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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Trying to hang on, at any cost.

Nick Clegg makes case for power sharing role in future coalitions

Nick Clegg

 Clegg and the LibDems making their grubby little bid for another coalition.
It seems that these political opportunists will go to any lengths and make any promise necessary to hang on to their seats around the cabinet table, their ministerial cars (and other perks of the job) and of course their over inflated ministerial salaries.When it comes to hypocrisy and self interest, the LibDems have few equals.

Herbert Asquith

My grandfather, a life long Liberal since before World War 1, must be spinning in his grave. Thankfully he did not witness the duplicitous behaviour of the LibDems over the past five years and even before, since the "marriage" of Liberals and SDP.