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Monday, 7 August 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 06 August 2017

Good morning everyone. 

August already ! Where has this year gone?

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It will not have escaped your notice that chocolate bars are getting smaller. Mars bar, Topic, Snickers, Aero, and many more have been shrinking for the last few years. Not that this shirkage is restricted only to confectionery. This phenomenon extends to other goods on the supermarket shelves. Walkers Crisps, Mini Swiss rolls, regular biscuits, Wagon Wheels etc have all been affected by this strange occurrence which has been gaining ground amongst many manufactures. However the one constant feature of this trend is that the price of the item has not been affected and remains at the same level as previously. Albeit that some product prices have actually increased due, so the manufactures say, to increased costs in production and packaging. No. I do not understand or accept that explanation either. 

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The latest victim of the "incredible shrinking mystery" is the humble toilet roll. "Andrex Quilts" toilet rolls have been removed from the range and replaced with Andrex Toilet tissue Supreme Quilts. The "new improved" version has new packaging, new name and a new (higher) price for the 16 roll, or the 9 roll or the 4 roll depending upon which one you put into your shopping trolley. It also has a new size. Yes, the Andrex toilet roll has shrunk. Slightly smaller sheets, reduction in "ply" and all round thinner roll make this essential bathroon item now able to loosely fit into the 4 roll dispenser whereas before each roll rested firmly against the walls of the stainless steel tube. Do these manufactures really believe that the consumer will not notice these deceptions?

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British Gas off the mark with a stonking great price hike of 12.5%. Another slap in the face for all those people who have been restricted to a 1% or even less pay increase again this year. The government pledge to cap energy prices has obviously gone out of the window, along with all the other pledges made by this lying government and its duplicitous ministers. The "good news" however, is that British Gas tell us that the price increase has not been brought about by the wholesale price of energy, which is in fact falling.The increase is driven purely by the rising cost of transport and "transmitting the electricity".
The energy companies have been ripping off their customers for years and have been allowed to get away with it.
Read the full comment at:

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(Timothy Sydney) Robert Hardy, CBE, 29 October 1925 – 3 August 2017. One of the really great British actors with a carrer spanning many years and many roles.
Winston Churchill, Prince Albert,Siegfried Farnon, Abwehr Sgt Graz, Joachim Von Ribbentrop,Tite Barnacle,Willie Whitelaw and many many others.
A truly great talent.
Robert Hardy. R I P

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Hywel Thomas Bennett 8 April 1944 – 25 July 2017 a Welsh film and television actor.
I remember him best from John le Carre Tinker Taior Soldier Spy, playing Ricki Tarr a secret service "scalp hunter".Many roles over many years including James Shelly in the sitcom "Shelly".Hywell Bennet. R I P

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Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s planning committee voted to approve the build of eight ‘chalet style’ bungalows on a site onLittlemoor Road despite the Environment Agency (EA) recommending it to be refused.
The EA recommended rejection based on flood risk to prospective occupiers and insufficient proof the build would not worsen flooding elsewhere.Unbelievable complacency. But this is of course Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey. It is almost regular enough to set your clocks by. Only 3 days into August and the "Liberation",  flagship of the Condor fleet, was taKen out of service. At perhaps the busiest time for tourism on the island, the only ferry link with the UK mainland was taken out of service due to a "technical problem" in the exhaust system on the ship’s starboard main engine. The fault has now been fixed and Condor proudly announced that after reviewing forecasts with the Master of Liberation "we are optimistic that service will go ahead on Thursday 3 August and Condor are to resume normal service", which promted one rather sarcastic wag to post a comment against the stoy saying, "Condor to resume normal service. Ah yes, but for how long?

Wet, then windy then both and turning colder. Getting warmer on Thursday. The combinations are endless. Thank heavens for the Britsh weather.

Remember Hiroshima.
August 6th 1945.
80,000 people were killed instantly and thousands more have died from injuries or illness attributed to the attack.
Only one country has ever used nuclear weapons against the civilian population of another country.
"I am become death. The destroyer of worlds".

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Have a nice week