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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Another G conference for promises, food and photo opportunities

G20 summit: Enter Putin. Accompanied by four warships. To the sound of mockery

There will be around 7000 delegates at the 2014 G20 Conference

Another "G" some number or other gathering for a load of mostly nondescript, non entity politicians to meet together and shake hands, smile and try to give the assembled paparazzi the image of being very, very important.
In reality of course, the "G" some number or other will be exactly the same as all the others. An almost endless round of hot air "meetings" usually over snacks, many photo opportunities for the family album, countless promises of financial or economic aid for some country, (which historically has been words promising aid and resulting in only a fraction of the promised assistance), side meetings over sandwiches, not cheese and Branson pickle I would wager, and the most important feature of these "jollies", the evening banquets for long and long winded speeches for world media consumption.
Should the vast majority of the attendees leave at the end of the "conference" and disappear into some ghostly mist drifting around outside the gates, never to be seen by anyone again, nobody would even notice.