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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The treatment of Ashya King and his family is appalling.

Ashya King’s parents remanded in custody

The parents of brain cancer patient Ashya King

This case is an unnecessary trauma to an already upset family is a complete farce and a waste of our money. To persecute the parents and create stress for the remainder of the family, simply because some Doctor in Southampton Hospital had a "hissy fit" when his "authority" was challenged, is an outrage and abuse of the legal systems in both this country and in Spain where some judge requires 72 hours to make up his mind about extradition and bail and at the same time detains both parent in separate jails! Incredible !
Ashya King


The judge should have thrown out the request without even thinking about it.
In the meantime of course, Ashya, the 5 year old cancer patient, is in a children's hospital in Malaga where he knows nobody and does not speak Spanish.

Southampton Hospital

Basing decisions on financial cost rather than medical necessity, has always been anathema to me and from my experience of Southampton Hospital, there are some (not all, only some) Doctors in that establishment who need to have their ego's pricked very hard.
Stop faffing about and send the family off to  Prague for Ashya to obtain the treatment necessary as it is "not available in the UK"