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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Greed fueling violence as Black Friday is now part of British society.

Bargain hunting turns violent as American phenomenon comes to UK



Raw greed
Another imported "Ponzi" from the United States, artificially created to extend even further, the "Christmas Shopping" frenzy and make more profits for the stores and manufactures.
Over the past week, my e-mail has been inundated with "junk" mail from practically every know on line supplier, advertising "Black Friday" bargains and screaming their "buy now" messages. It is a sad and almost sinister phenomena in British society which now, after only two or three years vigorous promoting has firmly established “Black Friday”, as a regular November event.
The photographs and video reports of the fighting in Asda, Tesco and numerous other stores around the country, the police and security staff separating hysterical "shoppers" fighting each other over a television, vacuum cleaner, set of saucepans or other such items are indicative of a very sick community which has lost all respect of self and society but gained greed and selfishness as a new aspiration.

Raw greed

"Black Friday" (now extended for the whole weekend and into next week for some grasping stores), clearly demonstrates how ordinary people can be transformed into wailing banshee's, fighting each other for the trinkets of the consumer society in the belief that they are getting something for nothing and have somehow turned the tables on the usually miserly stores.
Their greed it seems is exceeded only by their naivety