in region. As was the case in Viet Nam through to Afghanistan and Iraq, history has always shown us that "mission creep" is not a question of numbers, it is a question of timescale.
There are those in this country, as many of the comments in this section demonstrate, who are clearly of a gung ho mentality and still believe that we should bomb and smash the Russians as that great political thinker Kenny Everett once said. However, we live today in a society where austerity is the over ridding economic philosophy and the compulsion to drive down public expenditure has been the mainstay of Cameron and his ConDem coalition for the last five years. The "success" of this policy is debatable, but the reality of its effects are plainly evident. We have the shame of over one million people reliant on foodbanks to feed their families. Nurses, ancillary workers and other public sector employees having their wages and salaries effectively frozen for almost five years. Services ranging from the NHS to social services from government through to street cleaning from local councils, have be reduced or even cut completely in the name of saving money.


In the case of defence expenditure, rather than save £Billions by cutting Trident and its replacement, this disastrous government is saving money by making thousands of military personnel redundant, providing second rate equipment and supplies to those who remain, building aircraft carriers without installing aircraft on them (because we cant afford them!) mothballing new ships to save money and placing all emphasis on reserve soldiers who in the majority of cases have not even been recruited yet.
Against this woeful background of ineptitude the government now propose to involve this country yet another intervention, albeit on a limited scale for now at least, in an overseas country which at this time is not even a member of NATO (which is what the American fervently desire and what this current crisis is really all about ).

Thousands made redundant

I repeat what I said at the beginning of this piece. UK military "trainers" be deployed to help Ukraine forces is a very bad idea and should be shelved immediately or on the morning of May 8th next.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A corrupt and rotten regime

Egypt coup: Leaked tape proves defence minister tried to conceal Morsi’s true location in military prison


With all the experience that America has in organising coup de tat in other peoples countries, they seem to have missed a few points when advising Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his gang of conspirators.

This revelation of new evidence will not make one iota of difference. 
The al-Sisi cabal will continue their ruthless suppression of all opposition and their obscene show trials of Innocent people and the Americans will continue to deny that the events of 2013 were in fact a coup de tat, which will allow them to carry on pouring armaments, aircraft and cash into the Egyptian military machine.
A corrupt and rotten administration complicit in support and perpetuation of a corrupt and rotten regime brought into being by illegality, conspiracy and deceit.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A plague on all your houses.

Ed Miliband, your idea is out of the question

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Spot on Victoria.
To reprise what I wrote in February 2013, (because nothing has changed since then or is likely to change in the foreseeable future) the kindergarten of PMQ's continues unabated.
Questions to the Prime Minister. The weekly excursion into the world of “Yaboo” politics where each side of the House of Commons can indulge themselves in mindless baying and snide remarks from one side, no doubt shouted in order to provoke reaction from the other side or to draw the “referee” Mr. Speaker to intervene with “Order, Order” or a phrase that Mr Bercow has taken to using over recent years of “The honourable member should calm down”.
Questions to the Prime Minister now demonstrates for around 30 minutes each Wednesday, everything that is wrong with British politics and why, generally, there is such disillusionment amongst many people in this country with the political structure. Scoring cheap political points or “landing blows” on your political opponents is not the way that we should expect our elected representatives to behave. In fact I would propose a plague on all your houses.
Prime Minister's Question's could, and should, be a very useful tool in the democratic process of this country and could provide the opportunity for backbenchers to interrogate the Prime Minister on his, or her, actions. All too often it becomes a forum for “planted questions” to be asked, giving the Prime Minister of the day, the opportunity to either goad the leader of the opposition or to “free publicity” to some new government proposals.
The weekly PMQ's is no exception to the usual circus. Cameron not answering Milliband's questions, except by asking questions of his own and Milliband pursuing  the cul de sac of, “Will he answer, Yes or No?”
This general preoccupation with point scoring amongst the members, leads to missing many issues which should be seized upon and expanded at the time.
Misleading responses seeking to score points and deflect from the issue, bring nothing but contempt for the politicians indulging in such behavior.
Facts should betaken up at the time, or at least reported in the media, but as usual the issues became lost in the general “ya ya ya ya” from the Tory benches and the “No, rubbish nay” counters from the Labour benches.
Many issues are important subjects for  some people, but not it seems to the members of House of Commons (or the reporters from the media).
It must be many years since a politician promised that the days of “Yaboo” politics in the House of Commons were over and that business would be conducted on a more professional level. A week is a long time in politics, and this promise has gone the same way as all the others.
A plague on all your houses.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Television "drama" at its worse.

Broadchurch: Can we forgive the implausible plot lines? 




Image result for broadchurch cast season 2

Last week, I posed the question "I shall continue to watch as the programme cannot get any more unbelievable.Can it?" and doubted if this "serial soap" could get any worse. I was wrong, because not only has it got worse,it has also become the vehicle for yet another gay affair/relationship.
It also is incredible that the story line persists with the pacemaker nonsense of Alec telling people that he thought that he would not recover from the anesthetic. I realise that the programme was recorded some time ago, but a pair of scissors to remove this glaringly mistaken line would have not have even been noticed. I repeat what I said last week "Why Alec Hardy was lingering at deaths door and under general anesthetic for a pace maker implant, was a mystery and a mistake. Having had a series of 5 multi lead pacemakers over some 10 years (due to high power usage) in my experience the implant and subsequent "box changes" is done under local anesthetic and in medical terms is "routine"."
Finally, this episode (with adverts) lasted around 60 minutes. With all the padding thrown in this penultimate episode could have been comfortably aired in 40 minutes (including adverts).
I shall watch the final revelations next Sunday, if only to sit back at 10:00pm and say "Well what a load of garbage that was. Thank ***** that's finished".

No more than he deserves.

US student in intensive care after being gored by bull during Spanish festival 


Mr Miller, pictured, was gored multiple times
Mr Miller  was gored multiple times





Is this article supposed to generate sympathy for 20-year-old Benjamin Miller, of Georgia?
If he and the 45,000 to 50,000 other people who attended this "Carnaval del Toro" wish to indulge in this barbaric and cruel activity, then they must accept that they run the risk of being injured. There seems to be no reports of any other attendees at this "fiesta, which includes afternoon bullfights and bull-running events" being gored or otherwise injured, which is a pity because a good goring or more is what they all richly deserve.
Any compassion which people may have should be directed towards the Bulls, who have no choice but to take part in this awful spectacle. The message to the "humans" involved is a simple one. You deserve it and so expect no sympathy from me.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Credit where credit is due.

 The NHS and the Ambulance Service.

Credit where credit is due as they say. There has been much criticism of the Ambulance service recently, particularly in Dorset. Stories of hours spent waiting for assistance to arrive and then long delays in A&E frequently appear in the media. However, we recently required medical assistance and can only praise the NHS personnel concerned. The first responder arrived within 10 minutes of the 999 call with the paramedics and ambulance arriving less than 5 minutes later. This timely response was in spite of the thick fog on the A35. The A&E staff at the Dorchester County Hospital were very efficient and resolved the problem. No hanging around for hours on the hospital trolley.
On this occasion, a big thank you to the NHS, particularly in the ambulance service and the DCH.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Learning the "Times tables" is not new.

Primary school pupils face new maths and grammar tests under Tories


Why is this latest "set of punitive policies" labeled as a new initiative from the Conservatives?
Teaching children multiplication tables and how to read by the age of 11 is not new, neither is it unique. Some years ago, more in fact that I care to remember, I attended the Ruby Street Primary School in London. The classroom of 1B, my first year class under Miss Cox, had posters around the walls with "Times Tables" on each of the posters ranging from 2 to 12, which had to be learned. Every child in the class (classes usually had 48 or more children at that time) had to learn by heart each of the tables and then had the daunting challenge of standing in front of Miss Cox, (and the assembled class) and reciting 2x2=4 and so on through to 12x12=144. Not all at the same time of course, but each tabled had to be learned and recited within a specified time.
As for reading, I and many others were reading elementary children's books before the end of the first year and had progressed to "Rideout English Text books" before leaving after the 11+ exam. This was part of the Primary School regime and was not an "optional extra".
Please do not allow politicians, of any of the parties, to persuade you that they have the answers to basic educational requirements. The solutions have been there for years but successive governments have allowed it to become fashionable for basic education to be sidelined by trendy gimmicks.