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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Meanwhile in Jersey.

The end of an era as the Living Legend finally shuts its doors


The centre, which opened on the site of the former Strawberry Farm in 1992

THE Living Legend – a once-popular tourist attraction enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers a year – has closed.
Not many places (if any) left for us tourist to buy the very low quality very high priced tatty rubbish in the "Sale" which lasts all season. They should restore the "Strawberry Farm" to its former glory.

Fewer technical issues for new ferry expected in 2016

The £50 million vessel is currently in dry dock in Falmouth

THE technical problems which have plagued Condor Liberation since it came into operation almost a year ago should be significantly reduced in 2016, one of the firm’s directors has said.
You may be forgiven for thinking that in view of the number of "issues" that this white elephant had in 2015 (it came into service less than 12 months ago) there could not possibly be more problems this year.
Could there?