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Monday, 22 February 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 21 February 2016

Good morning everyone.

Why is it that all supermarkets and shops do not have any McVitie's Ginger Nut biscuits on their shelves? It seems that this particular biscuit has been unavailable for some months. Has the world run out of ginger? 

Boris Johnson throws off the mask of duplicity and reveals his real position and his true intention of displacing Cameron as leader of the Conservative party. By linking arms with Gove, Duncan-Smith, Grayling, Pritti Patel and incredibly Nigel Farage, Johnson add significant weight th the vote “Out” camp. A direct challenge to the Cameron "rabbit from the hat", deal with the EU which Cameron says is a deal that he will recommend to the British people and vote "Yes" in the referendum to remain as a member of the European Union. He is probably a tadd miffed with Boris this morning.
As I said back at the beginning of this pantomime,"Cameron would claim the same "victory" even if the "deal" was no more than a blank sheet of A4 paper, which of course it actually is".
All very predictable and now, all very boring.

Boris joins "No" campaign

George Osborne has reportedly received a dividend pay-out worth £1,230 from the wallpaper business With family connections to HMRC, it is hardly surprising that the Osborne & Little Group Ltd paid no corporation tax or that Osborne received a dividend of £1,230 from his family’s wallpaper business.
If you have the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is the Second Lord of the Treasury and head of Her Majesty's Treasury as part of the firm, it would be a complete waste of resources not to make the most of it.

Condor Rapide
Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Condor have again shot themselves in the foot and upset a number of people. The Condor Rapide, which operates between St. Malo and the Channel Islands (and sometimes to the mainland when the Liberation has again been taken out of service), managed to “miss” the tides at St. Helier stranding around 200 passengers on the ship for more than 3 hours. The ferry sat in St Aubin bay while Condor people on shore and on the ship wandered around in circle muttering repeatedly “what do we do now?” When will the States dump this inept operator and its white elephant ships and replace them with a company which will actually benefit the islanders?

Still no snow! We have some very odd weather. Perhaps its global warming screwing things up.

Have a nice week.