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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mischievous reporting using anoymous sources again.

Get rid of Corbyn or we’ll quit! Dozens of moderate Labour MPs ‘ready to leave Parliament’ 

(says the Daily Mail.)

Another anonymous “Shadow Cabinet minister” in a rather implausible and mischievous story (apparently repeated or copied in the Express) from the well known “friend” of the Labour Party Daily Mail.

Even if a grain of truth existed in this garbage piece of “journalism”, it would only serve to reinforce the view that there are some Labour MP’s who consider themselves to be above party, above democratic process and superior to the majority of party members.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Not very subtle censorship

 A set of guidelines applied as a  "catch all" blanket to suppress comment.

It seems that I have upset some "moderators" on the Guardian.
Now, whenever I choose to put a comment into the "comments" section against any story, I am met by the phrase "Your comments are currently being pre-moderated (why?)", then when going to the explanations, the Guardian says " isolated situations, a particular user may be identified as a risk, based on a pattern of behaviour (e.g. spam, trolling, repeated/frequent borderline abuse), so a temporary filter can be applied....".
I have no recollection of offending these "rules" imposed by the faceless moderators of this newspaper, and apart from being critical of the government and certain elements within the Parliamentary Labour Party and of course actively supporting Jeremy Corbyn both in his leadership campaign and now as leader, can only assume that the editorial policy of the paper and the views of a number of its regular journalists, identify me as, "a risk".
It seems to me to be a not very subtle use of guidelines to monitor and control abuse, trolling and spam (which is completely understandable) being applied as a catch all blanket to censor views and comments which the Guardian finds uncomfortable. What ever the underlying reasons may be for this arbitrary high handed suppression by an element of the press, it shall not prevent me, and undoubtedly others, continuing to post comments, albeit that I have noticed that some have already disappeared presumably into some "moderators" waste bin.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A huge thank you and appreciation to all readers, followers, friends and others for sparing the time over the past year, to visit New Agenda. Have a wonderful Christmas time.

A very Happy Christmas to you all.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

The attempts at deception should at least be credible

Russia 'Helping IS By Hitting Opposition'(says Sky News)

A Russian SU-24 M bomber taking off from the Syrian Hmeymim airbase, outside Latakia, Syria

More absolute bollox, enthusiastically reported and endorsed by Sky News. Anything, no matter how absurd, which supports the "Pro Western, Pro Syrian opposition, anti Russian" line will be hyped up, exaggerated and promoted in the hope that some elements of the "gung ho" public will actually accept this claptrap as truth and "spread the word" to others.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and our media, also wish us to believe that all the civilians killed in Syria over the past weeks, have been killed by Russian bombing and that there have been no casualties (apart from ISIS that is) resulting from British, American, French or other Coalition airstrikes. It seems that Russian bombs and missiles are the only ones which have killed Syrian men, women and children. Hammond, the media and the rest of the pro bombing MP's believe that we are all gullible enough to accept their fabrications as true. They are too dumb to realise that if you are determined to lie, then you really should make the attempts at deception at least credible.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Home at Last!


I have completed the escape from Dorchester County Hospital and am now located at “an address somewhere in the South of England” (I am not really paranoid, but they may still be looking for me).

I completed a pro forma “Satisfaction Survey” before leaving and being offered the opportunity to “comment”, responded “Nursing staff overworked due to staff shortages. Solution, sack Hunt and hire more nurses”.

A special note of thanks for the staff of Lullworth Ward who looked after me during my time with them, especially Sam the Tottenham fan, who has a remarkable sense of humour (and probably needs it) Geoff (or Steve or whatever his name actually is) who provided the motive power to the bathroom every day and also maintained my contact with the outside world, Tina, Marisa, Peggy and others to numerous to mention.
Thanks and appreciation to all of you.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

I am still around!!

Copy of my Facebook entry from December 8th.

Lulworth Ward in Dorset County Hospital
Lulworth Ward in Dorset County Hospital

Good morning everyone and greetings from Lulworth.Thats Lulworth Ward in Dorchester County Hospital, not Lulworth Cove which is just up the coast from here.
It seems that the ruptured Bakers cyst (see New Agenda on Sunday c0vering comments, for fuller explanation), pobably wasnt a cyst at all but may well have beem severe bleeding in the leg, spreding around.So, ambulance last night for investgations over the next few days.
They had better be quick as there is a tin of Quality Street and a tin of Roses at home, both of which are demanding my attention.
I have never been "good patient".

Footnote: It is now Thursday 10th December, Still "investigating", Ces't la vie. and I am still not a   "good patient"

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sections of the PLP has been trying our patience for long enough

Jeremy Corbyn should resign, say senior Labour MPs

The days of turning the other cheek are over. For many months elements the PLP have been trying the patience of thousands of Labour party members and supporters around the country with the almost incessant criticism, plotting, self serving articles, all designed to further their own interests and override and reverse the democratic decision taken by more than 250,000 party members in the leadership ballot and supported by thousands more people around the country. The despicable and unacceptable face of today's PLP.

Shadow cabinet
Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Those party members who value democratic decisions and support the current leadership, must now unite against the reactionaries within the PLP and fight back with whatever means may be available, including suspensions and even expulsions of those in the PLP who seek to take control away from the party members. The Constituency parties, the affiliated organisations and individual members must fight to prevent the Labour Party again falling under the repressive and authoritarian control of a cabal of "neo blarites" and their sympathisers.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hypocrisy in Riyadh and in London.


Saudi Arabia Has 100,000 Empty Tents with AC for 3 Million People – They’ve Taken Zero Refugees

The tents, which measure 8 meters by 8 meters,are air conditionedand fire proof.
Saudi Arabia is a country run by the evil and despotic Al Saud family.
The Saudi Arabian "justice" system, executes (beheading) more of its citizens than any other country and is a serial violator and abuser of human rights and civil liberties.
Saudi Arabia arms, finances and supports ISIS in its terrorist activities in the Middle East and in Europe. Saudi Arabia is a dangerous and destabilizing regime in the region and in the world.

The United Kingdom is a major supplier to Saudi Arabia with arms, munitions, weapon systems and aircraft being at the top of the list of exports.


Successive British governments have hailed Saudi Arabia as a "close ally" and friend in the "fight against terrorism" and regularly exchange intelligence on the activities of terrorist organisations. You may detect a degree of inconsistent hypocrisy in the position of the United Kingdom in respect of its relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Excessive coverage, devalues the media credibility

 Over 50 hours of nonstop coverage is excessive.

Since around 10pm last Friday night, BBC News 24 and Sky News (and some other news channels) have been reporting from Paris or Brussels (and with almost complete disregard for any other story) on the ISIS atrocity and events associated with or arising from it. I can understand why these events should be reported and I join with others in condemning, unreservedly, any acts of terrorism wherever they may occur.
However, I shall require a great deal of convincing that it is necessary to have an almost continuous barrage of "breaking news", comment and looped video clips for over 50 hours and hundreds of thousand of repeated words, phrases and cliches filling the television screen. The media obsession with this is both unhealthy and un necessary and may even suggest that they have another hidden agenda.

The media should report on all terrorist atrocities, not just those in Europe.

The media should have covered Isis attacks in Lebanon and Turkey more prominently

Lebanon after deadly Beirut blasts

A bomb in Turkish capital

Yesterday, I posted a very similar story and I asked the same questions.
There were a number of responses to the post in Guardian, Independent and even here of Facebook, which were in the same vein.
These nasty, ignorant, pathetic "comments" actually suggested, or even stated, that the atrocity in Paris was the only story which should be reported because the bombings in Lebanon, Turkey and the continuing attacks in Syria and Gaza were  the victims own fault.
I can tolerate being labeled by some as "stupid" or  "a worthless piece of Corbynista trash" or "scum like you" and other, even more colourful descriptions, but to dismiss the killing of men, women and children in Middle Eastern countries with the proposition that it "is their own fault", exposes these morons as the dangerous hypocritical bigots that they really are.
The world should be informed by the media of atrocities wherever they may take place, and not just on one Friday evening in Paris.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

HS2 remains an insane waste of money, as costs for this "prestige project" spiral out of control.

Cost of London-to-Birmingham leg of proposed new railway a third higher than previously estimated

Campaigners against the proposed HS2 railway line

This insane waste of tax payers (that's us) money has not even started, and already we are being informed that the cost has increased to an estimated £80 billion. Osborne has promised "austerity" for the next 20 years in order to control government spending and "bear down"on the deficit, and yet the amount to be spent on this lunatic project increases almost monthly. Apparently, vast sums of money can de found for "prestige projects" to satisfy some politician's (and some business men's) ego's, but the country cannot afford to allocate, what in comparison, are modest sums for the provision of care for the elderly, or working tax credits, or NHS facilities, or one hundred other things for the welfare of people generally.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

I have written previously, that the cost of this "white elephant" will spiral dramatically before the first JCB excavates the first trench at the start of the project. Today's announcement that the cost of the London-to-Birmingham leg alone is estimated to rise by £10 billion, is only the latest but certainly not the last, advance warning that the Chancellor and the industrial interests promoting this absurdity, will seek more and more taxpayers money  to finance the project. The weasel words emanating from some in Parliament and also from certain elements within the business community, promise a project which is "good for Britain"  and "ensuring the long term future" and even "producing thousands of jobs". Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact remains that the historical evidence  shows us that British industry, steel makers, rail engine and carriage builders, rail track manufactures, and all the associated industries will not benefit one iota from the expenditure on this project, as all the resultant contracts will be awarded to industries in Germany, Korea, Indonesia or China.   In the event that this project does proceed as currently planned, the costs will undoubtedly rise dramatically, and the British people will be paying the price both financially and socially, for generations to come.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Stop the usual suspects from perpetuating the division which they themselves have created.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party must leave behind internal feuding and start talking to voters

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party must leave behind internal feuding and start talking to voters.

I agree absolutely.
Tell Tristram Hunt, Danczuk, Umunna, Flint, Kendall and the other usual suspects, to shut up, accept the decision and get on with targeting to Conservatives and their pernicious policies rather than plotting and undermining the party with self indulgent and divisive sour grapes because they lost the leadership arguments. Political debate has moved on, Blairism is dead and the electorate now have a distinct choice.


To those habitual moaners who seek to satisfy their own ego's and further their own ambitions by constantly filling  the media with criticism and whimpering the message is clear. Either end the continual moaning and plotting and get on with attacking this wretched government or find somewhere else to indulge your self important delusions.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Great News? No, just the latest government "Lie Sheet".

 We are moving further towards the goal of full employment that we set out in our manifesto.

(Says the latest conservative party Lie Sheet)


The economy is creating plenty of jobs. Unemployment is falling. The proportion of people in work has never been higher.

Great News?
More people on Zero hour contracts (reducing the unemployment figures) more people on short time hours and having to claim tax credits (reducing the unemployment figures), more people on "education" courses (reducing the unemployment figures) more people on government subsidies "apprentice" schemes (reducing the unemployment figures) and other nefarious government scams to delude the public into believing that the government is doing something to tackle the problem and is the party for working people.

Conservative propaganda wrapped in government lies.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The "alternative reality", of a media campaign which is both sinister and worrying.

Saying that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow during Remembrance Sunday isn’t lying – it’s even worse than that

The anti Corbyn hysteria in the media over the past two days is even worse than lying, writes Max Benwell, who freely admits that he did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election.

"Lying isn't the right word to describe such claims. It's more self-deception, and part of the alternate reality many of Corbyn's critics are operating in now."

This "alternative reality" of the media, television and many commentators is a deliberately engineered attempt to undermine and discredit the leader of the Labour party, and to influence the voting intentions of the electorate.
The way in which the anti Corbyn campaign has become more and more hysterical over the last 9 months, is both sinister and worrying, representing as it does, the way in which some elements in society feel that they are outside the usual constraints of  acceptable political debate and are free to use any means to bring about their perverse vision of society. Lies, smear, innuendo and personal abuse have become part and parcel of the campaign to destabilise and remove the leadership of the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn

The "bowing"  incident at the cenotaph is just the latest in a growing list of fabrications manufactured by an increasingly hostile and fearful media and nourished by Danczuk, Hunt, McTernan,Flint, Umunna, and the usual suspects.
At least it seems that one of the anti Corbyn fraternity has recognised what is taking place and is prepared to criticise it.

Max Benwell , Independent Voices.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Is respect judged by the depth of a bow? 

 Jeremy Corbyn bow at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday sparks row on Twitter


The media are the pits and the Independent was not alone amongst the newspapers scratching around trying to dig up another non story with which to "discredit" Corbyn. 
A Tweet from the pen of the obnoxious and patronising Carole Malone with her usual verbal diarrhea, is typical of many posted.

"Was that a bow from Corbyn as he laid his wreath y or an excuse for one?— Carole Malone (@thecarolemalone) November 8, 201"

The words on Jeremy Corbyn's tribute.

Where was Corbyn after the wreath laying ceremony?

Some or most, of the sycophantic dignitaries were in the Whitehall state rooms quaffing sherry and tucking into the cucumber sandwiches without crusts.
Corbyn was on Horse Guards Parade talking to the people which is what Remembrance Day is all about.  It should not be another "freebie jolly" for the selected few.

Embedded image permalink
Photographs you will not see in the media.

Are there no depths of iniquity to which the media and Celebrity Big Brother contestants will not sink in order to score cheap political points?

The patronising and obnoxious Carole Malone.

When Corbyn was on Horse Guards with the "vets" was Carole Malone with the "dignitaries" quaffing sherry and tucking into the sandwiches? I am waiting for her reply to my Tweet asking the question

Sunday, 8 November 2015

We will remember them.

 Remembrance Sunday, November 8 2015

Quoting un named sources, is a discredited and shabby basis for a story.

Resignation of Labour fixer sparks new power struggle between Jeremy Corbyn and moderate MPs


 Following hard on the heels of the "Independent" non story of yesterday, 7th November 2015, (Corbyn's lodger writes Science stories for the MailOnline as a freelance journalist and all that garbage), today's "Independent" spews out yet another anti Corbyn slanted "story", about Wes Ball MP, resigning at the end of the year, as PLP secretary. The "Independent" even has to explain who Mr Ball is, using the description, "is highly rated by MPs" to justify a sensationalist headline of, "Resignation of Labour fixer sparks new power struggle between Jeremy Corbyn and moderate MPs".
Using yet another un named "senior party source" for its thin story line, this article seeks to generate alarm and despondency amongst the readers, who it seems, are perceived by the editorial staff if this "newspaper", to be little more than mindless receptacles for any anti Corbyn, anti Labour propaganda that Amol Rajan (no doubt under the guidance of the proprietors), instructs his "journalists" to write. We must assume that sooner or later the quoting of "un named sources" or "anonymous senior party officials" or "contacts close to" whoever, will be recognised by the "Independent" and the other media as an overworked and now discredited means of making a "story" more acceptable as fact.
Whether or not a "power struggle will take place at the beginning of next year remains to be seen, but sadly we can rely on the "Independent" finding scraps of whispers amongst the other sewage in the bin then trying to convert it into a credible feature (and failing miserably).

Friday, 6 November 2015

The media campaign of innuendo and smear is wearing a bit thin.

Jeremy Corbyn could be hit by wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for coup

You bloody people at the "Independent" never give up.
Unnamed "sources", unattributed  quotes, speculative wishful thinking, smear, innuendo all part and parcel of the campaign to undermine and discredit Jeremy Corbyn, which has been raging on the pages of the "Independent" for over 9 months and is now reaching fever pitch. 
Andrew Grice, Independent political "journalist", now crawls out of the woodwork to add his contribution of spite and bile to the cauldron of bubbling vomit which the Independent has been stirring for months.

Andrew Grice


 If the Independents devotion to the right wing of the political spectrum were not so glaringly obvious and so crass in its comments, it may just have something to add to the political debate, rather than spew more negatives into the already discredited anti Corbyn hysteria in the media and on television.
Rather than concentrate their efforts in a battle they cannot win (Jeremy Corbyn had 60% of Labour Party members votes in the leadership contest) the Independent and the rest should be attacking the housing crisis, the cuts to welfare, the continuing resolve of the Conservatives to cut working tax credit, the dismantling of our NHS and numerous other problems facing people all over the country.
The continuing obsession of the media  with seeking to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, is allowing the Conservative government to literally get away with murder, and Cameron, Osborne, Duncan-Smith and the rest are taking full advantage of the duplicity of the Independent  and others.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Throw money at a problem and it will go away, won't it?

Jeremy Hunt offers junior doctors 11% pay rise in bid to end dispute 



Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

The usual right wing. this time Tory, confidence trick of where there is a problem with the workers, throw money at them.
The Conservatives have historically responded to any dispute involving working people with the reasoning that, "They are stupid enough to believe that we are solving the problem, and enough members of the public will only see the "money on the table" so the old divide and conquer ploy will click in and our problem will go away".

Hunt may of course be successful in this duplicitous attempt at bribery and subterfuge of Junior Doctors and elements of the public, but deceipt of politicians will result in further damage to our NHS and misery for patients.

Diverting attention from the real question.


Tom Watson wrote to two DPP's to intervene in sexual abuse cases

Tom Watson MP

Why are the Guardian and other elements in the media, waging such a hysterical  campaign in pursuit of an MP who asks questions? There is nothing wrong or sinister when an Member of Parliament challenges the actions or more often inaction's, of the DPP or Police or any other body in failing to pursue investigations, into allegations of criminal acts, particularly where such acts are alleged to have been committed by elements of "the establishment" and particularly where such acts involve the abuse of children. Far too often, the "authorities" terminate their enquiries into such matters using the "insufficient evidence" or "investigations are not in the public interest" or other such reasoning, to rationalise no further actions being taken, a decision often made to the bewilderment of many. Under these circumstances, it is  clearly the duty of an MP, acting on behalf of his constituent or even the wider public,  to seek an explanation of the decision, and where necessary to vociferously challenge those decisions and the individuals responsible for reaching such conclusions.
Perhaps it is because this particular MP is Tom Watson, the Deputy leader of the Labour party who supports Jeremy Corbyn. Additionally, it is an open top secret that there are elements within the "establishment" of media, society and judiciary that have something very sinister to hide and will go to any lengths to divert attention and avoid the glare of investigation and publicity.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

An essential aspect of society that is far too important to be left to private companies."

Cash crisis ‘could close 50% of UK care homes’

"The measure of a nation is how it treats its weakest members."

The provision of care for the elderly in this country, has for far too long been in the hands of private companies, where, which ever measure you may use, profit for shareholders is the prime driver. Where government funding is available to these companies to supplement the charges made to residents, then the facility will continue to provide the service. However, when government subsidies are cut of even removed,  then the standard of service and even the services themselves will be lowered or removed in order to maintain the "profit margins".
Some private care providers try to give a first class service in what are extremely difficult conditions, but recent events have shown us that too many providers have allowed poor care and provision of services to lead to physical and mental abuse of residents or even worse. 
These events and the drive to maintain "profit" for the care organisation cannot be unrelated.
With this governments misguided determination to drive on with its "austerity" measures and reduce funding even further for care provision in this country, the already bad situation for care homes and their residents will become even more chronic.
The time has arrived to integrate the provision of social care into the NHS, (it should never have been a separate function in any case), properly staffed, properly funded and properly managed. This essential aspect of society is far too important to be left to the vagaries of private companies and the pursuit of the profit margin.

The housing crisis deepens

Over 40% of former council homes now owned by private landlords as housing crisis deepens in the home ownership and rented accommodation sectors.

 Former council homes sold under Right-to-Buy are being on the private rental market

There is a housing crisis in the United Kingdom.
The "Right to buy scheme" is just one of the contributing factors. In the early 1980's many of us were predicting the very crisis which we are now experiencing. It is to the eternal shame of successive governments since 1979 right up until today, that hundreds of thousands of people today are unable to afford a home of their own, either owned or rented, due to the high price level of homes for purchase or homes for rent, particularly in the private rental sector.
These high prices levels are the consequence of an acute shortage of houses being built, which is the undeniable result of decades of government neglect or even government intention to restrict the house building programme.
The present "promises" from the Conservative government, of building up to 200,000 new homes is merely a token gesture and is woefully inadequate in meeting the level of new homes required in both the rented and homes for purchase sectors.

200,000 new home is nowhere near enough

Until we have a government committed to tackling this problem and with the political will to carry out the necessary work, the housing crisis can only deteriorate and will cause even more distress and hardship to those seeking homes, whilst at the same time, speculators and builders will grow even more rich.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Making a complex situation even more insoluble.


Obama orders US special forces to 'assist' fight against Isis in Syria

White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

In 1950, Truman sent "military advisers" to assist the French in their fight against Viet Minh forces. In the 1960's newly elected Kennedy sent more "advisers" to assist (prop up) the Saigon government in their fight against the Viet Cong. 
Now, Obama sends US special forces into Syria to “Advise and assist” rebel armies in the northern Syria who are fighting Isis. This western generated mess becomes even more complex with the North FSA/Turkish/Kurdish/Isis conflict with the American advisers supporting 3 of these factions all fighting each other!
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. This time however, the United States is making a complete mess even more insoluble.

Philip Davies, a dispicable MP and his 90 minute filibuster.

Tory MP Philip Davies speaks for 90 minutes to stop carers getting free hospital parking

Philip Davies MP. The bill would have given carers free parking at hospitals

What could possibly motivate these "MP's" to block a bill which would be of benefit to thousands of people all over the country, particularly when the benefit applies only to carers?
Already, the parking charges imposed at hospitals around the country are extortionate and represent a significant cost to patients attending for appointments particularly when such appointments may be part of an ongoing treatment. Some hospitals do operate a "waiver" system where an additional parking charge is not applied if there are delays in the waiting time for patients to see doctors, but even these are discretionary. 

Hospital trusts are making annual profits of more than £1 million from car parks

Parking charges at hospitals, whilst providing a significant source of income for the Hospital trust, are essentially a "tax" on being sick, which in itself is bad enough, but for rich out of touch Tory politicians to deny even those caring for sick or disabled a concessionary parking facility is crass, mean and shameful. To rely on a  filibuster in order to achieve this objective is even more despicable as are the "honourable members" who carried out this act of shame.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Where should we spend £34billion of taxpayers money?

Corbyn backs calls for Scottish Labour to vote against Trident renewal

Kezia Dugdale  Scottish Labour leader

It is beyond belief that in a week which saw impassioned speeches against cuts to Income Tax Credits, and equally passionate speeches from supporters of the cuts, arguing how the country cannot afford to continue to support families who rely on the "top up" to their income, that there can be any debate surrounding a replacement for the existing Trident "deterrent".
In 2014 Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit had a combined cost £30 billion per year. However, the high cost of this benefit is predominately due to more firms taking the option to pay lower salaries and even offer even more "Zero hour" contracts, knowing that the government will subsidise the low pay with taxpayers money. This is not an argument for cutting the benefit, but more of an argument for ensuring that employers pay more. Just this one example of the government pleading poverty in order to justify cuts to public expenditure in the name of austerity, particularly where such cuts are made in the budgets of welfare, is reason enough to question the candor of those pressing for expenditure on what may be argued to be "prestige projects", such as HS2, Heathrow runway expansion, Hinkley point or as in this case, the replacement of the trident nuclear deterrent.
The cost of this one programme alone, has been estimated to be anywhere between £34 billion and £100 billion and history tells us that these estimates, made before the start of the project, and with monotonous regularity,  invariably result in significant cost over runs. It really is not good enough for politicians and supporters of Trident to argue that these costs come out of "a different pot" and would therefore have no effect. The unavoidable fact is that there already exists a "deterrent" and all that we are doing is replacing it.
If there is a choice between replacing the United Kingdom's "weapon of mass destruction", particularly when we already have one, or supporting working families in this country by throwing out the Working Tax Credit, and other cuts, there should be no debate as to where the £34 billion or £100 billion (minimum), should be allocated.

Another F1 "Great"?




'Don't compare Lewis to greats' (says Sky Sports)

Lewis Hamilton: F1 world champion 2008/2014/2015
An inane article but typical of Sky.
Schumacher was not a "great" driver. He had, at that time, a car which was unbeatable and streets ahead of any other team on the F1 circuit. Had you given me that Ferrari, I would have won the world championship. 
Michael Schumacher
In contrast, Senna was a "great" driver as was Mansell, and both deserved to be recognised as such. In respect of Hamilton, he may not be particularly likable as a person but he has also achieved the right to be recognised as a "great" driver.
Ayrton Senna
Nigel Mansell
Hamilton is still only 30 and may yet win more world champion titles which would probably put him ahead of Mansell and Senna in the "greatness" list.