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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

More negative rhetoric from the British media.

The negative propaganda of the Guardian 


Picture of Hugh Muir
Hugh Muir:  Guardian's diary editor

On the 27th April I wrote in the paper (Guardian 27th April 2014: Nigel Farage is a phoney. Scrutinise him and he'll crumble.) and on this Blog (Negative rhetoric from the media reaches new low), a comment criticising the way in which media coverage of British politics, particularly in respect of Farage and UKIP has degenerated into a rather poor copy of the American media where negativity and personality assassination is the driving force and order of the day, rather than any consideration of policy.
I do not support UKIP and consequently would never vote for them, but this “Article” by Hugh Muir in today's Guardian (Wednesday 30th April 2014)  vividly demonstrates how the media are fixated on the perceived “threat” of UKIP and will use all means of propaganda to persuade people to vote for any party other than UKIP. This is a similar thought process as used by the “Vote No” side in the Scottish referendum campaign and frankly is an insult to the intelligence of the British public.
This Hugh Muir article headlines with “10 good reasons not to vote for UKIP” but contains nothing other than more negative smears and unsubstantiated nonsense masquerading as “reasoned political argument”.
When it comes to coverage of UKIP and Farage, it seems that the media are more concerned with promoting fear in the minds of the voters than allowing truth to get in the way of the smear.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Royal Mail privatisation rip off, will not be investigated. Are we really surprised?

Royal Mail Privatisation Will Not Face Probe, Says City Watchdog


Business Secretary Vince Cable and Business Minister Michael Fallon

FCA chief executive Martin Wheatley

"FCA chief executive Martin Wheatley told MPs that the watchdog had seen no evidence of regulatory failure, despite being unable to say if the process - which saw Royal Mail's share price soar 38% in the first day - had entirely complied with the rules as it had not launched an investigation."

The government, certainly the Tory part of it, "gave away" Royal mail at a knock down price to friends in the city. The "sale" of a few shares to the workforce at Royal mail was no more than a token gesture. It is hardly surprising that the scam privatisation will not be probed by the Financial Conduct Authority. Like the man said, "They are all in it together".

The scam calls claiming to be from Microsoft

Warning over phone scam calls claiming to be from Microsoft

Dorset Echo: IT SCAM: Tony Misun who is warning people about computer scam phone calls after being contacted by someone claiming to be from Microsoft
Tony Misun  warning people about computer scam phone calls

These call seem to have returned. There were a number of calls, usually coming from what seemed to be a "call centre" somewhere in India, over a period of months last year. The telephone company advised that even though we are on "Telephone Preference" blocking, BT were unable to do anything about calls originating from overseas.

bogus ‘Microsoft Tech Support’ technician,

 My own method of dealing with these morons is to drag the call out for a while with numerous questions to them about what operating system do they think I have?, what seems to be the nature of my problem,? and anything else that I can dream up at the time.
Eventually, I clearly indicate that I am aware that their call is a scam, cast some doubt on their parentage and invite the to rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying."Off and F***"
Their knowledge of Anglo Saxon English is immediately expanded.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Negative rhetoric from the media reaches new low.

 European elections: Ukip under repeated fire – but it's not putting off the voters

Nigel Farage: UKIP


The headline "Will nothing sink Farage?" says it all.
For months the popular press and media have been conducting a campaign of smear, innuendo and plain untruth to persuade people not to vote UKIP at the coming elections. The anti UKIP rhetoric now reaches the point of desperation as the date of the European elections draws nearer.
I do not support UKIP and consequently would never vote for them, but it seems to me that our press and media are becoming more like the American media where negativity and personality assassination is the driving force and order of the day, rather than any 
consideration of policy.

Parents also have responsibility


Top doctor slams schools policy for fueling epidemic of child obesity

Children healthy school lunches Swindon
Children queue for healthy school lunches


Perhaps it is about time that the concept of "parental responsibility" was introduced into this seemingly circular debate. It may reasonably be assumed that the major number of meals, snacks etc are in fact consumed by "children" at home. It is all too easy to lump the responsibility for food selection onto the schools, academies or other institutions where children spend less than 10% of their time. True, these institutions have a role to play in the health of children specifically in the selection of food for the school canteen menu, but it is ridiculous to blame schools for the obesity of children, when as soon as "little Johnny" (or little Angela), get home they are almost immediately given a beefburger, fried egg and chips (or some other equally unhealthy option) for their evening meal. The logic of some, but not all, parents, is that it is easier to pop the "ready meal" into the microwave or oven than to prepare fresh ingredients for cooking in the conventional way.

Burger, egg and chips


Of course, this is a generalisation which glosses over many factors which contribute to the attraction of convenience foods. Constraints of time, family budgets, commitments to work or other activities are amongst those complications which effect the way in which we feed our families.

Ready meals

However, the ultimate responsibility for what our children consume lies with the parents. The school can hardly be blamed for the obesity of a child who is given sweets, cakes, burgers, chips, KFC, ready meals or any of the numerous options when he or she is outside the school environment. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The desperation of Tel Aviv and Washington. 

"Splits" emerge in Palestinian national unity pact

Fatah and Hamas, sign a reconciliation agreement
 It is not in the interests of the United States or of Israel to have a "Unity government" in Palestine. Consequently they will use whatever means are at their disposal to discredit, demonise and destroy any prospect of a united PA. This "story" is just an opening salvo in a propaganda assault attempting to derail what appears to be a genuine attempt to improve the prospects for the Palestinian people. Whether Hamas and Fatah can form an effective, unified Palestinian government remains to be seen, but the world does owe them the opportunity to attempt such an idea without the mischievous interventions of Israel and the united States.

The "peace process" is dead

Yet another betrayal of the Palestinians

Robert Fisk

'Barack Obama becomes the latest US President effectively to give up on the peace process'

The "peace process" is dead (if it were ever alive in the first place) together with the concept of a "Two state solution". The Israeli's have never really been committed to or interested in any form of agreement with the Palestinians and certainly since the "Cast Lead" atrocity of December 2008, have demonstrated a growing hostility to Palestine. Continuing expansion of Israeli settlements, more building and land grabbing in Jerusalem and on the West Bank, the gradational annexation of huge sectors of the occupied territories, thus ensuring that any concept of a "viable" Palestine was negated.
Palestinians have been betrayed over many years and surely have now come to the position where only one solution remains.Palestine should apply for full membership of the United Nations with all the ramifications that such an act would generate.
The time is fast approaching when the spite and venom of the Israeli government and the duplicity of the United States (and to its eternal shame the government of the United kingdom), will be isolated in world opinion and Palestine will achieve nationhood. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Will we allow this evil murderer to remain in the UK, when we deport a 19year old girl studying for "A" levels?


Convicted killer fights deportation to ‘crowded and dirty’ Italian prison where he will be 'unable to call his wife'

Danilo Restivo

This is another glaring example of the argument and criticism which I used when condemning the deportation of Yashika Bhageerathi back in early April.

At that time,I received many comments to the effect that she deserved to be deported due to being an "illegal immigrant" and that events such as those concerning Danilo Restivo as described in this article, the family rights connections or the traumatised cat, did not in fact happen.
To all those detractors at the time, and to all those PC morons supporting this evil man now, these events do happen and they are an outrage.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another unwanted contribution from Blair.

Tony Blair, who supported Egyptian military's overthrow of democratically elected government, urges west to take sides

Tony Blair: Middle East peace envoy

The "Middle East peace envoy" adds his unwanted contribution to a debate on a problem which has essentially been created by the foreign policy decisions of the Bush family, with Blair's unquestioning adherence to and enthusiastic support for  military interventions in middle eastern countries. 
Even from the sidelines of the worlds stage, Blair continues with his lies, distortions, hypocrisy and badly concealed desire for a position which he neither deserves nor warrants. His whole existence is fueled by the growing megalomania of a dangerously deluded man seeking to promote himself to a messiah like position where his words are the gospel, his actions are exalted and his mere presence is glorified.
Ironically, the problems of today's Middle East are embedded in history and have been caused essentially by European governments, predominately the United Kingdom and France, and their betrayal of the Arab peoples since before the First World War. The problems have been compounded, certainly since the last war, by successive European and American military intrusions and the establishment of "friendly pro western" administrations regardless of support amongst the peoples of the country, These well documented interventions culminating in the catastrophic events engineered by Bush and Blair, the fallout of which is with us today and shall remain for decades ahead, are monument to man totally unfitted for any position of honesty, responsibility or public office.
For Blair to now call for the west to "take sides" is the epitome of duplicity, from a man without shame or principle..

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

They still intend to attack Syria, no matter what the world may say or do.


Syria's Bashar al Assad is "using lethal chlorine gas",  Western leaders fear.

Syria calls Presidential election.

"The Obama administration and its allies believe the Syrian government may have used chlorine gas in a deadly attack this month"

War mongering interventionists, still clamoring to become involved in the Syrian civil war and still seriously miffed that their ambitions were thwarted.
History is littered with examples of how seriously disturbed politicians and militarists, avidly supported by certain elements of the industrial sector, will continually seek to undermine and demonise any opposition to their expansionist agenda, and overturn any decisions which prevent them from carrying out their malevolent intentions.
We should all hope that the hypocritical rantings on both sides of the Atlantic, of voices even now still seeking to attack Syria, remain as disregarded contemptible nonsenses from those with their own agenda of self interest and duplicity.