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Friday, 31 July 2015

No visa for Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit London in early September-reports

Persona Non Grata.

This murderous, thieving, racist hypocrite is, by me at least, not welcome in this country.
Any visa application should be ripped up and thrown into the bin.
We have barred many other loathsome politicians from coming here on the grounds of civil rights abuses, war crimes, human rights violations and other reprehensible activities. Netanyahu has all these charges against him and should be stopped from entering the United Kingdom.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn grows by the day

Corbyn steams ahead in Labour leadership race as another trade union pledges support

Jeremy Corbyn

Two more Trade Unions and another batch of Constituency party organisations, endorse Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership. We are told however, that "critics" still claim that he is not electable.
It is worth noting that these "critics" are predominately the media and television who have their own agenda for supporting their particular choice from the other candidates and Blair with his camp followers.
It is the "Tory light" version of the Labour party that would ensure the continuation of a Conservative government into the foreseeable future. A Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party offers a clear and distinct alternative to the "status quo" of the tired old Labour policies which bear little difference from conservative policies, apart from the colour of the box in which they are presented.
It is this difference which terrifies the media and explains their hysterically vitriolic campaign of smear, distortion and belittling against the Islington North MP. The Blairites and the so called "centre", fear that their dominance within the Labour party is crumbling daily and the comfortable position of the Parliamentary Labour party within the "Westminster Bubble", is challenged.
Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with both new and old Labour party members and with people across the country by offering real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, and demonstrating that integrity, principle and giving straight answers to questions still can be found in politics today.
Support Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour party.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Killing badgers for no apparent reason.

Dorset in firing line for badger cull

The unproven, untested and barbaric practice of killing badgers for no other reason than some "expert" thinks that it may be a good idea, comes to Dorset.
The vast majority of scientific evidence and research, tell us that culling has very little or no effect on the spread of bovine TB. In fact the evidence says that inoculation would be an effective method of control if such a link could be establish and would in any case not require Badgers to be killed.  The only reason that inoculation is dismissed in because it is more expensive than a bullet and the "authorities" responsible for the culling process have to monitor costs and save money. Bloody outrageous.

Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer only more of the same.

Yvette Cooper: Labour members have “a choice of two futures”, if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership.

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper would have us believe that only she, or Burnham or Kendall (and obviously she would prefer it to be herself) can provide a return to power for Labour. It is a message that many people in this country may find rather familiar. The message that says only the right or centre right of the Labour party, is capable of securing an election victory to beat the Conservative and form a government. It is the same message which has been trotted out for many years with dwindling impact upon the electorate. The reasons why the Labour party has lost so much of its membership over the past 20 years together with a hemorrhage of voters to the SNP in Scotland and to UKIP in the rest of the UK, particularly evident in the May 7th election, is essentially because of the message that Cooper sends out today.

The "right" and "centre right" candidates

For far too long, the so called right and centre right of the Parliamentary Labour Party party have assumed that they have some sort of divine right to dominate the party and to determine what the policies shall be and in which direction the party will go forward. In this role of domination they have pursued the path of seeking to satisfy the “centre ground” with Labour versions of what are essentially Conservative policies. The result of this deception is that people have taken the view that rather than vote Labour and get some wishy washy facsimile of a Conservative government, they may as well vote Conservative, or perhaps more likely and disastrous for Labour, not vote at all or move to the SNP or UKIP candidate.
In one sense, Cooper is right when she says that this Labour leadership election provides “a choice of two futures”, but the comment applies specifically to the Labour party and the policies and values which the party should adopt. On the one hand, Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer more of the same. A rag bag collection of of pseudo Conservative policies wrapped up in a different coloured paper, and presented to the electorate under a cloud of lies and deceit in yet another attempt to gain power at the ballot box.

Jeremy Corbyn. The "other" candidate.


The other candidate is the one that they, and the media and television, all fear. That explains the almost hysterical campaign of smear, innuendo and personal attacks being waged on the front page of practically every newspaper and on many of the popular news channels against Jeremy Corbyn and those who support him in the election campaign. How strange it is that the candidate who speaks about issues and vision, the candidate who is generally acknowledged (even by opponents) to give straight answers to the questions and to tell the truth, the candidate who offers real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, should be so vilified and abused by those who have lies, deceit and duplicity as part of their everyday make up.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The "Independent" has become just a poor facsimile of the other "rags".

Labour leadership: New poll shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband

Which one of these candidates will succeed Ed Miliband?

Some time ago, the “Independent” was just that. A newspaper giving an independent view of events and stories from both within the United Kingdom and from around the world. Since the arrival of the “new” editorial regime however, the “Independent” has degenerated into a rather poor facsimile of the other press outlets competing in the media world, for the rather dubious position of being the most biased and deceitful right wing rag on the newsagent racks and the “online” news sites. In this, the “Independent” joins the “Mail” and the “Telegraph” on that fringe of the media spectrum, which provides a compelling case for merging the “Independent” with one or other of these “newspapers” in order to avoid duplication and to save money in production costs, staff salaries and associated expenses for the benefit of the shareholders.
Today's story, “Poll shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband”, is yet another example of how the media, and in particular the “Independent”, will never allow truth to get in the way of ensuring that the biased, negative message will be presented to the readership. In this regard, the independent joins the rest of the media and television in the campaign to affect the voting intentions of Labour Party members in the forthcoming leadership debate. With dubious statistics and questionable analysis, the Independent seeks to demonstrate that the election of any of the candidates other than Jeremy Corbyn, it is the only way for Labour to have any chance of electoral success in 2020. The media advocate that the Labour Party would be going backwards in the event that the Labour Party membership should elect Corbyn, and yet their preferred candidates represent views going back to Tony Blair, and who propose policies no different from those which have been rejected by the voters over the past two elections.
What is clearly obvious, is that this latest story from the Independent is merely part of an ongoing campaign to ensure the election of any candidate other than Jeremy Corbyn.

Giving crdeibility to a scurrilous distraction shows a naive personality.

Harriet Harman: we are weeding out bogus Labour leadership voters

Harriet Harman: A very naive personality

How far will the present leadership go to appease an hysterical media and television campaign to discredit and undermine the election process?
Harman has fallen into the trap engineered by elements on the right and has demonstrated a very naive personality. To even acknowledge the "infiltration" distraction and then to give it credence by defending "the integrity of her party’s leadership election system", evidences the extent to which the Blairites and the right, emboldened by the media and Tory supporters, are prepared to sink in order to achieve the election of their preferred candidate. The electorate will never vote for a party which offers the same policies as the Conservatives, but with a different coloured wrapping. The Labour commitment to more austerity but of a different shape was rejected at the last election and at the one before. To go into another period until the next election of Labour trotting out the same old faces offering the same old policies is exactly what the Conservatives and their city and financial masters are dreaming of. Conservative government for the foreseeable future. 
They and the media who support them are petrified of the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership contest. Harman has, with today's intervention, given some small grain of hope to the rabid right. She should immediately declare that the election will proceed as planned, no matter what the opponents may say or do. Show some guts Harriet and lead.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Who's side are you on?

The bloody chaos that is the war between the Turks, the Kurds, the Syrians and ISIS, with the Americans wondering who to bomb next.

Chaos.Kurds from Turkey and Syria pull down border fences

The Kurds are fighting against ISIS and the Turks. Turkey is fighting against ISIS and the Kurds. ISIS is fighting against the Turks and the Kurds. All are fighting against Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Government.The Americans (closely followed by Cameron) are fighting against ISIS in support of the Syrian government and therefore must be fighting against the Turks and the Kurds. ("My enemy's enemy is my friend" and all that tosh)
Is it really possible to have 4 (plus Cameron) different sides in one war all fighting against each other? 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

MP John Mann oversteps the mark as he urges Harriet Harman to suspend the Labour leadership election

Labour leadership race should be halted over 'infiltrators', MP John Mann says

John Mann. MP for Bassetlaw

John Mann urges Harriet Harman to suspend the Labour Leadership contest, due to "infiltrators" affecting the outcome.
What the member for Bassetlaw actually means is that because his preference for the leadership of the party is likely to be beaten in the election, the goalposts should be moved to ensure a more acceptable outcome at some leadership election in the future. In this objective, he joins a group of other MP's who are desperately seeking to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming leader. The other conspirators in this odious plot of innuendo and smear, skulk in the shadows making noises, but who hide behind a cloak of anonymity, too cowardly to reveal their identities and true motives.
It is indeed ironic, that the "Blairites" and other factions of the Labour right, brought in a new voting system for election of the leader, in an attempt to stifle or at least curb "the influence of the Unions" in Labour party policy and  leadership elections. Under the banner of making the party "more democratic" by giving every member some influence with the "one member, one vote" reform, it was envisaged that their old enemy of "the Left", would be permanently isolated and rendered incapable of mounting any challenge to the historic position of power within the party and its structure that the right has enjoyed for many years.
In this it seems, that their strategy has been severely dented, if not completely destroyed as a surge of popular support for the "outsider" has confirmed that the wider party membership has become completely disillusioned with the present leadership and the never ending drift of the majority (but thank heavens not all) of the Parliamentary Labour Party into supporting the Conservative government, or abstaining on crucial votes.

Harriet Harman MP. Interim Labour leader, urged to postpone leadership election.

Mann has now publicly joined the hysterical campaign of smear, innuendo and lies raging in the media and television as well as elements in the PLP,  but in calling for the election to be postponed, he has overstepped the mark of what is or is not acceptable in the cut and thrust of political argument.
Harman should publicly and loudly reject the call for suspending the election process and should censure Mann for even suggesting it. Should the election be postponed it will ensure a split within the labour party which will be bitter,acrimonious and permanent.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another example of "balanced" reporting from Andrew Grice of the Independent.

Andy Burnham's Labour leadership prospects boosted after 15 election candidates show support. 

(But Grice does not mention  the 27 election candidates who state support for Corbyn)

Andrew Grice: Not very subtle in his display of bias.

A typical piece of "balanced" reporting from the Independent. Fifteen election candidates support Burnham screams Andrew Grice, but he fails to mention the 27 Labour candidates from the 2015 election who have publicly stated support for Jeremy Corbyn.That is almost two to one in favour of supporting Corbyn.The Independent joins the media campaign of smear and distortion in their hysterical efforts to influence Labour party members to vote for anyone except Corbyn.
Biased and partisan reporting at its most reprehensible. 

Jeremy Corbyn gaining more support

Open letter from 2015 Labour candidates

Leadership candidates

Support for Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour party grows by the hour. The media and television are petrified at this prospect and are indulging in a vitriolic and noxious campaign of smear, innuendo and hysterical scare tactics in an attempt to influence the party members to vote for an alternative candidate. In this nasty negative agitation, they are aided and abetted by some current Labour MP's and former party members such as Blair, David Milliband and Mandellson, who seem determined to vilify the only candidate proposing a real alternative to their tired old policies.
The growing number of ordinary people joining or rejoining the Labour party indicates that Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with people across the country. This open letter from some of the 2015 candidates adds support and another perspective to the drive to elect Corbyn as the next Labour party leader.

Friday, 24 July 2015

David Milliband, Blairite former Foreign Secretary, throws his support behind Liz Kendall

The former Foreign Secretary appeals to Labour not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband

Milliband Major emerges from his self inflicted exile in New York as  President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee to reveal to the waiting throng how he believes that the Labour party needs "new ideas" and drops the broadest hint that members should vote for Liz Kendal, the Blairite candidate. Now there is a surprise.

Liz Kendall; Trailing in 4th place in the leadership race.

Milliband Major's thinly veiled criticism if not hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn should also not surprise anyone, who will remember how this Blair camp follower and sycophantic admirer of the "Blair legacy" was rejected by Labour in favour of his brother Milliband Minor. The elder of the two, never really came to terms with his loss and stalked off to the United States, still smarting and in a fit of pique which is still clearly evident now.
What is truly noticeable, is how the party  right and ultra right Blairites are combining in their hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn and are trotting out the "old guard" to rubbish and discredit the candidate whom they all fear. The media and television are of course rubbing their hands with glee at the sight and sound of the old warriors relishing once more in
the limelight of media attention as they sing out the praises of their preferred candidate.
It is as though living through a rerun of the 1980's where the right of the Labour party were  hysterical in their desperate efforts to ensure that their people retained the grip on the reins of power at the expense of principle and integrity. They failed in that ignoble objective then, and subsequently departed to form another party. History has a habit of repeating itself

Another SDP style split?

John Mills, one of the Labour party’s biggest benefactors, says wealthy supporters could withdraw backing if Corbyn wins leadership election

John Mills, one of Labour’s biggest donors

Another pseudo Blairite threatens Labour party members to vote for the proper, (ie his preference, Kendall), candidate or else. No doubt John Mills is also one of those siren voices bleating that "the Unions" have too much influence in the Labour party because of the money they donate to party the organisation.
(Mills is another of those hypocrites who conveniently forget that the Labour party was created by the TUC not by a privileged bunch of rich businessmen or women).

The "Gang of Four"

In 1981, Roy Jenkins,David Owen, William Rodgers and Shirley Williams led a few other MP's and some part voters, off into the sunset to form a "new" party , paradoxically called the Social Democratic Party or SDP. The overriding reason for this departure was that they could not bear the democratic reforms that the Labour party had introduced in structure, MP selection, policy making and other measures to give the wider membership of the party a greater role. The "Gang of Four" and their small band of followers, realised that they could no longer always have their own way and command complete subservience of other MP's and the party members. In David Owen's case, he realised that his long held dream of being party leader and Prime Minister was completely shattered when the party decided to have the leader elected by the party rather than solely by the Parliamentary Labour Party MP's.

Labour leadership candidates: 2015

Today's leadership election has some remarkable similarities to the situation as existed in 1981.
The "right" of the PLP together with elements of "business interests" and some party members are terrified at the prospect of the "wrong" candidate being elected as leader and thereby losing their positions of comfort and influence. By spreading smear, innuendo, lies and intimidation, they believe that they can somehow retain their own position in the Westminster bubble. In this campaign of distortion and threat, they are more than adequately supported by the media and television and selected "public opinion" interviews and comment from people who are not even members of the Labour party and frequently hold memberships of very different political groups.
Why then should there be any discomfort for the Labour party generally when some vested interest or other, be they MP's, business "leaders", elements of the media or even a combination of all three, predict that there will be another "SDP-style split in the party"?
It has happened before and the party was a better place for their leaving. Now today's descendants of the "Gang of Four" threaten to leave if they do not get their own way.
They will not be missed. Within a few short months, the SDP was absorbed by the Liberal party and everyone knows what happened to them.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A hotbed of intrigue, self interest and hypocrisy.

  Kendall, Umunna and Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet

The Parliamentary Labour party, (the Labour MP's),is a hotbed of intrigue, self interest and hypocrisy. Only Jeremy Corbyn and it seems 47 other MP's had the consistency and integrity to vote against the recent Conservative Welfare reform and work bill, while the rest cowered behind a mealymouthed amendment and then sat on their hands on the substantive motion, thus ensuring that the bill was passed to the next stage in its progression through Parliament.
It is this "rocking the Parliamentary boat", which petrifies the majority of the PLP. For far too long the MP's of the Labour party have pursued policies which they mistakenly consider as being popular with the public, in order to retain their seats. The last general election proved how wrong these misguided individuals have become in the comfort of the green leather benches. The Labour party was decimated in Scotland by a party which opposed austerity and placed the interests of ordinary people above those of the vested interests of business and corporations. The Labour party was beaten in the rest of the United Kingdom by UKIP and the Green Party (albeit that our distorted electoral system did not reflect this in the number of seats won) opposed to austerity and appealing to the traditional base of Labour voters amongst ordinary people.
This in itself, should have proved to the Labour party MP's that they were offering the wrong message and under the wrong leadership. However, they seem determined to continue their petulant rejection of any candidate or group which seeks to reconnect with the people of this country, and stubbornly refuse to accept the evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for them, the new voting procedure of "One member one vote" to be used for the first time in this leadership election, could produce the very result which they dread.

The result which could produce a leader who is not "the same as all the others" and places integrity and principle as a platform for political argument and policy.
It seems that the "old guard" with their heads firmly in the sand, may have misjudged the ambitions of the new and old members of the Labour party as they misjudged the inclinations and intentions of the electorate on and prior to May 7th 2015.
Cooper, Burnham, Kendall and the rest and the media and television who support them, seek to cling on to the status quo with insults, threats and misrepresentation towards their opponents. It may well be that they will succeed in their scheming intrigues, but the party and the public will not forgive or forget.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Blair crawls out from woodwork. Again.

Jeremy Corbyn's supporters are 'reactionary' says Tony Blair 

Millionaire and hypocrite


Blair again crawls out from the wood work to offer his "advice and guidance" on the future of the Labour Party. Why anyone should listen to this multi millionaire hypocrite, is anyone's guess. He, along with Mandelson and Campbell destroyed the party of Keir-Hardy, Attlee and Bevan to create a monster where corporate interest and greed became the norm at the expense of ordinary people. 

Labour spends too much time focusing on the poor and not enough on the middle class

His prodigy Liz Kendall, the right wing Blairite in the leadership election, states that Labour is "spending too much time focusing on the poor and not enough on the middle class". A line which could have been provided by Blair's speech writers.
Tony Blair should crawl back beneath his stone and take the awful Liz Kendall with him.

"Landmarks" on the road to the creation of the state of Israel

Atrocities on the road to the state of Israel.

King David Hotel; Jerusalem July 22nd 1946.  Bombed by Irgun terrorists

Today, 22nd July 1946, Jewish terrorists from the militant Zionist organisation Irgun,planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the King David hotel in Jerusalem. 91 people of various nationalities predominately British service personnel were killed in the explosion and 46 were injured when the western half of the southern wing of the hotel collapsed.
July of 1947, witnessed what became known as "The Sergeants affair", when Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice of the British Army Intelligence Corps, were kidnapped by Irgun, and subsequently hanged.

Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice; Hanged by Irgun terrorists.

It is worth remembering that the present state of Israel, was born out of terrorism and that Irgun, Haganah and terrorists from other Zionist militant organisations, formed the first and subsequent governments of the state. Today, those same people or their descendents occupy positions in government, businesses and the foreign service, and events such as these are celebrated in Israel and the territories occupied since 1947, as landmarks on the road to the establishment of what Netanyahu and others, now call the "Jewish State" .

The fear and dismay of media and television at the prospect of Corbyn winning Labour leadership.

 Jeremy Corbyn set to win Labour leadership contest, poll finds

The media and television, are becoming hysterical in their "Stop Corbyn" campaign of bitterness and acrimony. Perhaps this is a sign of the growing support amongst Labour supporters and the thousands of people who have joined or rejoined the party since Jeremy Corbyn announced his candidacy.

More of the same

It is not difficult to understand this support when the other three candidate offer the same or broadly similar platforms and more alarmingly, propose the same policies as those of the Conservatives, but with a different colour wrapping paper. The people of this country deserve and demand an alternative political perspective to the current all essentially the same programmes, as those on offer from the present "mainstream" parties in the Westminster club.
Perhaps it is this, that generates such fear and dismay within the editorial offices and the newsrooms of press and television. Corbyn has struck a chord with large sections of the public and the membership of the Labour party. It is not too soon for principle and integrity to replace opportunism and duplicity both within the Labour party and in the country.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

"Sitting on hands" is a spineless insult.

 48 Labour MPs defied the party whip to vote against the bill rather than abstain 



Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman had urged her party MP's to abstain



"Sitting on hands" on such an important issue as this, is an insult to all those who turned out to vote and elected these "MP's" last May. At least Jeremy Corbyn and 47 other Labour members had the backbone to oppose a bill which attacks the vulnerable sectors of our society and will increase child poverty.
The current Labour leadership in the House of Commons, albeit on a temporary basis, demonstrates all too clearly why ordinary people believe that there is little if any difference between the policies of both Labour and Conservative Parliamentary parties on the majority of the issues affecting this country. The other candidates, Burnham, Cooper and Kendal reveal how the Labour PLP under their leadership would be no different from what is the status quo today. All too often, we have heard the feeble reasoning for abstention promising opposition at a later stage. That was the comment from Burnham, promising to "fight this regressive bill, word by word, line by line" (provided that he is elected as leader in September), whilst hiding behind the skirt of the mythical "collective shadow cabinet responsibility", to justify his abstention. If a government policy is wrong at some later date, it is wrong now and must be opposed at every opportunity.
The performance of those MP's abstaining on such a crucial issue as this, brings discredit to the Labour party and underlines the fact that currently, the party lacks direction, purpose and principle. Furthermore, there little prospect of any change should Burnham, Cooper or Kendal become the next leader. Jeremy Corbyn may be unelectable, that is if you believe the media, television and other right of centre black propaganda, (but there is much evidence to indicate that vast sections of the public actually support his candidacy), but a Labour party under his leadership would provide a clear and distinguishable choice in the political spectrum.

Monday, 20 July 2015

A history of failed foreign policy.

What a choice for Egypt – a megalomaniac president or the madness of Isis

American "foreign policy" 

As is invariably the case in the foreign policy options of the United States, particularly in the Middle east, the American have managed to screw up an entire country and crate an infinitely worse and more dangerous situation than that which existed before their infantile meddling. By encouraging and supporting (perhaps even participating in) the overthrow of a democratically elected President and replacing him with a military dictatorship led by a despotic little General, the Americans have ensured that Isis (another failed experiment where an American organised and financed organisation has morphed into a dangerous and brutal "terrorist" group) has spread its influence to yet another country.
The evidence after years of experience has taught successive American governments nothing.

Friday, 17 July 2015

An extra £135 per week for MP's !

David Cameron: 10% pay rise offers MPs opportunity to be more charitable

MP's have been awarded a salary increase of more than 10%. This award has been granted by the "independent" pay review body and consequently MP's are unable to do anything about it. They may of course as individuals, refuse to accept the increase or alternatively pay the extra cash into some charity or other deserving organisation. The extra money on their payslips, amounts to somewhere in excess of £7000 per annum, which is in excess of the money many people receive as income. Put another way, this figure amounts to around £135 per week.

10% increase for MPs was confirmed with salary now at £74,000.PA

It is then ironic that not too long ago, some Public sector workers, nurses, NHS workers and other essential workers were awarded, by another independent pay review body, an increase of between 1% and 2% dependent upon specific criteria. In this case however, the MP's blocked the independent pay award as the "country could not afford the increase".

Nurses protest: Government's refusal to give a 1%t pay increase to all NHS staff.

You may detect a degree of inconsistency in this saga.
Personally, I think that it is a bloody outrage that these money grabbing, expense fiddling rogues can milk the system while the rest of us are condemned to suffer the consequences of the austerity measures necessary for the benefit of the country. Austerity measures which incidentally are imposed upon us by MP's !

"Senior Party figures" prefer the comfort of the status quo

Senior party figures forecast doom after Jeremy Corbyn surge

The "Senior party figures" referred to in this article, are the very same people who have driven the Labour party into a rump opposition, where they are likely to remain for the foreseeable future. The reason for their doom and gloom forecast for party fortunes in the event of a Corbyn win are blatantly obvious. The "Senior party figures", predominately from "safe" Labour constituencies, have become too complacent and too comfortable with their positions in the commons, their inflated salaries (soon to increase by another 10%), their bottomless pit of taxpayers money there it seems purely to satisfy their insatiable appetite for the perks of the "expenses claim" scams and the prospect of someone "rocking their boat" is too awful to contemplate. The "status quo" is always the most comfortable position. The fact that they offer the same or very broadly similar policy options to the Conservative, Liberal Democrat or other traditional Westminster bubble options is of little consequence.
As someone once said, these "Senior party figures" have sat for too long in one place for any good that they have been doing.
It may well be that the media, television, Labour party establishment of the Blairite wing and the incessant smearing of the Tory press, may stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next leader of the Labour party. However, the stench of the machinations against him are already souring the election process.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

They are terrified that he could actually win and give them some real opposition.

Daily Telegraph urges readers to 'doom' Labour by backing Jeremy Corbyn

Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn

The media, press, television and the "Blairite" sections of the Labour party, are petrified at the increasing momentum of the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign. The Guardian, Telegraph,Independent, Mail and others are queuing to smear, rubbish and discredit the man who is striking a chord with vast sections of the public and withing the wider Labour party.
When your enemies are so vitriolic, you are doing it right.

This government is declaring war against the people of this country

NHS consultants given ultimatum on weekend working 


The leader


Image result for osborne
The fiscal "mastermind"









Destroying the NHS



Leading the war on welfare
Leading the assaults on Trade Unions




Hunt oversimplifies (as usual), a very complex matter in order to send an ultimatum from his government department to yet another sector of society. With numerous ultimatums and threats over the past week, there seems to be no part of society which this wretched government is not seeking to declare war on.
Fighting a war on two fronts is never a good idea (just ask the Germans), but Cameron, Osborne, Javid and now Hunt are instigating hostilities against ordinary people all around the country.





Wednesday, 15 July 2015

They have sowed the wind



 The biggest crackdown on trade union rights for 30 years

NHS workers on a picket line outside a hospital in Basingstoke. The new laws would require 40% of health workers eligible to vote to support any strike.


 Not content with punishing the sick, disabled and welfare claimants with pernicious cuts to expenditure and services, the rabid right of the Conservative government, now declare war on the Trade Union movement.
By attacking ordinary working people the government have laid the seeds of discontent and civil conflict in this country.

"They have sowed the wind and now they are going to reap the whirlwind"

The IMF and Europe fall out.

Leaked IMF report heaps fresh pressure on creditors to grant massive relief ahead of key vote

Who will trust Germany after this?

Disagreement between the IMF and the other terrorists in Europe is not new. It has been evident for over a week now as Merkel and the other Eurozone cabal members have been heaping humiliation and humbling on the Greek people as some form of punishment for Tsipras and his government, having the courage to stand up against the bullies of Northern Europe.
We should not be concerned when gangsters fall out amongst themselves.

Workers face ban on striking .



Tories launch biggest crackdown on trade unions for 30 years 




 The Labour party must oppose the continuing assault on ordinary people in this country. Organisation and protests against the excesses of this Conservative government is essential. Should Harriet Harman suggest even partial support for Conservative policies, she is clearly in the wrong party.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The "Interim Labour Leader" is in the wrong party !

Harriet Harman struggles to hold Labour together over welfare changes

Harriot Harman. A "leader" in the wrong party

Harriet Harman "struggling to hold the party together on welfare changes urging Labour MPs not to vote against the welfare reform bill" !
Harman has been drifting more to the right for some years and now seems to have finally lost the plot altogether.
She is certainly not the same Harriet Harman who I and thousands of other Trade Unionists stood with on the Grunwick picket lines some years ago. It seems that since her election in Peckham (now Camberwell and Peckham) in 1982, she has gone the way of many people, elected to Parliament as Labour MP's who have found Parliamentary life with its associated kudos of office is far more attractive when following the "Party line" and being rewarded with appointments to shadow posts under Kinnock and then ministerial positions under Blair and Brown.
Fortunately, not all Labour MP's have allowed the prospect of rewards from the Party leader to supersede their political beliefs and principles.
In the case of Harriet Harman urging Labour MP's not to oppose this governments plans to cut welfare expenditure, she has demonstrated abundantly clearly, that she is in the wrong party.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Financial terrorism from Brussels. You will capitulate to our demands or we shall crush you.

Greece and eurozone reach agreement in bailout talks

How nauseating it is that the media and television, particularly Sky News, should be so triumphant in their reportage of the Brussels "agreement" while basking in the apparent "capitulation of Tsipras and the left wing Greek government".
The "conquest" by the Troika, Brussels and the European Central Bank has achieved a deal (which is yet to be ratified by the governments of the signatory governments) only to start negotiations for another bail out of the Greek economy, which includes privatisations, pension reforms, and other austerity measures dictated to the Greek people by Brussels.
The bottom line of this "agreement" is of course, that the bullies of Brussels have achieved by threat, blackmail and financial terrorism, the imposition of measures which by any understanding are only to the benefit of the banks of Greece, European speculators and the financial institutions of Brussels. The ordinary people of Greece are as usual, sacrificed on the altar of capitalism. The message which Brussels is sending to the world, says "Forget any trace of democracy. You will capitulate to our demands or we shall crush you and any resistance to us."
The media may gloat in the Pyrrhic victory of the IMF, Brussels Merkel cartel, demonstrating that it is finance not people that is by far, the most important factor in today's world.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Pressure group "Labour First" pleads for party members to vote against Jeremy Corbyn.

 Labour pressure group urges vote against Jeremy Corbyn



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Jeremy Corbyn





Labour First Group secretary Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst is a typical example of the rotten rump within the Labour Party who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, clings to the delusion that Labour should seek the mythical so called "centre ground" in order to achieve electoral success. The fallacy of this belief is amply demonstrated in the decline in membership of the Labour Party over recent years, and perhaps more importantly, in the way that the electorate have chosen to vote for other parties at elections. It is glaringly obvious, that when the traditional parties, Labour, Conservative and even Liberal Democrats are offering essentially the same policy options but in different wrapping paper, people will vote, if they vote at all, for that party which they consider to be the most credible option to deliver the manifesto promises at the last general election, voters deserted the Labour Party in droves, turning to either the UKIP candidates south of the border, or the SNP in Scotland. Both parties opposed to austerity and appealing to working people. Labour on the other hand, offered more austerity, albeit that the timescale for implementation was longer than the Tories, and did not propose any rolling back of the divisive legislation, implemented over previous years by the ConDem coalition. The PLP even supported the government in passing cuts and thereby destroying the last shreds of their credibility.
It was not a case of Labour failing to get their policies across to the electorate. It was, even before polling day, glaring apparent that the policies were wrong !
Akehurst, and those who subscribe to his warped view of reality, will consign the Labour party to years of dwindling numbers and even less electoral success. People are completely disillusioned with a Labour party which peddles the line which says "we have a set of policies and beliefs, but we will change them as others change their underwear, if you will vote for us".
Political prostitution is very ugly.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Osborne's budget makes 13 million families worse off and Duncan-Smith celebrates..


George Osborne pushing low income families further into poverty

Chancellor George Osborne

What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday morning, the television news and the media generally, were full of reports with headlines such as "Hooray! Its pay rises all round", "From welfare to work", "The well, fair state" and other equally meaningless nonsense, trying to convince the public what a great guy George Osborne was in producing a winning budget. Now, less than 24 hours later,Osborne's sleight of hand, has been exposed as nothing but an exercise in the use of smoke and mirrors to conceal the fact that this budget has made millions of people worse off, particularly those at the lower end of the income structure. No wonder that Iain Duncan-Smith was celebrating.

Iain Duncan-Smith, celebrating.

Again the poorest in society are bearing the impact while those few at the upper end are protected from cuts and will no doubt become even more well off. Osborne has juggled with statistics and has distorted truth to produce a budget for the better off. The bottom line, which has been revealed by an independent financial body, is very simple. In this country, more than 13 million families will be almost £1000 per year worse off following this budget, and even more adversely effected in coming months when the government implement additional cuts to welfare expenditure. These measures may fill Duncan-Smith with ecstatic delight, but only produce morbid apprehension amongst millions of people.
When it comes to extolling the budget measures as being a "New deal bringing higher wages", parts of the media have no equals. It is to their eternal shame that they are very reticent in their comment exposing lies, deceipt and duplicity of this wretched government.