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Sunday, 31 January 2016

£31billion for 4 submarines while 1 million families rely on Foodbanks.

The Conservatives want to hold a snap vote in the House of Commons to approve the construction of four new submarines

HMS Vigilant, one of four submarines carrying the Trident missile


The government can "find" £31billion to renew weapons of mass destruction, but cannot afford to build houses for people crying out for homes. They can find £31billion to build 4 new submarines, but cannot afford to adequately fund welfare for the sick, disabled and pensioners. The government can ignore more than 1 million families, reliant on Foodbanks and other charities, to fund a prestige project implemented with the ultimate objective of killing millions of men, women and children.
Rather than boycotting a vote in the House of Commons, the whole of the Parliamentary Labour Party, together with the wider Labour movement in the country and trade unions should be fighting this pernicious evil programme in the Houses of Parliament, in the work places and on the streets around the country.