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Thursday, 31 March 2016

British government sacrifices thousands of jobs and families in the steel industry as a thank you to China,

Britain sacrifices steel industry to curry favour with China

"The British are sacrificing an entire European industry to say thank you to China for signing up to the nuclear power project at Hinkley Point, said one official in Brussels bitterly.

If we can bail out the banks with £ billions to save a few bankers and hedge fund managers, we can invest in our steel industry to save thousand of jobs and families. Thousands of British jobs put at risk at Tata Steel, because this government refuses to intervene in any positive way. Thousands more jobs put at risk in associated and other business reliant on the demand generated by steel workers families.

This government should stop the dumping of cheap steel (predominately by their new friends in China) onto our markets, subsidise production of steel to reduce the costs of our steel, take Tata into public ownership and generate demand for steel in our own economy.
The HS2 rail link will require thousands of tons of steel for the project. It already widely known that the Chinese have been  requested to provide bids for the supply of steel with complete disregard for the UK steel industry..
Conservative governments have historically paid little heed to the pain and misery caused to working people and their families Tory obsession to the "free market" and the non intervention (except where their banking and hedge fund friends will benefit) dogma not withstanding that other countries subsidise and support their own industries to our expense.
When the government trumpet their "economic success" of their austerity measures they should be condemned to eternal shame with the abandonment of yet another British industry, sacrificed on the altar of Tory political dogma and the outrageous bribery, this time, of the Chinese.