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Saturday, 12 August 2017

The Glorious 12th.The official start of Britain's grouse shooting season.

The Glorious Twelfth: What is it and is it really glorious?

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Today is the 12th August.
The Glorious Twelfth a term used usually to refer to 12 August, the start of the shooting season for grouse and to a lesser extent ptarmigan. This is one of the busiest days in the shooting season, with large amounts of game being shot. It is the day when the "huntin' and shootin'" community can venture forth into the countryside armed with guns of various types and sizes, accompanied by dogs to retrive the carcases of birds who have been driven onto "the guns" by an army of "beaters" marching across the landscape disturbing the bushes, shrubs,trees and of course the birds.

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A great "sport" for all concerned, except of course the grouse and ptarmigan, who are either eaten at some time later, or more likely, as there are so many shot on the day, sent to friends, relatives or even sold to the local butcher who specialises in "Game".

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The Glorious 12th marks the official start of Britain's 121-day-long grouse shooting season.
Get your Webley and Scott 12G over under, put on your Balmoral side zip wellies and head for the moors!
(If you like that sort of thng that is. Personally I don't)

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