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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Leave the clocks alone !

Time for debate? Don't forget the clocks go back overnight... but should they? 



Someone, somewhere just has to grasp the nettle and decree that the ludicrous practice of changing the clocks by one hour in spring and autumn of every year will cease
as from now and is forever banned in the UK. I say now” in order to secure that Great Britain, or at least England if the others do not choose to join in, is permanently locked into BST or as some prefer, British Summer Time.
Why we have to be subjected to the forward and backward motion of clocks every year has always been a mystery to me and I suspect many others.It may, almost but not quite, have been understandable in wartime even with the British Double Summer Time, but today it is beyond logic.
Another advantage to having permanent BST, is that the body clock returns to, and stays at “normal” and restores a proper sleeping pattern.
I remain convinced that moods are intrinsically linked to both season and clocks. During the periods of lighter evenings and BST, there is a distinct improvement in mood. It therefore follows that retaining BST all year round, (there is even an argument to have and retain Double BST) has a beneficial effect. As it is not possible to effect the seasons, apart that is from climate change, controlling one out of two is a 50% success.