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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Creating a monster and making a bad situation even worse.

It's started, but do we know what we're doing?

David Cameron, far left, and Barack Obama, far right, vote in a United Nations Security Council meeting
Cameron and Obama at United Nations


A contrived "threat", manufactured, exaggerated and hysterically hyped up to suit the hidden agenda of Washington and London to attack Syria via Iraq and ultimately overthrow Bashar al-Assad.
"It's started, but do we know what we're doing?" The answer is "No. We have no idea what we are doing. We only know that al-Assad must go and this might be one avenue to help us get rid of him,"
IS or ISIL or what ever other label you may choose to put on them, is an organisation now controlling in excess of 5 million people, thousands of square miles of territory, significant infrastructure and an industrial and commercial capability which would be envied by many countries around the world. It is also an organisation which until quite recently, was armed, financed and trained by the "west" as part of their burning desire to become involved in the Syrian civil war on the side firstly of the Free Syrian Army, and then as the FSA fragmented with which ever splinter group or groups, offered the best possibilities of overthrowing the government in Damascus.However, the governments in London and Washington, were thwarted in their reprehensible ambitions, by the combination of hostile politicians and the strength of public opinion against and involvement in Syria, in their own countries. Clearly, the Americans. followed by the French and British, had to find an alternative means of achieving their ends.
Now, some three years on, the "west" has found the perfect means of gaining entry to Syria via the "back door" using Islamic State as the bogey man to justify intervention. Having created the myth of the "threat to the world" the excesses of IS (as reported and magnified by media and television) and the video's of executions, have apparently, shifted opinion, albeit reluctantly, towards some form of military option ostensibly against Islamic State. The "leaders" of the west however, have something very different in mind.

No matter what the politicians say, military experts are among the doubters.

Western involvement in the Middle East has been a catalouge of errors, missed opportunities and  disastrous interference for almost 90 years, with each intervention particularly over the past 20 years, being more and more catastrophic for the area and specifically for the civilian populations.
The west has created a Frankenstein monster and is now using it to their own short term advantage.
In reality of course, this latest involvement is only making a bad situation, infinitely worse.