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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Credit where credit is due.

 The NHS and the Ambulance Service.

Credit where credit is due as they say. There has been much criticism of the Ambulance service recently, particularly in Dorset. Stories of hours spent waiting for assistance to arrive and then long delays in A&E frequently appear in the media. However, we recently required medical assistance and can only praise the NHS personnel concerned. The first responder arrived within 10 minutes of the 999 call with the paramedics and ambulance arriving less than 5 minutes later. This timely response was in spite of the thick fog on the A35. The A&E staff at the Dorchester County Hospital were very efficient and resolved the problem. No hanging around for hours on the hospital trolley.
On this occasion, a big thank you to the NHS, particularly in the ambulance service and the DCH.