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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Much like Major Martin (The Man who never was) this is the Relationship that never was.

The Sun announces the death of the "Special Relationship".


The Sun; Saturday 31st August 2013


  As with the vast majority of Sun journalistic nonsense over the years, remember "Gotcha", or "The Truth (in relation to the Hillsborough disaster) or "It's the Sun Wot Won it" the front page of this "Newspaper" has screamed Kelvin MacKenzie/Rupert Murdochesque garbage for many years. Today's front page (Saturday 31st August 2013) is no exception, albeit that MacKenzie has gone and a new editor
David Dinsmore, has the dubious honour of filling the chair.
However, on this occasion there is a grain of reality in the headline. It is the first instance, certainly that I can recall of a British newspaper admitting that the "Special relationship" no longer exists.In fact, the so called "Special Relationship" was a myth created in 1944 by Churchill and Roosevelt as an implied threat to Joseph Stalin and the possible domination of Europe by the USSR. It was a myth which has been perpetuated by successive governments and Prime Ministers in the United Kingdom

Churchill and Roosevelt


Whatever the "relationship" was supposed to be, it was certainly never a relationship between equals as a number of Prime Ministers have discovered to their ultimate cost. On many occasions, it has been demonstrated that as far as Washington is concerned, the only question to be asked when America says jump, is "How high?". A one sided relationship serving only the interests of America is not one that we in the UK should be prepared to accept. True, the supply of American equipment, eventually under the terms of "Lease Lend" played a pivotal part in the history of Great Britain during the Second world War, particularly during the years 1940/1941 and it is argued by some that Britain could not have won the war without the Americans. Others would argue that Britain would have won but it would have taken a lot longer. The answer to that conundrum will never be resolved.
Whether or not Bill Clinton actually said "The "special relationship" only exists in three cases; Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Israel", is debatable, but the attributed quote is more indicative of the reality of the situation.The United Kingdom were only ever viewed by the Americans as the junior associates in a programme of American self interests, to give support when instructed and to remain uncritical of American actions.
The Sun may be a little hysterical (again) in its choice of headline, but the sentiment, and the point is understandable.

Regardless of the Commons vote, or the weapons inspection teams or even the truth, Syria will be attacked.

 Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack


 "Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia."
Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an AL-Qaeda linked rebel group.

Has Cameron, Hague, Kerry or Obama read or even considered this story? It may or may not be true but the point is that in the morass of information, dis information, lies, distortions, spin, propaganda by one side and counter propaganda from the other side, fabrications and just plain "fog of war" confusion, the case for intervention in the Syrian civil war is very thin. Even with the almost constant images of "gassed" men, women and children pouring out of the pro intervention arm of the media, particularly Sky News and t BBC News, trying to galvanise the British public into accepting the Washington/Downing Street myth Assad is responsible and must be "punished", there is little, if any justification, for engaging in yet another Middle east adventure on the coat tails of Uncle Sam.
This is a civil war and we should not become involved in it.
Notwithstanding the vote in the House of Commons, I remain of the opinion that it is the firm intention of Cameron and Hague, to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the Americans and sooner rather than later, attack Syria.
Regardless of Cameron's remarks after the debate, it remains within his prerogative to commit  British military involvement without the prior agreement of the House of Commons. Retrospective approval, as in the case of Iraq, would be given with the often used (but now discredited) words that "the situation changed rapidly and we had to make an immediate decision" or "our ally was attacked and under the terms of long standing treaty obligations we had to respond ". The Royal prerogative will be invoked with all the associated potential for disaster.
There will be much wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth and demonstrations on a massive scale, but in the end our military will be involve and our duplicitous politicians will rely on public opinion "coming round" in the end.
We have seen it before.

Traffic "improvements" which only cause chaos and delays.


Gridlock chaos hits Weymouth

GRIDLOCK: Weymouth Esplanade
Crossing at the top of King Street
GRIDLOCK: Weymouth Esplanade
Weymouth Esplanade

CONTROVERSIAL: The harbour crossroads outside Asda in Weymouth
The harbour crossroads outside Asda in Weymouth


When "intelligent traffic lights" with their associated spaghetti of white lines painted seemingly at random on the road surface, replaced the roundabouts back in 2010-11, many people predicted that they would only cause confusion and delay. Tragically, not only has this has been proved to be correct but at least two people have been killed, a number of people have been injured and there have been countless accidents and near misses particularly at the "Asda" junction. This is in addition to the general congestion reported in this article.
Who ever drew up this "improved" traffic scheme for Weymouth and incidentally the surrounding approach roads, has created infinitely more problems than the scheme was supposed to rectify. The widening of pavements along the Esplanade to create a continental "bistro" type environment may seem a good idea, but in the case of Weymouth, it has led to vehicles being caught in traffic gridlock from the Pavilion to the Jubilee Clock at King Street and past the train station.
The planners and members of the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council have done little to alleviate the problem. In fact,their recently announced plans for changes to parking arrangements and the removal of parking places along both sides of the old harbour will make a bad situation even worse. It is all very well to promote and expand the "Park and Ride" scheme, but if as is and will be the case, the park and ride coaches are stuck in the traffic gridlock, the whole idea is useless.
The entire traffic system in Weymouth is a mess and requires a complete rethink. but not by the same person or persons who created this nightmare in the first place.