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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Getting away with murder as the sniping against the leadership continues.

Three junior shadow ministers have resigned in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle

Kevan Jones, Jonathan Reynolds and Stephen Doughty

This Conservative government is literally getting away with murder. In the meantime of course, there are certain people within the Parliamentary Labour Party, motivated by their own personal agenda's and encouraged by the television and media (who also have their own but different agenda's), who are actively and enthusiastically engaged in a war against the democratically elected leadership of the party. They spew vitriol and derision against any who criticise them while at the same time accusing all who do not share their views, of spreading division within the party and engaging in “civil warfare”.They seek a renaissance of a quasi Blair philosophy, wrapping diluted conservative policies in a veneer of “social conscience” and calling it Labour.
Little thought or action is given to engaging the real enemy, while in pursuit of maintaining and bolstering their own position with the party.. The enemy which has created and ferments social division within this country. The enemy which is systematically dismantling our NHS and pouring £millions into the pockets of the shareholders of private agency nursing staff companies instead of filling staff shortages with trained full time nurses. The Conservatives boast that the numbers of people in work is at the highest level for many years. They are not challenged with the fact that the vast majority of people being removed from the unemployed figures are now in part time employment or worse still, on “Zero Hour” contracts and are being manipulated to show an “on paper” reduction in unemployment figures. Almost daily, the government introduce more measures to reduce welfare payments or restrict the rights of Trade Union members or to erode civil liberties and the capacity of ordinary people to have redress to law. This list of this governments malicious legislation directed against the people of the country is almost endless and shows no signs of abating.
Against this background, the Parliamentary Labour Party, or certainly sections of it, are convinced that their actions over the past weeks and months are in the best interests of working people in this country. The sick, the unemployed, the pensioners, the disabled will all apparently benefit from the removal of Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership and all those party members who gave Corbyn 60% victory in the leadership election. That is the driving force for these people who clearly put self and self interest ahead of any other consideration and as they continue directing their opposition towards other members of the PLP and the party membership, the conservative government enjoy a clear route towards their stated objective of dismantling the structure of the State, pursuing the privatisation of what remains of publicly owned assets and ensuring that their friends in the city grow even richer at the expense of ordinary people.

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Those elements within the PLP must come to terms with the simple fact that today’s Labour Party is different from that which they seek to recreate and also that the Labour Party will never again fall under the repressive and authoritarian control of a cabal of "neo blarites" and their sympathisers.
The real enemy is the Conservative government. The PLP will do well to recognise that simple fact.