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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mehdi Hasan is not be the target. The real villain of the piece is the Daily Mail.

Mehdi Hasan Savages Daily Mail On BBC Question Time

Mehdi Hasan

From many of the comments against this Huffington Post story, we could be forgiven for believing that this is a "lets hammer Mehdi Hasan" article. The real villain of the piece is the obnoxious Quintin Letts and the odious Daily Mail. It is not the first time that this rag of a comic masquerading as a "newspaper" has vilified, demonised or otherwise insulted some member of the public or some section of society or some minority group and has trotted out the "free speech" argument to defend its loathsome story lines.
The Mail has crossed the line where "commenting on a matter of public interest" becomes publishing slime smear and half truth. Mehdi Hasan may not be everyone's cup of tea, and he may well have applied for a job at the Mail some time in the past, but to attack him personally and allow the Mail to remain beyond criticism is, by accident or design, completely missing the point.
The comments suggesting that the audience of Question Time is a collection of Labour supporters, Marxists or other leftwing extremists bussed in specially for the programme, says more about the people making the comments than making any sensible contribution to the discussion. 

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