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Friday, 4 October 2013

New Condor ships may be too big for Weymouth Pier three.

Condor Ferries is working with Channel Island governments to secure two new vessels


 Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Condor Rapide

I was having a conversation with some Condor people on the ferry back to the mainland a couple of days ago after another stay in St Aubin.
It seems that the proposed "new" ships will be larger than Express, Vittesse and Rapide. However, the rebuilt Ferry berth 3 at the Weymouth Ferry terminal, is apparently not big enough to take larger ships. It seems that the planners did not see that problem coming. It this is in fact the case, then Poole may be the only port (other than Portsmouth for the traditional ferry) for arrival or departure from the Channel Islands.
This would fulfill a long standing prediction that Condor's long term objective to relocate its operation to Poole and end its long standing relationship with Weymouth.