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Saturday, 19 October 2013

China is now flavour of the month for George Osborne.

 Britain needs to be more like China, the Chancellor has said.



Over recent years, politicians of all political persuasions have told us that we can "learn lessons" from various locations around the world. Germany, France and numerous other countries including of course the United States, have all been listed as examples of how we should behave, or used as models for a particular way of life or civilisation, which satisfies the politicians perception of what he or she feels would make good press at home.
Now it seems that China is "flavour of the month" and Osborne leads a chorus of government sycophants squabbling with each other to get their particular inane contributions into the press or on television. (Civil rights abuses are conveniently forgotten).
We can only hope that Osborne, or some other government mouthpiece never visits Zimbabwe and then begins to lecture us on the lessons we can learn from that troubled nation.