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Monday, 9 January 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 08 January 2017

Good morning everyone

Jan Leeming is sick of actors mumbling their way through shows

Jan Leeming, (remember her with the exploding studio lights?), has revealed that she resorts to the use of subtitles when watching some recent television drama. Me too. The latest, Sherlock (and the Halcyon) episodes had my wife reaching for the "Zapper" quite early in the broadcast, to turn of the subtitles. 

Image result for rillington place bbc drama
Rillington Place

Image result for jamaica inn bbc
Jamaica Inn

Image result for halcyon bbc
The Halcyon

Image result for sherlock bbc

This seems to be the latest "style" for productions of television drama on all channels over recent years. The more incoherent and mumbling the dialogue, then the more atmospheric and dramatic each scene becomes according to the director. Never mind the viewers who immediately have to switch on the "subtitles" option in an attempt to follow the story. Good drama ruined by intentionally poor quality sound. Perhaps the production people are under the impression that these "arty gimmicks" will bring awards for artistic content from other luvies in the industry.

Image result for new year messages from leaders

It seems that everyone from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Theresa May, through various "names" in the entertainment industry (including the Beckham's), through journalists, scientists and economists have been sending out their "New Years Messages" to the world. This year in a departure from the norm, I have joined this illustrious band and produced, "The New Year 2017 has arrived". (copy and paste link)

Image result for sophy ridge
Sophy Ridge

I note that Sophy Ridge now has her own new television programme slot "Sophy Ridge on Sunday" which is the latest "political comment" offering from Sky Television News. This weeks guest was none other than Prime Minister Theresa May. Unfortunately, washing what remains of my hair took up more time than usual resulting in my missing the entire programme !
The smug, patronising and self opinionated Ridge (who's entire career since graduating with an English Literature degree, has consisted entirely of employment at the News of the World followed by her current position at Sky which says everything), and the bumbling, inconsistent and confused PM were given recorded coverage in subsequent news slots from which and from other sources, I was able to gather the following snippet.
And it is the job of government to encourage and nurture these relationships and institutions where it can, and to correct the injustice and unfairness that divides us wherever it is found.”
What the hell does that mean?
Theresa May spewing out double talk and rhetorical nonsense.
She has completely lost the plot and should do the decent thing.
Retire to the country and grow some roses.

Image result for sophy ridge and theresa may

Ridge and May. It sounds like a bottom of the bill Music Hall act.

Image result for express front page

Following what has now become a tradition in the United Kingdom the Express is (again) predicting that we are about to freeze in the first “real blast of winter” with Arctic gales and more than 4 inches of widespread snow set to hit within days. In the meantime, it is still raining on and off, the fog is widespread our heaters are still in strategic locations around the house, the outside temperature is remains in double figures (except at night).
Perhaps the Express should replace their now out of date seaweed.

Have a nice week.