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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Paxman can be a really pompous arse sometimes.

Russell Brand Takes On Jeremy Paxman


Paxman can be a really irritating  individual sometimes. The question "How do you have any authority to talk about politics then?" after Brand confirmed that he did not vote, demonstrated that Paxman was either being deliberately provocative, incredibly naive or perhaps just plain frivolous.
I am not and never have been a great fan of Russel brand, however he raises a number of valid arguments, both in this interview and in a number of previous appearances on "Question time".
The fact that a person does not vote, does not automatically exclude them from having an opinion on any given subject and expressing that opinion in any forum they happen to be.
For example, I do not vote. In fact, I have not voted since Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Campbell took over the Labour party and turned it into a quasi SDP/Tory/LibDem grouping populating the so called centre right morass of British politics under the guise of "New Labour". A party which discarded any shred of principle for the objective of propelling Blair to the center stage of the political arena, with the three sycophants clinging to his coat tails.
I do not vote because there is no political party currently offering any manifesto which I could possibly support, but that should not and does not prohibit me from putting forward arguments for policies which I believe to be right and proper.
Paxman conducted this interview with an air of patronising flippancy throughout and lost any credibility he may have had, whilst Brand put forward reasoned and logical observations and clearly "won" the exchanges.

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