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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Medical decisions where "How much will it cost?" is more important than "What does this patient need?"

Parents to be reunited with critically ill five-year-old on Wednesday following their release from Spanish prison

Ashya King

The Prima Donna's of Southampton Hospital who, right up until Monday, insisted that proton beam treatment was unsuitable for Ashya and therefore they would not refer him for treatment in Prague, have this morning announced that they have changed their minds and will refer him after all. If this is the case today, it was the same two weeks ago and the "hissy fits" of the Doctors concerned and the stupidity of the Hospital, Portsmouth Council, the CPS and the police have resulted in trauma for the patient and the patients family. It is a disgrace.
It has always been about medical decisions being taken on financial cost rather than medical necessity and the "authorities" should be severely censored for their incompetent and inept handling of this whole fiasco which have cost the taxpayer far in excess of what these people were trying to save in the first place.
There may even be a case to answer at law and no doubt the lawyers will be queuing up to offer advice to the family on what redress is available to them.
Another lesson for everyone on the fallacy and stupidity of allowing committees of hospital trust members to make medical decisions where "how much will it cost" is infinitely more important than "what does this patient need".