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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blair retains his ambition to be the President of a United States of Europe.

 The Saviour of Europe?


Tony Blair.

Tony Blair, the former prime minister has apparently announced he is looking for a prominent pan-European role in the fight against euroscepticism.


Blair has always wanted to be the first president of a "United States of Europe". His personal ambitions and arrogant conceit, destroyed the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, took this country in to (at least) one illegal war, betrayed colleagues and friends in government and party and has shown bias towards Israel in his dealings as "Middle East Peace Envoy". His credibility lies in tatters and he now offers advice (or as he would prefer, instructions) to the people of this country on membership of and its relationship with,the European Union. Blair's "advice", as with his perception of history, should be treated as self serving rhetoric, designed to promote Blair and his egotistical vision of his desired role on the world stage.
His ego extends even into religion, with his "I am good at absorbing others' pain" comment, back in October last year. A Blair quote which speaks volumes for the mental state of this warmongering megalomaniac. He now sees himself as some form of deity as well as all the other incarnations he has assumed over the years. Perhaps we may even see a "Pope Blair 1st" in the future.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Bring back the "Cottage Hospital"

NHS must end mass centralisation.



NHS England's new chief executive Simon Stevens
NHS chief executive Simon Stevens

At last, perhaps the penny may have dropped. The new boss of NHS England Simon Stevens has said what many of us have been saying for years, that the NHS (and governments responsible for it) must end mass centralisation and instead expand its local services to treat people in their own communities.The re in statement of "cottage hospitals" is long over due.
On the 25th May in fact, I commented in another context (Return to Victorian-style hospitals to fight superbugs, experts urge.)
 "A good idea. Perhaps a return to the "cottage hospitals" is also called for. Larger is not automatically better as is often found in the huge complexes that pass for hospitals today."

The Old Hospital (Burford)

 We may yet see sanity and efficiency return to our NHS.

Labour offers "No change"

Future Labour Government will not undo Coalition Government Cuts 




Ed Miliband And Ed Balls

Labour will not undo ConDem Coalition cuts. Labour have not undone Tory anti trade union legislation. Labour will not  restore the real reductions in pensions, nor will they reverse the increases in taxation for working people imposed at the same time as reductions in taxes for millionaire. The Labour party will not restore essential public services, energy, water, railways to public ownership and prevent the excesses of privatised industries and their profiteering at the expense of their customers and the country. The Labour party will not commence a programme of house building, particularly in the social housing sector, to address the chronic and shameful housing shortage in this country.
This is not the Labour party of which I was a member for many years.Labour has deserted its traditional values, in social justice, in protection of workers rights, in curbing the excesses of businesses and industry and it has even descended to voting with the Condem coalition or abstaining on votes crucial to sections of our society.
It is difficult if not impossible, to see what in fact, Labour would do in the event that they were elected to govern in 2015, other than continue with the disastrous policies of this ConDem coalition and their drive for austerity, which have benefited no one except the rich and big businesses at the expense of the ordinary people of this country.
If all parties are the same, and UKIP are even further to the right, there is little point in voting at all.

A conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

Chilcot Inquiry: Conversations between George Bush and Tony Blair will never be made public

A grubby little cover up


The conspiracy to enter into war, has recruited new members with a grubby little deal to cover up evidence and conceal the truth. In any other circumstances, this would be a case of "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice".


Bush and Blair; Shoulder to shoulder

The Cabinet Office has decreed that disclosure of the full text of documents would be detrimental to United States/United Kingdom relations and could endanger the "Special Relationship"(a relationship which in fact only exists in the imagination of many British politicians). It is intolerable that un elected and un accountable civil servants are able to thwart and disrupt a legal enquiry and protect former politicians and foreign dignitaries from examination and being held accountable for their actions. 
It seem that Blair will never be put on trial for war crimes.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The former "main parties" still ignore reality

Yvette Cooper: 'Labour Will Not Imitate Ukip On Immigration'

Yvette Cooper


It is staggering to see yet again, how politicians in this case Labour, seek to over simplify and reduce complex circumstances to just one issue. Their failure to recognise and address what is actually happening is a symptom of all that is wrong with British politics and demonstrates that either by accident, or more likely by design, they are unable to accept that their constant repetition of previous failed policies and meaningless cliches, is no longer, if it ever was, acceptable to people in this country.
The success of UKIP at the polls last week is not only about immigration, as Yvette Cooper, and many other politicians from the former main parties would have you believe. In fact their constant harping on about the "immigration issue" is both patronising and insulting to the people who voted on the 22nd May.
In a previous article I wrote, " The British people will no longer tolerate the political status quo, where a policy from one party sounds very much like a policy from another party, where the excesses of banks and private industries are frowned upon but remain unchecked, where cuts to public finances and services, particularly in the NHS effect peoples lives on a daily basis and where the dictates of Europe on immigration, working practices, cross border controls, even closer integration and one thousand and one other measures are accepted without challenge or protest"
The former "main parties" must grasp the fact that it is not just about immigration.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A sham election to legitimise a coup. 

Egypt elections extended amid weak turnout 

Egypt extended its presidential election an extra day as the government, military and supporters of front-runner Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi are scrambled to increase turnout after two days of reportedly thin voting


 Egyptians have been given an extra day to cast their ballots in the country's presidential election, after two days of low voter numbers at polling booths.
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is so popular with the Egyptian people, that the polls have been extended to try and get more people to vote. Polling stations empty, few voters but still only one pre determined winner.
No doubt the final figures will show that "99% of voters" cast their ballots and of these the "vast majority" chose al-Sisi.
A sham election, with a sham outcome. The coup of last year (no matter what the Americans may call a military take over) which overthrew a democratically elected President has completed the circle and installed another dictator with no opposition, to replace Mubarak.

What he actually meant was, leaving the EU would be contrary to the interests of Tony Blair.

Leaving the EU would be a "massive step backwards and totally contrary to the proper interests of the country", Tony Blair.

Tony Blair tells Milliband to stand firm

He urged Labour and other parties not to ape UKIP's stance on Europe and immigration and said Ed Miliband must "stay firm" on his pledge not to hold a EU referendum unless more powers go to Brussels.

It seems that the media, particularly the BBC, are obsessed with the opinions, comments or other forms of contribution from Blair.
No matter what the subject, it just happens this time to be UKIP and Europe, this war criminal, liar  self serving, and self opinionated hypocrite, is trotted out into the media limelight to offer his "gospel according to Blair" vision of reality. The "revealed truth" from the man who took this country to war on the basis of a conspiracy of lies cobbled together in collaboration with Bush, destroyed the Labour party in his quest for personal advancement, and has made £millions seeking to perpetuate and advance his own personae on the world stage.
The media may be intoxicated with the "Blair brand" but, i would suggest that there are many of the British people who are not.His opinions are unwanted and tinged with more than a hint of hypocrisy.

Monday, 26 May 2014

The face of British politics has changed

Ukip Wins European Elections


UKIP top the European Election poll



Whichever way you look at it, whatever your own personal preferences may be, no matter what spin Danny Alexander, or Nick Robinson, or Sadiq Khan or Chris Grayling or any of the others may vainly attempt to put on it, the results of the local elections, now compounded by the results of the European elections, clearly demonstrate that the face of British politics has changed. With UKIP topping the election close to 4% ahead of Labour, who emerged less than 1% ahead of the
Conservatives, the months between now and the next general election will be frantically
with the two (formally main) parties seeking to claw back the voters who deserted them in significant numbers last Thursday (22nd May 2014).
As for the Liberal Democrats, their share of the poll fell by over 7% losing all but 1 of their European Parliament seats, consigning them to 5th place in the party rankings with only 6.9% of votes cast and behind the Green Party with their 7.9%. The Liberal Democrats are now consigned to the political wilderness no doubt due in part at least to their complicity in the ConDem coalition. A coalition which had no mandate from the British people, and which has imposed a regime of austerity causing financial a social hardship on thousands of families around the country.
The traditional Westminster parties have been dealt a substantial rebuff by those voting in the local and European elections of last week.
The reasons for this are many, but without doubt one factor stands out above all others. For decades past, the two main political parties have assumed that they have an automatic right to be the alternative government of the United Kingdom and that sooner or later the pendulum of voting patterns would return them to Westminster with a majority for the next 5 years. This has resulted in a growing alienation amongst the people of this country who, quite rightly in my opinion, have felt take for granted by the politicians in Parliament who have essentially pursued their own personal ambitions and self interests to the detriment of the country and its people.
The instances of scandal, malpractices and sleaze emanating from Westminster are well documented elsewhere and bear witness to how over a period of time, complacency with position breeds contempt for the reasons for holding such positions. This alienation by the voting public was clearly a factor in the way in which votes were cast on the 22nd May.
The traditional parties face the next 12 months trying to recover from this “earthquake”, but from the evidence thus far their prospects do not look good. The Conservatives seem to be concentrating (and repeating ad nauseam ) that they are the "only party offering the British people an In/Out referendum”, the Labour party continue, their now discredited, attacks on UKIP and Nigel Farage, but are silent on policy and the Liberal Democrats are moving towards replacing their leader, in the hope that this will, in itself, cure their electoral woes.
These three political entities have not and perhaps will not, grasp the essential truth. The British people will no longer tolerate the political status quo, where a policy from one party sounds very much like a policy from another party (perhaps with some minor variation at the margin), where the excesses of banks and private industries are frowned upon but remain unchecked, where cuts to public finances and services, particularly in the NHS effect peoples lives on a daily basis and where the dictates of Europe on immigration, working practices, cross border controls, even closer integration and one thousand and one other measures are accepted without challenge or protest.
In the event that Labour or Conservative or both recognise what has and is happening in this country, they may well be destined to suffer the same fate as the Liberal Democrats have encountered over the past weeks.



Sunday, 25 May 2014

Replace Clegg with Cable? A poor option from a poor selection.


Lib Dem MPs in bid to oust Nick Clegg after disastrous election results


Protest against leader Nick Clegg, could see Vince Cable take over.

An almost unbelievable prospect.
Clegg, an unprincipled hypocrite and opportunistic politician, who betrayed not only his party in the country, but also every principle that the Liberal Party ever stood for. In his grubby quest for a place at the cabinet table, he has demonstrated on numerous occasions over the last four years, an unswerving loyalty to a (predominately) Conservative government who have created divisions in society, unseen for almost 100 years.
The consequence of the past four years of his duplicity and in part, that of the LibDem parliamentary party, has resulted in the rejection of the Coalition junior partner at the ballot box. The LibDems now, it seems, are beginning to engineer the removal of Nick Clegg as their leader.
It is really quite incredible that the name coming to the top of the candidates on the list of potential LibDem leaders is that of Vince Cable.
The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, has recently presided over the disastrous privatisation of Royal Mail where city banks, speculative investors and hedge funds have made £millions at the expense of the British tax payers due to the floatation price being set too low in spite of all the evidence to the contrary and presented to Cable at the time.
In addition to his inept handling of the Royal Mail privatisation fiasco, Vince Cable has a chequered past in his career in the Commons and more recently as a senior member of the coalition cabinet. Criticism of his being more convincingly Tory than most of the Tory frontbench with his enthusiastic support for spending cuts, has been voiced both within the LibDem party and in the pages of the national press. He has also drawn criticism for being inconsistent in his statements on many policy issues leading to the conclusion that he lacks conviction or understanding of the issue or both. The curious case of the journalists posing as constituents, suggest to some that Cable's view of his own of self importance, leads to a degree of gullibility, which is not a virtue for a party leader.
Should Clegg in fact be removed within the next few months, then a leadership contest will take place. If Cable is the only option that the LibDems can produce, then they are in a sadder state than is already evident.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Each party defends its performance.


Nigel Farage hails UKIP's 'political earthquake'


Jeremy Hunt and Chuka Umunna on Newsnight
Jeremy Hunt and Chuka Umunna defended their parties' performances

It will have been impossible not to notice that yesterday (23rd May 2014), the results of the local council elections of the previous day were filling the media and television news coverage on all channels and “special” programmes aired specifically for analysis and comment. The blanket media coverage will clearly be repeated on Sunday evening and continue into Monday morning, after the results of the European elections are announced when the polling stations across Europe close at 9pm tomorrow (25th May). One indisputable fact, commonly confirmed in every interview, analysis and story is that the three (formally) major parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat have learned nothing from the results of the local elections and will continue with their head in sand attitude generally and their failure to understand or accept what the ballot box is telling them.
Time after time, from early morning to late last evening, a procession of MP's or activists or both, from all three parties, Labour, Conservative or LibDem, filled our screens to offer their interpretation of the results from the vote. No doubt over the coming days, even more “pundits” will join the ranks of those in the studios of BBC or Sky News or will be interviewed from Parliament Square (usually amid noisy traffic and emergency service vehicle sirens) or some constituency around the country all offering their “take” on the events and results.
All, bar none, will have the same basic response. After the perfunctory admission of a less than satisfactory performance from their own party, there will follow the word “but”. After that there comes the cliché ridden distortions of how, notwithstanding their own performance, the result was in fact some form of victory as “if you look at the full picture” or “our share of the vote has held up” or “of course (insert any of the other parties on the ballot paper) has not done anywhere near as well as they were expected to do” or “our message has struck a chord with the voters which is reflected in our share of the vote” or one thousand and one other phrases so loved and so overused by these “politicians” who are unrelentingly convinced that we actually accept or more worryingly believe, what they are saying. They, and their predecessors, have been repeating this clichéd garbage for more than 30 years, but may well now have to face a different reality.

The "new reality"?


Whether we like it or not, and regardless of whether they got our vote or conversely our censure, UKIP has introduced a new dynamic into the political arena. Clearly, the almost hysterical mud slinging and innuendo, so common over the last few months (and incredibly, repeated by a few interviewee's as late as last night), has not had the effect that the other parties and the media, had in mind. It will be interesting to observe the conversations and analysis following the announcement of the European election results. The other parties and some sections of the media, have given the impression of believing that the emergence of another political party to challenge their position as the “natural leaders” of the country would be so implausible, that it would be nothing more than just a flash in the pan, a protest vote, which would not last beyond a by election or a freak result. The British voters would, they believe, return to their respective folds and restore the three party status quo at “the next election”.
The illusion that Labour, or Liberal Democrat (or a Lib and someone else coalition) or Conservatives, have some divine right to govern the United Kingdom should have been dispelled by the polls of last Thursday. One of the other great clichés used by the three parties propaganda machines is that “lessons will be learned”.
If their objective is to remain as a major player in politics, then they will certainly have to change philosophy, attitude and their relationship with the British people, as history tells us that where the learning of lessons is concerned, the complete opposite is the norm.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Theives" gain a 13.3p dividend as Royal Mail Profits rise to £430million.

Royal Mail annual profits rise

Royal Mail sorting staff
 Operating profit after one-off costs rose to £430m from £403m a year earlier on revenue up 2% to£9.46bn. In its first set of annual results since last year's flotation, the group announced a 13.3p dividend for the second half of the year.

Another "little" bonus for the the thieving bankers, hedge funds and "investment" brokers, aided and abetted by  the duplicitous Cable and the other ConDem government conspirators who stole this organisation at the time of privatisation and defrauded the British public of £ millions.

American "Aegis" missile system to be on installed Russia's doorstep.

US test-fires Aegis missile defence system destined for Europe

A previous test of the Aegis missile defence system, a version of which is to be stationed in Europe by the US and Nato
 Aegis missile defence system, which is to be stationed in Europe by the US and Nato

This is the latest technology missile system which the United States (in its NATO identity) plans to install in Europe. Or, more specifically, in the former Warsaw pact countries, which now are part of the NATO alliance and include Czech Republic,Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, etc.etc.
It is an "open top secret" that some of these countries already have American missiles based withing their borders and replacing them with the latest equipment together with installing missiles in the other member states, is the current objective. The addition of Ukraine into NATO is, and remains, a prime American goal. It is hardly surprising that the events over the past months in Ukraine and Crimea, have generated such hysterical reactions from Washington and (never straying too far from the American lead) Downing Street. The indisputable fact that the West, encouraged and now supports a coup against a democratically elected President (a situation which is not unusual for the United States), is conveniently disregarded.
Distortion, black propaganda, fabrication and half truth have littered the Wests justification for a series of sanctions (so far apparently, ineffective sanctions) against Russia generally and the Putin circle in particular.
Having the missiles of a hostile nation installed in countries all along its western and southern borders, is a situation which no government would easily accept. In this respect, Russia is no exception.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prince Charles and Hillary Clinton are not "historians".


Prince Charles 'compared Putin to Hitler'


Considering the education (at our expense of course), which this extensively privileged heir to the throne has received, it is worrying to note that when it comes to history, his knowledge is on a par with that of Hilary Clinton, who made the same (erroneous) comparison in March of this year ( ).
To compare the German invasion of the USSR in June 1941 and particularly the Wehrmacht advances into Ukraine, with the events of the last few months is a spurious distortion of reality which either by accident or design, completely ignores the diametrically opposed motivations of Hitler and Putin,  and moreover the desires and aspirations of the people of Ukraine and Crimea in 1941 and in 2014. Incidentally, even before the German invasion, battalions were set up and trained as Ukrainian battalions in the Wehrmacht, and were part of the initial invading force, a fact conveniently overlooked by those eager to characterise Putin as the evil "bogey man".
Excursions into the political arena are not uncommon with the Prince of Wales, and like his father, he has a penchant for producing  the frequent gaffe. No doubt the comparison between Hitler and Putin will be endorsed and repeated by some media outlets and by  many politicians, albeit with a passing comment that the "royals" should not be interfering in politics.
The fact remains that if Charles wishes to be part of the debate, he should at least be historically accurate. Personally, I would prefer that he permanently withdraw from public life and retire to tend his roses or whatever in some corner of his garden.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Get rid of the superfluous packaging too.


Expiry date set for ‘best before’ labels


“Best before” labels on food could be scrapped


A good idea and not before time. The biggest problem however, is the inordinate amount of packaging on every product resulting in waste, expense and a recycling problem. Layer after layer of superfluous plastic, cellophane,tin foil and tissue, all adding to the cost of the product and polluting our waste bins.
Apart from food packaging, it seems fashionable amongst manufactures to wrap everything from Wilkinson Sword (and others) safety razors to soap and hand cream, in packaging which frequently requires the use of scissors or "Stanley knife" to gain access.

The wrapping on medication is also excessive,and can be dangerous, particularly where tinfoil is used to cover pills.As a regular user of prescribed drugs, I have frequently had to use a plaster where popping pills from the pack has resulted in cuts to hand or fingers.
Removing the “Best before” labeling is a step in the right direction. Now just get rid of the packaging.