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Friday, 28 November 2014

Huge profits for private companies at the expense of society..

Water giants make £2BILLION in profit - but SEVEN of them didn't pay a penny in tax


4/5ths of this planet is covered with water. Yet some private companies, many of them ultimately foreign owned , make £billions in profits selling an essential commodity to the people of this country. Without water, we would all die and these privately owned companies are very much aware of that simple fact.
The great obscenity of the privatisation of the water companies, is that a government took what the nation already owned, sold it to their friends in the city, who then offered shares for sale to a few small "investors" and control of the water industry to a small number of large corporations who have been milking the profits ever since.
It is a gross perversity,  that companies can make huge profits from the sale of water and collectively pay little if any tax. 
There are certain industries providing services to the nation, which are of such importance to society, that they cannot be allowed to be subject to the vagaries of "the market" and water is but one. 
There is a compelling case for a future government to take the parasitic water companies and return them into public ownership.
The problem is that there are no political parties currently in Westminster, or even in the country, with the backbone to take such a measure. The politicians will wring their hand and gnash teeth, wailing about how the water companies must act responsibly and pay their fair share of tax, but will do nothing to stop the exploitation by big business.
In the meantime, the people of the country will continue to pay ever increasing water charges, simply because they have no option. Pay the water bill or die.