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Monday, 2 January 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 01 January 2017

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all.

2017 has finally arrived and may it be a better year for us all.

New Agenda on Sunday is a little thinner than usual, but hopefully you will find something of interest or amusement amongst the pages.

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The "New Years Honours List" contained the usual list of names reflecting cronyism or rewards for contributions to political parties and even for duties performed during the previous 12 months. It has always been a great mystery to me, why people should receive "honours" for performing duties for which they are receiving a salary in any case. 

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At least some individuals like Ken Loach, Prof Phil Scraton and Lynn Faulds Wood and a few others refused their awards citing the hypocrisy of the system. In my view the "honours system" has become debased and hypocritical and should be scrapped entirely.

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States later this month. Perhaps he will show a little more consistency than he has shown thus far, but already our government and our "illustrious" leader Theresa May are frantically scurrying around seeking to get into Trump's good books.
Polishing up her Margaret Thatcher impersonation, Theresa May criticises President Obama and John Kerry as she curry’s favour with Trump. The full story can be read at (Copy and paste link.)

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, well Guernsey actually but is is not that far away, the Guernsey Dairy dumped more than 6,000 litres of fresh milk down the drain over Christmas after the local dairy overestimated consumer demand for the holiday season. A dairy spokesman said as the milk had been processed into cartons and had a limited shelf life, it could not be used to make other products such as cheese or be stored.
Waste of any description, but particularly food, has always been something which makes me very angry. There are Food banks all over
mainland UK and even in the Channel Islands and I do not believe that it would have been impossible to find the means of distributing the excess milk. Perhaps it was cheaper and less trouble to pour it down the drain.

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Work has begun to stabilise the cliff face underneath the Cheval Roc nursing home at Bonne Nuit Bay following a massive landslide earlier this year. Bonne Nuit Bay. One of Jersey's great treasures of natural beauty. Tonnes of soil and rock slipped away just metres in front of the home during a storm on the evening of 9 March.

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Weather cold, wet, mild, sunny and windy. Nothing changes apart from the number of the year.

(With apologies for the lack of satire, or wit or even sarcasm. It has been a heavy Christmas period.)

Have a nice week.