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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

An "emotional appeal" in front of a selected audience.

David Cameron makes emotional plea to Scotland

David Cameron makes emotional plea

"David Cameron gives emotional speech to the Scottish people"? Well, not quite.

What he gave was another rambling speech to a selected audience of Tory party hacks, members, "Vote No" campaigners and the party faithful, who cheered and applauded at the end of practically every sentence. We have seen similar performances at Conservative party conferences over many years with the customary standing ovation at the end. The scripts of the "speeches" actually seem to contain the phrase "Pause for applause" liberally sprinkled throughout the text.
What "the Scottish people" actually got, was the potted and edited version of the good bits, which the BBC, Sky and the other political editors of the television stations chose to put into their broadcasts, and as here, what the newspaper editors chose to reproduce. Had Cameron wished to address "the Scottish people" directly, surely he would have chosen to do it on live television and radio in debate with "Vote Yes" spokespersons or at least in a proper straight into camera live presentation.
No. Cameron chose to hide behind the safety of the selected audience who would have cheered and clapped even had his speech contained only the word "Rhubarb" repeated a few thousand times.
It is rather patronising of the television and media to expect that their readers and viewers, not only in Scotland but across the United Kingdom generally, will see this speech as anything other than a last ditch attempt by a politically bankrupt politician who, seeing the writing on the wall in respect of his own premiership, is desperate to retain the Union.
I do not believe that the Scottish people, which ever camp of the "Vote Yes" or the "No thanks" argument they support, are so fickle and naive that they will be swayed one way or another, even if the political moguls of the television and media may do.