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Saturday, 25 October 2014

United States foreign policy, is part of the problem, not the solution.


Putin says US 'throwing its might' is to blame for almost all the world's major conflicts

President Vladimir Putin
Whether we like Putin or not, we cannot escape the reality that he is absolutely right.
Viet Nam, Grenada, Panama, Chile, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and numerous other places together with countless covert operations against democratic (and non democratic) governments and countries around the world provide compelling evidence that American foreign policy since 1945 is based upon a policy of intervention, which itself causes global instability.
The "shoulder to shoulder, pro America, the United States can do no wrong", lobby will no doubt respond to the comments coming out of Sochi, with the usual hysterical anti Russian, but predominately anti Putin, rhetoric, as if shouting insults and personal abuse somehow convinces everyone that their arguments are right. Nothing in fact could be further from the truth. The record of American interventions under successive administrations since 1945, The paradox of course is that the results of intervention frequently produce even more chaos and instability in the areas where it was supposed to "spread peace and democracy". Witness the current situation in Iraq, the deteriorating campaign against Islamic State, and the ongoing but now discredited "war on terror".
American foreign policy, driven by neocons and the neoconservative agenda, have produced global instability and will continue to do so.
It is unfortunate that the reality is, and will remain, obscured by the propaganda and constant diversions of the western media and deferential western governments.