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Sunday, 20 March 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 20 March 2016

Good morning every one.

Anthony Watson scores England’s third try against France, giving them an edge that in the end enabled Eddie Jones’s side to win the Six Nations grand slam.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot !!
England, Grand Slam winners 2016. Perhaps not the greatest game of the 6 Nations Tournament this year, but certainly the most satisfying result. Congratulations to Eddie Jones, the staff and and all the England players.
France 21pts, England 31pts..

Condor Liberation

Meanwhile, back in Jersey (well Poole actually but Condor probably do not know the difference), the £50 million Flagship "Condor Liberation" was "arrested",
earlier this week. The ship was suffering from "substantial deficiencies" and was detained in Poole by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for passenger safety concerns. Repairs and modifications have been carried out and the ship is now back in service. (Well until the next breakdown anyway). A curious development is a press release by Condor, announcing that the double rotation sailings planned on Saturdays from 28th May to 17th September on the route between the Channel Islands and the UK  have been withdrawn from the 2016 schedule. Cutting the summer sailings timetable by 50% is not a good sign.

The list of personalities who have died this so far thisyear continues to grow. Sylvia Anderson (Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds), Frank Sinatra Junior, Cliff Michelmore and Paul Daniels have all passed away this week. Perhaps it has something to do with age but it seems that more well known names are appearing in the obituary pages, a phenomenon which became apparent last year and has continued this year.


Iain Duncan-Smith has resigned from the government. My observations on his departure may be read at, "The hypocrisy of Iain Duncan-Smith" in New Agenda on Sunday.

No weather report/forecast this week as my seaweed has dried out. It seems that Carole Kirkwood et al at the BBC are having the same problem.

Jave a nice week