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Friday, 14 November 2014

After 4 weeks, this is more than "teething problems". Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP). providing a "new improved service".?


Residents revolt over rubbish service

It is not only Portland that has a problem with the new waste disposal scheme operated by the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP).
I posted this in the letters section of Dorset Echo, this morning.

The following is the transcript of an "online chat" which I had with DWP last week. The food waste was eventually collected and the bin was left lying on its side with lid open, in the middle of a public drive way.

There will probably be another "online chat" this week as the food waste bin was again not emptied. A new "Report a missed bin collection" reference number has been issued and a complaint has been sent to DWP. They will respond "within 10 days".
If DWP or anyone else thinks that we should have rotting food waste lying around the house, or stored in our garage until they are prepared to collect it, they can think again.

John Yates: Further to yesterdays telephone conversation,(6th November) the food waste bin remains uncollected. Today is Friday, time 14:30 hrs.. Are your collectors aware of the assisted collection point for this address?
***** * (Dorset Direct) Please may I take your address and postcode?
John Yates: * ********* ******* Litton Cheney DT2***
John Yates: reference number is: DWP1****
***** * (Dorset Direct)Okay, the crew have 3 working days to collect this. The crew should be made aware of this however I will attach a note to the case to ask them to check and ensure your on the assisted collections. Can I ask where your agreed collection point is?
John Yates Next to garage. Do they collect on Saturdays? The bin will be at the collection point all weekend. I have already had a telephone conversation with DWP (yesterday afternoon) about this. It should have been taken away on Thursday morning.

***** *(Dorset Direct) Okay crews don't usually work on the weekends, it should be collected either Today, Monday or Tuesday, if it isn't collected by then you can chase this and we can raise it with the depot.
***** *(Dorset Direct) Is there anything else I can help with today?
John Yates We have been on the assisted collection list for more than 12 months and this was confirmed when this new "scheme" was introduced. I shall await developments. Bi Bi