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Monday, 23 January 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 22 January 2017

Good morning everyone

In case you may have missed the story, Donald Trump is the new President of the United States and hundreds of thousands of people (predominately women according to reports) have marched in protest, in towns and cities around the world. The inauguration ceremony was watched by either 250,000 people who braved the intermittent rain in Washington or "by the largest audience ever to watch an inauguration, PERIOD". 

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The Whitehouse Press Secretary Sean Spicer seems to be an excitable little chap who promises more "gems" over the rest of his time in front of the assembled media. Meanwhile, the rest of us look forward to the next four years with mild anticipation, or do I mean trepidation?

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Our NHS is in crisis with chronic overcrowding in many hospitals and reports of A&E facilities in many areas of the verge of collapse. It may therefore come as something of a surprise to learn that yet another CCG is recommending more hospital closures in their areas. This time the South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group is proposing that Ashburton, Bovey Tracey, Dartmouth and Paignton hospital be shut and the sites sold off "for development". As in all the other cases, the South Devon and Torbay CCG justification for the closure's is encased in the usual clich├ęs of "improving services" and controlling costs. The CCG states,
"In making these recommendations, the Governing Body is being advised that the proposals will deliver the changes needed to improve services and to support more people effectively in a way that is both sustainable and affordable."
Remember that "closing hospitals improves services and reduces costs", the next time that you or someone you know has an 80 mile (or more) round trip to see a consultant or visit a patient, or even worse, has urgent need of A & E facilities.
While on the subject of the NHS, Dorset Healthcare (DHUFT) last year spent £12 million on private agency personnel because there were not enough full time NHS nurses and other staff to cover hospital requirements. If only a fraction of the CGC's around the country spent the same amount on temporary staff, a staggering £2,508 million would be paid to private agency companies.
Perhaps it would "improve services and reduced costs" if we recruited full time and paid our NHS nurses and other staff a proper salary in the first place.

A convicted murderer has gone on the run for a third time after breaking his licence conditions. The police have warned people " not to approach him, as he could present a risk to the public, but immediately contact Dorset Police on 999." The question of course is that if this man is a risk to the public, why is he wandering about the streets out on licence? The judiciary and the powers that be have a very strange view on custodial sentencing.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, further investigation is to be undertaken at the Grouville field where the world’s biggest Celtic coin hoard was discovered in 2012. 70,000 coins, a range of gold necklaces and ancient pouches have been recovered from the find and more treasures are anticipated from further work at the site.

Image result for Jersey coin hoard left by Celtic tribe in flight from Caesar army.

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JERSEY’S business leaders are due to meet the Chief Minister next week as concerns grow that firms could be hit with import and export tariffs post-Brexit. In a statement, the Chamber said: ‘The Jersey Chamber of Commerce is closely monitoring Brexit developments following on from Theresa May’s speech on Wednesday regarding the UK government’s plans to negotiate new trade deals and tariffs, proposals which could have a considerable impact on Island businesses."
Jersey business leaders are worried about Brexit! Aren't we all.

The weather remains predictably unpredictable. This week we have had fog, frost, rain sunshine, the coldest day (and night) of the winter so far and on other days, temperatures in double figures. The Express however continues to predict heavy snow coming!
The most accurate way to obtain a weather situation report is to look out of your window.

Have a nice week.