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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Secret Service agent "accidentally shot the president" !

JFK Second Shooter? New Documentary Makes Radical Claim

JFK arrives in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963

More smoke and mirrors to confuse and confound what really happened in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. We shall never know who the second and third marksmen actually were, (anyone who still believes that Lee Harvey Oswald "acted alone" is living in a make believe world), who else was involved in the conspiracy and who created the subsequent cover up.
This article describes a fairy tale more suited to the plot of second rate Hollywood "B movie". Phrases such as, "his first time holding the assault weapon he was using" and "Hickey accidentally discharged his weapon" and "a tragic accident in the heat of the moment." them selves generate derision. The article and the "research" that produced it are, along with its conclusions, best forgotten.
The truth of the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy are probably secured in a file buried deep in the vaults of the CIA and NSA which will never see the light of day again.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The stupidity of some

Campers pitch tent at foot of unstable cliff.

Campers pitch tent at foot of unstable cliff
Campers pitch tent at foot of unstable cliff

Less than 24 hours after a substantial landslide at nearby East Cliff, West Bay, about 1 mile further along the beach from where this photograph was taken, and less than 2 miles from the spot where holidaymaker Charlotte Blackman, 22, was killed by a landslide on Freshwater beach, just over a year ago on July 24, 2012, these idiots pitch their tent right beneath a cliff overhang.
The warning signs are clear and along this stretch of the "Jurassic Coast" particularly here, the signs are large and numerous as there have been a significant number of cliff falls over some months since last year.
Whether it is apathy, ignorance or just plain stupidity it is beyond belief that someone could behave in a most negligent fashion.
One of the occupants of this tent was apparently no more than a toddler.

The corruption of the arms trade.

"Agreement 'ready for signature' as soon as purchase of air defence system concluded"

Tony Blair with Muammar Gaddafi in 2007
Tony Blair with Muammar Gaddafi in May 2007

A not very well kept secret, that the British government will make grubby commercial deals with any tyrants or despots, no matter where they are, and will lie to the people and the commons in their attempts to conceal the sordid detail. It almost begs the question as to how much money went into who knows who's pockets as an added sweetener. This whole sleazy morass of greed and corruption stinks to high heaven. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Political cowardice.

Political cowardice stops us from solving our wretched housing crisis



Construction on a building site in Hatfield
New homes are good for the economy, but the government has given no significant stimulus to social housing.



For as long as the building of social housing remains as some sort of anathema to the political mainstream, and is derided as being only for scroungers and benefit cheats by elements of the press and some sections of society, then the housing crisis will deepen and become another cause of social unrest.
There is no political will, nor it seems, is there any political advantage to be gained by addressing the housing problem. Our politicians are satisfied with wringing their hands and saying how awful the problem is and then tinkering at the margins with solutions such as the  "Help to Buy Scheme" which benefits only the builders, property speculators and Banks, and does little if anything for those seeking a home be it rented or otherwise.
Political cowardice has been part of the problem at Westminster for decades and not only on the issue of the housing crisis.

Fears over effects of CPS budget cuts

Staff cuts at CPS lead to delays, errors and waste, say legal experts

Crown court sign
Crown courts in England and Wales have registered a rise in the number of trials failing because of basic administrative errors.

The CPS already makes some bizarre decisions, offering no evidence at trial or not bringing charges as prosecution, "would not be in the public interest" (what ever that means). If these CPS conclusions are as a direct (or indirect) consequence of cut backs and "savings" as seems to be the case, then strange decisions will become even more common. Perhaps there may be a case for closing down the CPS entirely, transferring the work to the Department of Justice and thereby "saving" even more money ! Nothing that this inept collection of ConDem opportunists masquerading as government announces, should come as a surprise to anyone. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A recipe for bloodshed on a massive scale

Egypt's army chief calls for show of support from citizens

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

"Interim President" Adly Mansour

Following the coup of July 3rd, the new military dictator of Egypt, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi (hiding behind the sham facade of the "Interim President" Adly Mansour) calls for millions of citizens to go out on the streets on Friday (26th July), to back the military and police. This is a recipe for bloodshed on a massive scale and for social disaster to follow. The motivation for such an appeal is as clear as it can possibly be. It is the intention of the ruling junta to eradicate any form of opposition, to impose martial law in order to consolidate its position as the only political power in Egypt and to pro American(and thereby pro Israel) position is maintained.
Those "anti Morsi demonstrators" (at least those who are not associated with "the security forces), will find to their cost, that their aspirations to a democratic Egypt have been hijacked by the military who were only ever motivated by the objective of restoring themselves to the position they held during the days of Mubarak, the previous puppet. Mohamed Morsi, the only elected President Egypt has had, may have made many mistakes and may have been a little naive, but the military feared him and feared that their dominant position would be permanently reduced. The coup ha been in preparation since Morsi won the election last year. Practically all of Mubarak's gang are still in place or waiting for the call, the Egyptian army is still receiving $ billions from the west and it is only a matter of time before the "Mubarak status qou" is reinstated.
The stage seems set and it is now probably too late to reverse the spiral towards Friday's showdown. Egypt may well be a very different place next week.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Getting on the ladder" is only part of the problem.

Help to Buy scheme attacked by economists

This (and previous) governments obsession with "getting people onto the housing ladder" is not the solution to the housing crisis in the country today. As long as the building of social housing remains as some sort of anathema to the political mainstream, and is derided as being only for scroungers and benefit cheats by elements of the press and some sections of society, then the housing crisis will deepen and become another cause of social unrest.

Enough of this hysterical nonsense

Media generated hysteria.


This is too much. For the last 36 hours (thought it seems more like 36 days) there has been wall to wall news coverage, media and television comment and reporting, with Sky News taking first prize for frenzied minute by minute reporting from the Palace, the hospital, from a village somewhere in England, from the studio and anywhere else that Burley, Botting and company could stick a microphone into some obscure "celebrity's" face and ask for yet another banal quote. All this galvanising the mass hysteria of some elements of the public, (who the media would have you believe is the reaction of "the whole world",) with their flag waving, dancing, singing and cheering over what is after all, no more than a woman having a baby.

How will the royal baby look as he grows up?

Now the latest absurdity, this time from MSN churning out some computer generated images of what the lad may look like as he grows up. Complete nonsense jumping on the hysterical bandwagon.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Unlawful evictions take place every day

Police act Heroically In Bailiff Eviction showdown

 Every day in England and Wales, bankers are evicting people from their homes in what is one of the biggest scandals currently facing this country. The video shows that the police are not always on the side of the establishment.

This video should be shown on TV and in cinema's. Have a look and pass on.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Prospect of Palestinian Israeli "talks" fading.

 Israeli-Palestinian peace talks' resumption put in doubt by both sides

Deep hostility within the Israeli coalition government over the agreement for preliminary talks forged by Kerry on Friday.


john kerry
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, meets with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Ramalla

Without even reaching Washington, the "talks" seem to be foundering. This is not really surprising as it has always been abundantly clear that Israel has no interest or intention of making any agreement with Palestine. The comments made by members of the Israeli cabinet, demonstrate the extent of the hostility in Israel towards any measure of settlement. 

Avigdor Lieberman,

 Avigdor Lieberman, stated that "there was "no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at least not in the coming years, and what's possible and important to do is conflict-management"

Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett said “we will insist on the continuation of normal life, and a continuation of construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria."
Israel refuses to give any assurance that the pre-1967 borders form the baseline for territorial negotiations.
For some time, I have maintained that until the siege and blockade of Gaza is lifted, until the building of illegal Israeli settlements is terminated in the occupied land of Palestine, until the occupation army of Israel returns to the pre 1967 borders, there can be no settlement or accommodation between Israel and Palestine.
No matter what John Kerry may say, publicly at least, and no matter what hyperbolic enthusiasm William Hague may trot out, for the benefit of his own ego and for press consumption, the likelihood of anything positive emerging from these "talks" was always remote and now it seems that even the prospect of "talks" actually starting  is fading into obscurity.

Hague and hyperbole

John Kerry's Brokered Deal Welcomed By William Hague

john kerry
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, meets with US Secretary of State John Kerry

Foreign Secretary William Hague has welcomed the announcement that Israel and the Palestinians will meet to finalise an agreement on relaunching peace talks for the first time in five years.

Hague is a buffoon trying to give the impression of a sensible and responsible politician (if such an creature actually exists). His comments, full of hyperbole and exaggerated optimism, smack more of a minor character, trying to grab a little piece of the limelight, just in case something positive comes out of the "talks". As I have commented previously, Israel has no interest or intention  to reach any form of settlement with the Palestinians.

Israel: A state born out of terrorism.

On the 22nd July 1946, Zionist terrorists of the Irgun, attacked the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, housed in the King David hotel in Jerusalem. 91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured.

King David Hotel, Jerusalem. July 1946


"When I say that terrorism is war against civilization, I may be met by the objection that terrorists are often idealists pursuing worthy ultimate aims -- national or regional independence, and so forth. I do not accept this argument. I cannot agree that a terrorist can ever be an idealist, or that the objects sought can ever justify terrorism. The impact of terrorism, not merely on individual nations, but on humanity as a whole, is intrinsically evil, necessarily evil and wholly evil."
Benjamin Netanyahu



Sunday, 21 July 2013

HSBC in Regent Street becomes a foodbank

The campaigners highlighted research showing that 500,000 people now rely on food banks on a regular basis, with almost half saying it was because of cuts or delays in benefits payments.

UK Uncut protesters demonstrate outside a branch of the HSBC Bank in London's Regent Street

There are a number of posts on this article which demonstrate all too clearly how this government and its cohorts in the media and press, have been very successful at demonising one section of society at the expense of another section. Bile, spite and ill informed comment,  more suited to the Daily Mail or Telegraph are repeated parrot fashion and framed as contributions to what should be a serious debate about a serious problem. No matter how much venom is directed against foodbanks, the people who rely on them and the volunteers who provide the facility. it is a problem which will not go away and will only become worse as austerity bites deeper. You may be thankful that the effects have not impacted on your lives......yet.

No third runway at Heathrow

CBI head backs third runway for Heathrow

Sir Mike Rake said work on a third runway should have started years ago

What part of "No third runway at Heathrow" do these morons not understand.
It seems that we are condemned to having inquiry after inquiry, detailed plans from one pro runway group after another, public consultations  ad nauseam, six or more years of discussion and debate and all in the name of "benefit to British industry and business". These lobby groups are conducting a war of attrition in their quest for what they consider to be the "right" decision.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, "NO THIRD RUNWAY AT HEATHROW !"   

Work plan sparks road chaos fears in Weymouth

 IT IS feared new roadworks in Weymouth will mean traffic chaos as schools close for the summer.

EXPECT DELAYS: Traffic queuing at Boot Hill
Traffic queuing at Boot Hill

We can always rely on the "authorities" sending people to their stores to drag out the cones, temporary traffic lights, wheel barrows, diggers, dumpers, shovels and associated paraphernalia, over the months of June, July and August.


True, there are road works at other times of the year, but it always seems that the summer months, when holiday traffic is at its heaviest, roads are naturally congested, and tempers are at their shortest the "lets dig up that section of road now" brigade comes into its own. It is not only Weymouth that suffers from this phenomenon.

Privatisation causing chaos.

Ministry of Defence shake-up in chaos over conflicts of interest

 The Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond

Another government "privatisation plan" causing chaos. This time its the turn of the £14bn defence agency that buys the armed forces’ tanks and missiles which is in crisis, due to potential "conflicts of interest".
The track record of this governments obsession with privatisation is littered with mistakes, costly errors and un foreseen consequences. All this, in the pursuit of selling our assets to their friends in business and industry, in exchange for covert funding and favour in the boardroom. Thirty pieces of silver have never been so tarnished.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The truth is the truth.

Lib Dems withdraw party whip from MP David Ward over Israel comments

David Ward MP
David Ward was told the language he used about the state of Israel was not proportionate or precise.


Another victory for the "Israel can do no wrong and any criticism of Israel will not be tolerated" lobby.
Israel IS an apartheid state. It is also responsible for the ethnic cleansing of vast areas of Palestine and the illegal building of "settlements" in the occupied territories. Israel continues to impose a barbaric and illegal blockade of Gaza and is responsible for the death of thousands of Palestinians.
No matter what the Liberal Democrat pro Israel clique or the usual suspects of the  friends of Israel groupings may say or do, the truth is the truth (Mahatma Gandhi) no matter what hysterical rantings they may scream out to the contrary.

Cairo. 8th July 2013


Killing in Cairo: the full story of the Republican Guards' club shootings


On the 8th July, 54 people were killed by the security forces, who stated at the time that these protesters had attempted to storm the Republican Guard compound in Cairo. The western media with a few exceptions,  reported the events as part of their general support for the coup of July 3rd which overthrew President Mohammed Morsi. It now emerges that the truth of the events which  took place outside the compound, differs significantly from the "official" version.

 "the security forces launched a co-ordinated assault on a group of largely peaceful and unarmed civilians."

Cairo massacre running
Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood run for cover near the elite Republican Guards club. Photograph: Mahmoud Khaled/AFP/Getty Images

Cairo massacre women and children
Witness including medics at field hospitals, dispel the myth that the army and police did not harm women and children. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images

Cairo masscre crying
A man and woman weep as she holds a child's hand after seeing the body of a family member, killed in the attack on pro-Morsi sit-in. Photograph: Ed Giles/Getty Images

This article from "the Guardian" is an excellent piece of investigative journalism and demonstrates that not all journalists and newspapers are prepared to accept what governments, who are sympathetic and supportive of the coup conspirators, would have us believe. The western world (regardless of what they may say publicly) and the Egyptian military clearly would prefer a "Mubarak mk 2", government in Cairo, which explains why the new "interim President" and all other government appointees since the coup, are former Mubarak supporters or appointees.
The protests and the killings in Egypt continue in the wake of the military coup of the 3rd July. Yet over recent days, the media, specifically Sky News and BBC News, carry little if any coverage of the events in Cairo and elsewhere. London and Washington and the ruling Junta in Cairo, would prefer that only their versions of the truth are reported.    

Desk Top version.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Flogging a dead horse" is entirely pointless.

Labour must shift policies or risk ruin, says Len McCluskey


Trying to give the kiss of life to a corpse is a very futile exercise. Len McCluskey, and the rest of the trade union movement, should recognise and accept, that the Labour Party, as the party of working people, is dead and that no amount of "reforms" or attempts at persuasion will repair damage done over the past decades and compounded over recent months by Milliband and the rump "Blairites".  Stuck in the morass of the so called centre ground, indistinguishable from either from Conservative or Liberal Democrat, Labour is destined to become a marginalised collection of tired politicians with few policies and little support.
It is time for the trade union movement to move on and field its own candidates to give an alternative to the current, no real choice political menu.     

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A lunatic judicial system

Convicted Murderer Craig Black Absconds From Open Prison

Craig black prison escape
Craig Black had only been transferred to Leyhill in the last month

"Avon and Somerset Police are warning the public not to approach Black."

If this man is so dangerous, what lunatic judicial system and moronic set of individuals responsible for managing it allow him to be transferred to an open prison ? Within a few days of arrival, a convicted murderer just strolls out through the front entrance !
Breath taking incompetence and those responsible should be fired.”

While politicians bicker, parts of the NHS crumble into chaos and patients die.

Jeremy Hunt: 'Thousands More Died Than Expected' In NHS Hospitals

The house of Commons yesterday was reminiscent of a school playground. the "Yes you did !" "No I didn't !" "Its your fault !" bickering went from side to side of the commons chamber and even at one stage from one end of the government benches to the other end as Jeremy Hunt had a heated exchange with one of his "colleagues"on the Liberal Democrat benches.
Our politicians exchange abuse in their quest for cheap political points. while parts of the NHS crumble into chaos and patients die un necessarily.
History tells us that after the hot air and hand wringing has receded, yet another "reorganisation" will be imposed, the severity of which will be dependent upon which side of the house happens to be in power at the time.One side will continue with their obsession to privatise the NHS as far as possible, with the other side will install yet more layers of management to monitor performance, produce reports, assist with meeting "targets" which paradoxically makes the whole NHS even more bureaucratic and inefficient.
The fundamental problem is that every change of government spends an inordinate amount of time dismantling most of the previous governments reorganisations and introducing its own. There seems to be little attention paid to the fact that all the time that this is taking place, parts of the NHS crumble into chaos and patients die un necessarily.    

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

NHS: Politicians score cheap points while the problems grow.


NHS Hospitals Report Will Show 13,000 Needless Deaths Due To Poor Care

Sir Brian Jarman
Prof Sir Brian Jarman

 An independent expert on mortality rates has suggested that ministers have suppressed details of NHS failings to avoid losing votes.
Prof Sir Brian Jarman said a "basic problem" with the NHS was that the government both provided health services and monitored them.

This debate on this report has turned into the usual ya boo exchanges between Andy Burnham and the Labour party who are blamed by Priti Patel and the Conservative party and the Labour party who blame Lansley and now Jeremy Hunt for all the problems in the NHS dating back over decades and are now detailed in part at least, in today's report from medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh. The politicians rush around grabbing any news correspondent or media camera they can find to trot out their version of this disgraceful set of circumstances and state of the NHS, and to score as many cheap political points as they can cram into their allocated time in the media spotlight. We all know that at the end of this exchange of empty rhetoric, nothing will change other than perhaps yet another "reorganisation".
In the meantime of course, the front line staff, nurses, doctors, and ancillaries have to get on with the chaos that is now all too common in many of our hospitals and the patients (and their families), who should be at the centre of the debate are left to make do as best they can.There is a growing view not only in public perception but also in areas of the medical profession, that there are specific reasons for the failures of the system.
Hospitals are too big.(Big is not always better)
Hospitals have too many layers of management and too many "Chief Executives".
Hospitals are too concerned with meeting "targets"
There is too much emphasis on reporting on performance rather than on doing the job.
There are too few nurses.
Politicians should spend more time and energy on resolving these issues rather than trying to demonstrate that it is not their fault and someone else is to blame.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

It is time for a divorce

Break ties with Labour and create a party that "speaks for working people".

Like a married couple who have been arguing and bickering for many years, the TUC and the Labour party should recognise that they have come to the end of the road and that the best option for both parties would be a swift and preferably amicable divorce.I have been arguing for some time that the TUC should end the relationship with Labour and field its own candidates at elections under a manifesto which reprsents working people and social structure rather than the finance and business interests wwhich now are the main areas of concern of the Labour party.
I left Labour many years ago when Blair, Mandelson, Campbell and Brown "reformed" the party and created a centre ground "one size fits all" political grouping indistinguishable from Tory or LibDem and exchanged principle for populist expediency. Thatcher created a nation where "there is no such thing as society", greed and selfishness are good, hypocrisy is an acceptable characteristic and where the unemployed, the sick and disabled are second class citizens excluded from the mainstream. Blair, and the other "leaders" since have accepted these grotesque distortions and have done essentially nothing to redress the imbalances except for some tinkering at the margins. The anti trade union legislation remains on the statute books and has effectively castrated the TUC and affiliated unions to the extent where working people have no real representation in the workplace. There has been nothing about the current Labour leadership or the actions of the shadow ministers to suggest to me that anything has changed.
The RMT is absolutely right, and the rest of the trade union movement should follow..

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blair adds his "endorsement". 

Tony Blair Endorses Ed Milband's Union Funding "Crackdown"


Practically everyday another reason emerges for the TUC to dump Labour. There has always been the ability for any union member to "opt out" of the political levy. The media, press, television, Tories, Milliband and now Blair try to convince everyone otherwise."Rent a comment (or worse, speech)" Blair, can always be relied upon to promote himself under any banner, justifying and defending a military coup, lying to the Commons about WMD, acting as "peace envoy", the list is endless. Blair and "Red Ed" (what a stupid label for the media to jump onto), make a pretty couple confirming the duplicity and hypocrisy of today's Labour party.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The conspracy continues in North Wales.

 Jillings report finally published,many passages in the 300-page document have been redacted

Former Bryn Estyn boys home in 1992
The former Bryn Estyn boys home in 1992


The truth is still being withheld. By publishing a report with huge sections of redacted text the "authorities" confirm the extent to which the establishment influence still corrupts and covers up the evil of the abuse. It is totally unacceptable, that these perverts continue to be protected from the law and for the Councils to state that "The report can not be published in its entirety because it contains personal data and material that is considered defamatory." is an insult to the victims as well as to justice. The people responsible for this decision should also face prosecution for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.