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Friday, 24 October 2014

The "top of the agenda". Well, it is top for today anyway.

Ed Miliband: immigration is at top of Labour’s agenda


Ed Miliband: Another career politician.



The hypocrisy of career politicians is breathtaking.
 It is not possible to have more than one subject "at the top" of any agenda.
One day it is the NHS at the top, then the economy and the national debt, then education etc.
It seems that the item at "the top of agenda" can vary on a day to day basis, dependent upon which subject the political party perceives to be the most popular with the British people at the time. Echo's of the SDP back in the 1980's.
No wonder that politicians generally are despised and not trusted, by the British people who are in any case disillusioned with the political process.
YouGov reports today that the next general election could result in a "dead heat" with party being able to form any sort of coalition with others.In the light of the evidence of the last 5 years, perhaps a minority government might not be a bad option.