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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Television "drama" at its worse.

Broadchurch: Can we forgive the implausible plot lines? 




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Last week, I posed the question "I shall continue to watch as the programme cannot get any more unbelievable.Can it?" and doubted if this "serial soap" could get any worse. I was wrong, because not only has it got worse,it has also become the vehicle for yet another gay affair/relationship.
It also is incredible that the story line persists with the pacemaker nonsense of Alec telling people that he thought that he would not recover from the anesthetic. I realise that the programme was recorded some time ago, but a pair of scissors to remove this glaringly mistaken line would have not have even been noticed. I repeat what I said last week "Why Alec Hardy was lingering at deaths door and under general anesthetic for a pace maker implant, was a mystery and a mistake. Having had a series of 5 multi lead pacemakers over some 10 years (due to high power usage) in my experience the implant and subsequent "box changes" is done under local anesthetic and in medical terms is "routine"."
Finally, this episode (with adverts) lasted around 60 minutes. With all the padding thrown in this penultimate episode could have been comfortably aired in 40 minutes (including adverts).
I shall watch the final revelations next Sunday, if only to sit back at 10:00pm and say "Well what a load of garbage that was. Thank ***** that's finished".