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Monday, 8 September 2014

Will the negative "Vote No" campaign save the Union?

Ten days to save the United Kingdom after poll shows shock lead for Yes camp

Yes or No?

The "Vote No" campaign continue with their policy of threat, intimidation and scare mongering, in an attempt to bring about a referendum result which will retain "the Union".
Even at this late stage, when all the evidence suggests that their negative campaign is having the opposite effect on peoples voting intentions, it seems that Alastair Darling and those on his side of "Britain is Better Together" are unable to provide any positive reason why the Scottish people should vote anything other than yes.
In a bizarre promise from the government, the Scots are given a firm undertaking that if they reject independence, they will be given greater autonomy from Westminster with new powers in taxation, spending and further devolution. It seems to me that the "new autonomy" for Scotland would be even greater if they vote "Yes". Another government promise that has not been fully thought through.
It may well be that the referendum will reject independence, but the result will be a very much closer outcome than the Darling camp may care to think.