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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Enough of this hysterical nonsense

Media generated hysteria.


This is too much. For the last 36 hours (thought it seems more like 36 days) there has been wall to wall news coverage, media and television comment and reporting, with Sky News taking first prize for frenzied minute by minute reporting from the Palace, the hospital, from a village somewhere in England, from the studio and anywhere else that Burley, Botting and company could stick a microphone into some obscure "celebrity's" face and ask for yet another banal quote. All this galvanising the mass hysteria of some elements of the public, (who the media would have you believe is the reaction of "the whole world",) with their flag waving, dancing, singing and cheering over what is after all, no more than a woman having a baby.

How will the royal baby look as he grows up?

Now the latest absurdity, this time from MSN churning out some computer generated images of what the lad may look like as he grows up. Complete nonsense jumping on the hysterical bandwagon.