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Thursday, 10 December 2015

I am still around!!

Copy of my Facebook entry from December 8th.

Lulworth Ward in Dorset County Hospital
Lulworth Ward in Dorset County Hospital

Good morning everyone and greetings from Lulworth.Thats Lulworth Ward in Dorchester County Hospital, not Lulworth Cove which is just up the coast from here.
It seems that the ruptured Bakers cyst (see New Agenda on Sunday c0vering comments, for fuller explanation), pobably wasnt a cyst at all but may well have beem severe bleeding in the leg, spreding around.So, ambulance last night for investgations over the next few days.
They had better be quick as there is a tin of Quality Street and a tin of Roses at home, both of which are demanding my attention.
I have never been "good patient".

Footnote: It is now Thursday 10th December, Still "investigating", Ces't la vie. and I am still not a   "good patient"