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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Trident "stops nuclear blackmail", says commission.

Keeping Trident 'stops nuclear blackmail,' claims cross-party commission.

"Trident Commission"

Arrant nonsense from the "Trident Commission" (a cross-party commission led by two former defence secretaries and a former leader of the Liberal Democrats.).

The Trident nuclear deterrent is not "independent" and it doesn't deter, so we may as well save the money to spend on more important things.
NHS, schools, eliminating the need for food banks for example.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not the only reason.

Sarajevo: city commemorates end to 'a century of conflict', but divisions still run deep

Archduke and his wife  a few minutes before the assassination

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, did not start the First World war. The war  would have taken place sooner or later, even if Princip had not fired the fatal bullets. In fact the assassination may not have taken place at all had the driver taken the correct route and had not been ordered to stop and reverse right opposite to where Princip was standing, following the first failed attempt by the other conspirators earlier that day. Chance hangs on such slender threads.

Gavrilo Princip

The prime cause of the Great War was the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its determination to attack Serbia, which had dominated political thought in Vienna for some time.The actual assassination was used merely as another reason for Austrian aggression, as can be evidenced by the text of the Austrian ultimatum to Belgrade on the 23rd July 1914. The alliance between Serbia and Russia was ignored by Vienna, as they had received an assurance that in the event of Russian mobilisation, Germany would stand with Austria. Europe at that time, was a patchwork of alliances and treaties which contributed greatly to the complications and misconceptions of the First World war. Ironically, Great Britain was not part of any formal alliance at that time and only entered the war following the German invasion of Belgium which Britain had promised to defend under the Treaty of London of 1839.
Treaties, Alliances, Agreements were all part of a complex mixture of reasons for the start of World War 1, coupled with the growing economic and militaristic power of Germany. To say that the, almost, chance assassination of  Archduke Franz Ferdinand started the Great war, over simplifies a very intricate series of events and relationships.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Patronising Bastard.

Britain closer to EU exit after Jean-Claude Juncker vote.



Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb




Alexander Stubb, the Finnish Prime Minister, said British voters should "wake up and smell the coffee"
Patronising Bastard.
No matter what side of the pro or anti EU membership argument you happen to be on, we do not need lessons on how we should think from the Finnish Prime minister who in fact has only been the Finnish PM since the 24th June in any case! Only 4 days into the job and he is telling us to smell the coffee. .
He would be better employed getting used to enjoying the "freebie" lunches and "working" dinners of the of the EU (of which there are many)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

We would like it to be more

Queen and Royal Family Spend £35.7m A Year, But It's Not Enough To Stop Palace Decay




So,Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor would like more.
Every pensioner, disabled person, benefit claimant, widow, un employed family, minimum wage employee, zero hour contract worker, and countless other categories of people, would also "like more".
The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people in this country have to make do with what they have, due primarily to "My government", (Buckingham Palace speak for the ConDem coalition) and their dogmatic drive for cuts and austerity. The vast majority of people in this country do not have private income from the "Royal estates" or from "the Duchy" of somewhere or other, or from other dubious sources (including the winnings from racehorses out of the Royal Stables).

If the Windsor's are that poverty stricken, perhaps they should visit "Wonga" for a loan of few pounds, (at exorbitant rates of interest) or even go to their local foodbank to augment their measly table at dinner time, or perhaps even sell off some of the jewelery, paintings, carvings or other riches accumulated over the years.Only those in her own private collection of course. Most of the "Royal Collection" is in fact ours in any case.  

Vince is on the case.

Business secretary will address Scottish Power scandal

Business secretary Vince Cable

We may all rest comfortably in our beds. Vince is on the case. He will deal with these miscreant Scottish Power people in the same way as he has dealt with all the other privatised power companies that have been ripping people off for the past 30 years. He will take up this long running and still outstanding "cashback promises" matter with Scottish Power, as he has attacked other malpractices in respect of exorbitant price hikes, failure to pass on reductions in wholesale prices of energy, bad service, complicated pricing structures etc.

Cable and other gang members on government front bench

Vince can be relied on to sort out the problem. He can also be relied on to give away public assets at knock down prices to his friends in the city and to ensure that he remains loyal to the Conservative front bench.

Swiss Zoo kills baby bear, to show how cruel nature is!

A Swiss zoo which caused a public outcry by euthanising a healthy baby bear has said the cub will now be displayed to educate schoolchildren.

Swiss zoo kills baby bear because father "bullied" it.

A perfectly healthy baby bear, killed by a Zoo simply because the bear was being "bullied". Barbaric, callous and completely unnecessary and to add insult, the corpse is being stuffed to "teach visitors that nature can be very cruel". It is the zoo's that are cruel, nature "if left alone by the interfering greed of man", provides balance.

Uruguay’s football association says that teeth marks have been photoshopped.

Fifa charges Uruguay striker with biting Giorgio Chiellini during World Cup clash

Luis Suárez appears to have bitten another opponent

Luis Suarez is a throwback to the cannibalistic tribes of the jungle and should be banned from any form of football for life. Uruguay’s captain, Diego Lugano,"Did not see" the incident and also does not see "what all the fuss is about" (and other inane observations) and should be banned from any form of football for life, if only for being an ignorant idiot. Uruguay’s football association screams that the bite marks on Chiellini’s shoulder,had been Photoshopped from the internet to discredit the player and the Uruguay team. Uruguay’s football association should be expelled from FIFA for the period of the next 20 World Cup competitions for being complete a***holes and bringing the game into disrepute. Though with the current state of FIFA and the ongoing smell of graft and corruption, Luis Suarez will probably get an "honary golden boot", Chiellini will probably be suspended for hurting Suarez's teeth and the Uruguay’s football association will probably be awarded an honary Jules Rimet Trophy for their trauma and distress.

Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee Claudio Sulser

There is already something very rotten in the world of International football administration. If Suarez walks away from this without some meaningful punishment, then biting, stomping, headbutting punching and all kinds of other assaults will become accepted practices on the football pitch, from school playing fields right through to international stadiums.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The "war on terror" reaches disabled pensioners

Disabled and elderly campaigners protesting removal of travel concessions ‘kettled by the police’ at Sheffield railway station

Pensioners and disabled arrested

The establishment and their police force are becoming desperate in their quest for control. This time they attack disabled and pensioners. The time is not too far off when they will attack everyone in the name of "the fight against terrorism".

Foodbank usage grows to over 1 million people nationally.

 The numbers of people reliant on foodbanks, continues to grow.

More than i million people now rely on foodbanks.

The "forgotten" scandal of  the effect of the cuts and other austerity measures of this wretched ConDem coalition government. As other news has filled our headlines for some months, the plight of those who now rely on the distribution of food to feed themselves and their families has been pushed to the back pages or even ignored by the press and media.
It is now reported that the number pf people reliant on foodbanks in Weymouth has increased fourfold in the last 12 months.
In the South west generally, there has been a 78% increase in the number of foodbank users and nationally, the figure is even higher with now more than 1 million people regularly receiving food assistance from the Trussel Trust and the other foodbank providers. In this the 21st Century when men have been on the moon, when governments spend £billions on prestigious project in the fields of railways, airports, government IT improvements, spots events and the development and manufacture of advance weapons systems to kill more people more quickly, it is outrageous and shameful that today, in this country over 1 million of our people face the stark reality of choosing between food charities or starvation.
The government propaganda machine and many ConDem coalition MP's, would have you believe that the increase usage of foodbanks is nothing to do with cuts in befits, delays in progressing claims or  any other government action and that foodbank users have "brought it upon themselves by their choice of lifestyle. That is an absurd, patronising lie both despicable and shameful from politicians, and complete abdication of their responsibility.

an increase in use in 2013-14 of more than 163%.

I have commented elsewhere, that this situation should cause us all to search our conscience and highlight this stain on our society. For the last few years, it is a disgrace which has grown steadily, and over the last 18 months has reached epidemic proportions which may well now be out of control. Donating an amount of food to the foodbanks for distribution is a short term and valuable contribution to alleviating the problem, but it is not the solution.
The government and its MP's must be made to understand (if they do not already understand) the effects which their policies, and their arrogant defence of such policies, have on ordinary families in this country and the resentment within society towards their continuing drive for austerity and "savings".

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

International condemnation for Egypt show trial


Journalists' sentences prompt international outrage 


The show trials in Egypt claim more victims as three Al-Jazeera journalists are jailed for seven years. This verdict and the resulting sentences has nothing to do, as has been suggested elsewhere, with some dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, except perhaps in the sense that Egypt lost funding from Qatar which, in any case, was replaced by Saudi Arabia, following the coup of July last year. This latest episode of the Egyptian show trial pantomime, continues the sequence of judicial power being used to suppress freedoms and to quash opposition. This time, the message has been circulated to all journalists that you may report what you will, but you will only report what we allow.


Journalists jailed for "endangering Egypt's national security."


The “evidence” against these reporters was flimsy or non-existent. The “guilty” verdicts were farcical and corrupt. The sentences handed down by this kangaroo court are vindictive and indicative of a political regime, intent on demonstrating its power over the people, the media and the judiciary.
Another nail in the coffin of Egyptian democracy, driven home by al-Sisi, the recently “elected” president who led the coup of last year, and his military junta which now controls life in Egypt today. One of the features of any coup throughout history and no doubt a feature of all those coups still to come, is the way in which the coup leaders and their resultant regimes, almost immediately put on trial the leaders of the government that they have overthrown, the supporters of the government and all those individuals and groups who are critics of the new order or are considered as a threat. Thus so it is with Egypt.
Al-Sisi and his junta have, within the space of the 12 months since July 2013, arrested hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members, including President Morsi, hundreds of others in Egyptian society, and numerous journalists all of which are now “on trial”. More than 150 people have already been sentenced to death in the show trial circus of the Egyptian “courts” and many more given lengthy jail terms.
In this latest round of judicial farce, Baher Mohamed from Egypt and Britons Sue Turton and Dominic Kane were sentenced to 10 years for aiding a terrorist organisation, while Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy were sentenced to seven years. International condemnation of both the “trial” and the resultant sentences has been swift and vocal. Even the Americans, who supported al-Sisi and his coup, have been paying lip service to the international condemnation with Kerry describing the news as “chilling and draconian”. Notwithstanding this American revulsion at these recent excesses, Washington was still able to release $584 million worth of military equipment and aid as the latest tranche of monthly “support” for the regime in Cairo. When it comes to hypocrisy, the Americans have few equals.
The “international community” will huff and puff, make all the right noises and call for the immediate release of the journalists, but will do nothing. As they will do nothing in response to the remaining show trials and the present death sentences, or the death sentences to come.
In international relations, Egypt joins the list of countries where the west considers expediency to be infinitely more important than justice.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Creating an atmosphere of fear and alarm to justify intervention.

 British Jihadists Plotting Attacks In The UK After Fighting In Syria

Cressida Dick. Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner

The press, the "establishment" and the television media continue to pour out hysterical nonsense regarding the "threat" to this country from "Jihadists", "Radicalised" Islamists, "Brainwashed" Terrorists, Extremists and all the other cliche ridden descriptions, emanating from "veterans " returning from Syria and "who are intent on carrying out terrorist attacks here". The purpose of these lurid tales of impending doom for the population in this country, is to ensure a mindset of fear and mistrust prevails in ordinary people, and that the overriding desire for renewed intervention in the Middle East still very much to the forefront of many politicians, both here and in the United States, can again be trotted out in the name of,"the war on terrorism".
We have heard the exaggerated claims, the distortions and downright lies of people with their own agenda seeking to bomb Syria, send troops to "the area" and even invade Iraq in the past. History tends to repeat itself.

There may well be a "threat" on the streets of the United kingdom. In fact there always has been but to suggest that this "threat" is likely to become the end of us all unless the warmongering  neocons in London and Washington are allowed to drag us into another military intervention in the Middle East, is beyond the pale and an insult to everyone. There is no appetite amongst the people for intervention and no amount of scaremongering hysteria will change that, no matter how much the interventionists may wish otherwise. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The days start getting shorter!

The 173rd Day of 2014.


Yesterday was the 21st June. The Summer Solstice, the longest day of 2014 and the day on which Pagans, Druids and others congregate at Stonehenge to greet the dawn.
Today of course, is June 22nd when, as from today, the days become shorter and the moods of many people begin to decline at a rapidly increasing rate, due primarily to the lack of daylight. This assault on, compounded sometime in October, (they cant even find a standard date upon which to carry out this sabotage on people) when some faceless bureaucrat, instructs everyone in the United Kingdom to “Put your clocks back by 1 hour tonight”. No please or thank you or any of the other polite niceties of civilised behaviour, just an arbitrary “Do it”.
I do detest the ritual autumn fiddling with our clocks, watches and body clocks. They should be left on BST.

The progression from now until the 21st December will be ticked off on calendars by many every day, and as the evenings grow ever darker, it will not only be Christmas that we can look forward to.

England are not gifted with talent, so we need to find it

 The standards of refereeing need looking at too.

I gave up playing football some years ago.(My brain knew where I should be, but my legs will not get me there quickly enough). I gave up watching football when it became abundantly clear that money had become infinitely more important than skill, talent and ability. At one time, admittedly many years past, players would have pulled on an England shirt, simply for the honour of paying for their country. Now, it seems, the first consideration often appears to be the question of settling the fee for "appearance". It is also, abundantly clear that the media and vast sections of the country, consider that England can/will/should win every competition trophy that they qualify for. When this does not happen, the media certainly, treat everyone to the "I told you so" stories.
The fact of the matter is that England are not a world class team and until the philosophy at club level and the dinosaur attitudes at the FA change significantly, England have little if any prospect of becoming a world beating football nation.
Having said that, I have seen lengthy parts of some matches in the current Brazil World cup competition, and there is one common factor which applies, certainly to those matches which have been on my television and I assume that the same applies to other games in the competition.

The standard of refereeing in all these games has been appalling. Notwithstanding the cans of magic shaving foam, liberally applied on the pitch surface to mark position of ball and distance to "wall", by the (often) hysterically animated match official, the continuity of games has frequently been disrupted by strange refereeing decisions which have clearly affected the play and perhaps even the result. There may be a case for challenging the decision and referring the matter "upstairs" for review in slow motion from all angles. The occasional bad referee decision has always been evident in football at both international and club level. However the standards of the match officials in Brazil 2014 have probably spoilt many games and will no doubt spoil many others during the rest of the competition.